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The March For Junk Science

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Climate Change In New Mexico

After the PDO shift in 1976, Los Alamos, New Mexico suffered a series of large fires, beginning with the Bandelier Fire of 1977. I originally blamed the change in climate on Jimmy Carter, but that may have been unfair. The most … Continue reading

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Hansen’s 1988 Forecasts

During the very hot summer of 1988, NASA’s James Hansen testified before Congress and told them that there would be a big increase in the frequency of heatwaves in the US by the 1990’s. 05 Oct 1988, Page 2 – … Continue reading

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Earth Day CO2 Bubble

A giant CO2 bubble has descended over Canada, and put the entire country in the deep freeze. 10-Day Temperature Outlook Experts say this is the hottest year ever, and the Arctic is rapidly melting at -28C.

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Happy Earth Day

Earth Day is the longest ongoing celebration of Hitler’s birthday, since 1970. Here are some of the genocidal fantasies from the organizers of the first Earth Day. “Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken … Continue reading

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Climate Superstition And Drought

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Bill Nye, The Cognitive Dissonance Guy

Bill Nye says that 70 degree temperatures in February prove global warming, and anyone who doesn’t accept that is suffering from cognitive dissonance. According to Bill Nye, the answer is simple: cognitive dissonance. “People have a certain worldview; [then] they’re confronted … Continue reading

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US Temperature Data Tampering – Worse Than It Seems

Most people assume that temperature graphs from NOAA and NASA are generated by averaging thermometer data and honestly reporting their findings. This belief is based on a blind belief in authority, rather than evidence. NOAA publishes two US temperature data … Continue reading

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New Video : Is The United States Warming?

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Ten Years Left To Save The Planet!

Experts say that March was the second hottest month in Earth’s history, and we have only ten years to save the planet. Global Warming: March Heat Burns Record as Scientists Warn Time Running Out Tourists at DC’s Cherry Blossom Festival would … Continue reading

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