Climate Cancel Culture

The UN hasn’t made much progress in their climate scam. They are frustrated and blame their failure on people like me.

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15 Responses to Climate Cancel Culture

  1. Scott Allen says:

    Interesting that they would use Politifact as a crediable sourse and probably refered to this story

    But even Anthony Watts, John Nielsen-Gammon and Zeke Hausfather has to issue mea culpa’s AKA; RETRACTIONS and later admitted you were correct in the data tampering/zombie weather station and made up data at NOAA/NASA

    Watts claims 25% of the data is made up and Hausfather says 10%. I don’t know if its 10% or 25% but in either case that data is so flawed that it shouldn’t be used in any kind of research and still be called “science”.

    • tonyheller says:

      50% is fake

    • Disillusioned says:


      I am glad Anthony admitted Tony was right, but I always thought he could have done it without the backhand. He was making excuses for himself and throwing Tony under the bus while admitting he was wrong. His mea culpa could have been much cleaner, IMHO.

      Did you ever notice Anthony never linked to Tony’s site (which is chock-full of disillusioning data) in his “bookmarks” section? Yet, Anthony links to Climate Cabal websites there, like RealClimate whose contributors include data wrecking balls Gavin Schmidt and Michael Mann, and John Cook’s climate propaganda site, Skeptical Science. SMH. I know it is Anthony’s site and that is his prerogative.

      It was my prerogative to stop going there regularly, years ago.

  2. conrad ziefle says:

    If the UN’s climate research is based on similar authorities and quality of research as that that they have used regarding Tony, then any thoughtful person would view them to be too dubious to be trusted. Next they’ll be quoting teenager Trudeau or chipmunk Greta as authorities.

  3. rah says:

    Work from people like you and the fact that not a single catastrophe predicted has occurred is why they are failing to sell their snake oil. More and more people are catching on and at the same time those less interested and engaged cannot fail to note that nothing in the weather is occurring that has not happened in their lifetimes or limited knowledge of history, that has not occurred before.

    Perhaps most importantly, even most of those short sighted and/or generally ignorant on the subject know that the impact on their lives from the supposed measures to limit the output of CO2 is far more damaging to their future prospects than any climactic or weather event has been.

  4. Data tampering is just a symptom of the disease which has infected the academy in the West, the underpinning theory is such utter garbage that it should have been laughed out of court at least 30 years ago. Why are surprised that it can only be supported by fiddling the data. That is why I treat anybody with a qualification in ‘climate science’ with the same caution I treat astrologers.

  5. garboard says:

    noaa’s claim that summer ( jja ) 2021 in the usa was warmer than summer 1936 is patently ridiculous with any scrutiny whatsoever . it is an astoundingly fake lie

  6. Richard says:

    nasa noaa and un are all about $$$$$$$$$$$$

  7. dm says:

    Rather than discuss science, alarmists rely on the black art of personal destruction. That behavior reveals much of what one needs to know about alarmism.

    Suggestion: Ask an alarmist to cite 3 climate crises. Most are shocked when they realize they can NOT cite even 1.

  8. Moffin says:

    Tony Heller is personally responsible for everything that has ever gone wrong on planet earth, ever.

  9. John Francis says:

    Thank you so much Tony.
    Wonder if Art Robinson PhD is still alive and doing his good work, one being on climate.
    His team studied sargasso sea sediment and plottted 3,000 years of temps.
    Great chart

  10. John says:

    Please keep up the great work Tony. I just wish more people bothered to read material such as yours. I’m very concerned by their desire to reduce the amount of farm land in production. It would appear they would like people to starve.

  11. Perhaps the most extraordinary factor is the numbers of gullible people there are who refuse ‘point-blank’ to consider – or check – anything that is outside of the received propaganda.

    But nothing’s changed over time. You only need to look at the events that led up to World War 2, with so many people (and not just in Germany) believing the fraud about Jewish people.

    So it is today: So many people believe propaganda produced by ‘experts’ aimed at terrifying the populace. And what is behind it? The old faithfuls: MONEY and POLITICAL MANIPULATION OF THE MASSES!

    No wonder they don’t like Tony (and those of his ilk) because he uses nasty FACTS!

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