The World’s Leading Climate Expert

“For the U.S. to continue to exist, the GOP cannot.”

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24 Responses to The World’s Leading Climate Expert

  1. Kangarew says:

    Oh, shove your hockey stick where the sun never casts a shadow, you damned liar. Not only are you a proven liar, you are a deadbeat, as well.

    • Richard says:

      Mann the POS Liar was proven in Canadian court to be a liar & now the LEFT has no one to throw out there so he is the new spokes person for STUPID Ideology- he has nothing to lose and lots of $$$ to gain

  2. Jeff L. says:

    Right in line with “war is peace”, “freedom is slavery” and “ignorance is strength”, and just as credible.

    • arn says:

      First they came for the climate deniers
      then they came for the vax deniers
      then they went after the children with genderism
      now they target half of the country.

      No surprise that the ideology affiliated with
      all of this has become a synonym for genozide.

      Whoever is against the new and future standards and the resulting subjugation is the enemy.

  3. GWS says:

    Never stand in the way of your enemy when he is destroying himself.

  4. conrad ziefle says:

    If he were smart, he wouldn’t hang himself out there with a statement like that. Now everyone, make sure to ballot harvest at least to non-voters in the next election, if it is legal in your state. It’s no longer about issues, it’s about how many dead beats will give you their ballots to mark for them.

  5. Caleb Shaw says:

    That statement is so un-American it makes me reel. But it demonstrates we are at war with those who hate our fundamental beliefs. Why?

    I think it is a hate because we oppose their lust and greed.

    Their downfall started innocently, with a little greed for money and a little lust for power, but when caught red handed they couldn’t just blush and confess. Instead they declared war on those who point out the Truth.

    What a weird war we are midst.

    America stands for high ideals. We respect our neighbor, and their vote. To falsify a ballot is to disenfranchise a neighbor. Only lowlife do that.

    Mann wants to erase an entire political party? How low can you go?

  6. rah says:

    What did that guy ever produce that contributes to the advance of the human condition? He is a total oxygen thief!

    • arn says:

      His mission has nothing to do with advancement and science but everthing with regress (doublespeak=progress)and politics.

      What he is doing is just the continuity of what Maurice Strong said more than 30 years ago when he called that we need a collapse of the western industries,
      which is going on since the start of Lima agreements in the 70ies.

      And the GOP is in the way
      of the Uni party where there is already no difference between climate scientists and democrat politicians.

      Democrats will go along with anything.
      There is not a single politician who dares to challenge a single thing on any of the narratives.
      Be it wars,lockdowns,GND,forced vaccinations, gun grabbing,hormone blockers and vaccine for children etc etc.
      Despite the huge variety and range of issues and scale of massive changes or how controversial they are
      you won’t hear a single word ,not even from the ‘rebels’ and heroes like AOC ,Sanders or the Squad.
      Even not from muslims like Ilhan Omar in terms of abortion or sex changes for children
      which completely violate her believes and values..
      The scale of corruption is as total as their will for control.

  7. This is the clearest indication that Mann’s motivation is political, and not scientific. His ‘science’ is accordingly tainted, geared to ‘proving’ the existence of AGW, rather than finding out how the thermodynamic processes of the atmosphere actually operate. presumably the mythical 97% ‘consensus are in the same boat. Whether they are knaves or fools is difficult to determine, but I suspect they are both.

  8. arn says:

    What he means is:
    For the NWO ,GND,eternal vaccination&Lockdowns,global digital currency to succeed the USA has to lose its sovereignty and become part of the NAFTA vasall trinity with Canada and Mexico.

    For the USA to exist the democrats and globalists can not.

  9. Disillusioned says:

    He checks all the boxes.

    Leftist totalitarians can have nobody who disagrees with them and their agenda. The two parties make up the Uniparty anway, and then there’s a handful, just a handful, of patriots in the GOP trying to salvage the sinking ship. Can’t have that!

  10. Billyjack says:

    Mann is staring to make Greta and Algore look intelligent.

    • conrad ziefle says:

      Maybe not so intelligent, but a bit more mentally stable? Greta Chipmunk and Al Nobel Award in Prophesy, mentally stable? How the goal posts have moved.

  11. PaulB says:

    He’s an idiot….

  12. Allan Shelton says:

    Mikey at it again??

  13. Robert L. Gipson says:

    Scroll to 1:06 in the following:

  14. Walter says:

    Mike is unhinged.

  15. Bob G says:

    he’s a government teacher at a government School. nuff said

  16. In the bizarro world of Michael Mann, the GOP that won the Civil War and prevented the partition of the United States under the leadership of Abraham Lincoln is threatening the existence of the United States ……. Once again Mann has managed to ‘ hide the decline ” – this time the economic malaise , deteriorating military prowess and unravelling social fabric of the United States under the Biden administration

  17. stpaulchuck says:

    what a blazing butt biscuit, spewing the usual lies and nonsense dressed up as erudition by a professor (actually an azzclown)

  18. MGJ says:

    To be clear, he is an irrational idiot.

    But in a limited sense, I can agree with him. Looking from outside America I see very little opposition coming from the Republicans, just constant apologies, timidity and self-attack. This of course is by no means limited to the US system.

    The support their last potus received from his own party looked to be pretty minimal, compared with the hero worship of the Bushes.

    I suggest not just America but the world needs opposition that actually stands for something and is prepared to defend it without apology.

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