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Putting The Heat In Perspective

Tempe, Arizona is forecast to reach 117F today. During 1936, 117F temperatures were common from Texas to North Dakota. South Dakota was over 120F. North Dakota was over 119F. Nebraska was 118F. Iowa was 117F. Missouri was 118F. Oklahoma was … Continue reading

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Fake News – All The Time

The press and pollsters lie every single election, yet some people continue to pay attention to them. Why? 24 Oct 2016, Page A008 – Arizona Daily Star 

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1988 : Spectacular Fraud From The World’s Top Climate Scientist

This week in 1988, with CO2 just below 350 PPM, the US blew away all records for heat, and NASA’s James Hansen told Congress that heat waves were due to human emissions of CO2. 24 Jun 1988, Page 17 – Santa … Continue reading

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Climate Researchers Likely To Ramp Up Their Fraud As Funding Gets Cut Off

The fake news New York Times is quite predictably blaming hot weather in Phoenix on “global climate changes.” Their focus today is days over 118F. Too Hot to Fly? Climate Change May Take a Toll on Air Travel  If we … Continue reading

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Top Pictures From Yesterday’s Bicycle Commute

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Australia’s Chief Scientist Explains Why “Climate Policy” Has Nothing To Do With Climate

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Top Pix From This Morning

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1988 : The Start Of The Global Warming Scam

The US experienced a severe heatwave and drought during the summer of 1988, the Mississippi River nearly dried up, one third of Yellowstone Park burned up, and it was the perfect time for James Hansen to start the global warming scam. … Continue reading

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The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

This Cooper’s Hawk is patiently sitting on her eggs. This is what we are hoping to see in a week or two.

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Hot Days Are Climate

Nice little climate you have got there. We wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to it. Summer is here, and it is hot in Arizona – so the climate mafia is performing their annual rite of trying to frighten people into … Continue reading

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