The Definition Of Insanity

The UK government says the key to lowering energy bills is to double down on the policies which created the problem in the first place.

Energy bills may rise again without government plan to deliver 2035 clean power target, NAO warns | Climate News | Sky News

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6 Responses to The Definition Of Insanity

  1. GWS says:

    Desensitizing the public into accepting higher prices and less delivery, — “But it will require a step change in investment and modernization.” — OK. I don’t mind. Decarbonizing my life is most important. — When did we learn that willingly accepting slavery to incompetency was good, and called, “woke?”

  2. spren says:

    How is it even possible that people this amazingly stupid are in leadership positions.

    Hey genius, if you eliminate all carbon-based energy where are you going to get the essential backup power for your “green” intermittent power?

  3. Net zero is an alchemist’s dream, like the philosopher’s stone or transmutation of the elements, and equally improbable. Blaming the increase in energy costs on failure to achieve it quickly enough is a master stroke of propaganda, based on the downright lie that ‘renewables’ are cheaper than fossil fuels. I wonder what hallucinatory drug the personnel at the NAO are on.

  4. Gamecock says:

    When you actually decarbonize (sic) power, you will look around and see nothing has changed. You’ll then have to get to work on decarbonizing transport, industry, and residential heating.

    . . . but you will have been hanged by then.

  5. dm says:

    As long as governments LIMIT fossil fuel supplies, fossil fuel prices will remain costly. And, as long as governments limit use of the lowest-cost transportation systems (PIPELINES), delivery costs will be higher than necessary.

    Hence, the UK and all of Europe now rely more than necessary on very costly LNG.

  6. D. Boss says:

    You all miss the real point of “decarbonizing”:

    You, We, All persons are the “Carbon” they want to get rid of!

    To be against Carbon Dioxide is to be against LIFE. As all life has come from CO2 and plant photosynthesis in the first place. We, our bodies are in fact internal combustion engines, which burn hydrocarbon fuel, by combining with oxygen and our exhaust produce is water vapor and CO2 just as in cars, weed whackers and trucks etc. Every human exhales as much CO2 as a car driving from 2000 to 5000 miles a year!

    This evil crusade against “carbon” will not stop with petroleum or natural gas, or automobiles – their ultimate goal is to rid the world of 90% of us talking apes.

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