Great Lakes Expert Forecasts

Thirty-five years ago climate academics made some startling predictions about the Great Lakes. This video examines how their predictions fared.

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5 Responses to Great Lakes Expert Forecasts

  1. arn says:

    The accuracy of the warming doom prediction Mafia is scary .

    No matter which domain,
    their predictions will always be apocalyptic,co2 related and fail by 100%( before data adjustment) .
    One really needs to be an expert to be so wrong all the time –
    The reason for these amazing records of failures may be simple :
    we live in a very reliable and stable climate system( otherwise the world population would be significantly lower)where co2 has very little to no effect on climate so the only thing left for the doom Mafia is to push their long-term propaganda is by exploiting natural fluctuations and cycles and to blame co2.

    You can now put 100 leading experts into a room,
    and give them a hint that they can get a chunk of the climate cake money
    by claiming that chihuahuas will shrink by 30% within 50 years as result of co2
    and within 24 hours they will develop a theory and consensus to prove it –
    if they know that they’ll get the money.

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Keep calling these “experts” out. Even if includes calling out so called conservatives.
    Here’s Lauren Boebert in the exchange with rino Sean Hannity who won’t let her get a word in. She finally makes the valid point. We need a balanced budget and border security but Sean wouldn’t have it. I don’t care if it takes a month, unless the speaker agrees about basic conservatism, then no vote.
    Sean is quite possibly the most insufferable person on tv.

  3. Mohatdebos says:

    You should do a full expose on Climate Change “experts” forecasts on Great Lakes water levels. In 2013, they were forecasting a sharp decline in Great Lakes water levels because of climate change. Last year, they forecast rising water levels because of climate change. It is time to start calling these crooks out.

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