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Trolling For Mice

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WMO : 1940 Warmth “Extraordinary” – Post 1940 Cooling “Real”

Government climate scientists have worked hard to erase the 1940’s warmth and subsequent cooling. And their criminal cohorts in the press have aided and abetted their crimes. How the “Global Cooling” Story Came to Be – Scientific American Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Plummeting October 23 Temperatures In The US

Over the past 70 years, October 23 temperatures have fallen more than two degrees F in the US. On this date in 1963, about half of the US was over 80 degrees.

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National Geographic/NASA : Arctic Sea Ice Gone By 2012

Ten years ago, NASA’s top expert predicted an ice-free Arctic by 2012. NSIDC’s top expert said the Arctic was “screaming.” Arctic Sea Ice Gone in Summer Within Five Years? Over the past ten years since they made that forecast, there … Continue reading

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Broncos Pattern Matching Quiz

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1974 : Global Cooling Causes “Wacky Weather”

In 1974, climate scientists said global cooling causes droughts, floods, famine and the Polar Vortex. They said warm weather is favorable, and cold weather is unfavorable. 24 Aug 1974, Page 16 – Kingsport Times-News at Now, climate scientists say … Continue reading

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This Afternoon’s Birds

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1980 : New Ice Age May Soon Grip Cooling Earth

09 Mar 1980, 4 – The Dispatch at Climate change used to mean global cooling. Now it means global warming. But the symptoms are identical. Both were blamed for the polar vortex.

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Book Status Update

The book is progressing very quickly. It is becoming clear that I will have to produce several versions of it. The full collectors hardback coffee table edition will be very expensive to manufacture and will likely sell for something in … Continue reading

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1974 : US-Russia Discussed Damming The Bering Strait To Stop Global Cooling

There were sixty theories advanced to explain the 1940-1970 global cooling. The US and Russia discussed geoengineering to stop the imminent ice age. 20 Nov 1974, Page 17 – Ukiah Daily Journal at TimesMachine: July 18, 1970 – … Continue reading

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