NASA Doubling Warming Since 2001

NASA has massively altered their global temperature data over the past 15 years, to double global warming.


2001 version :
2015 version: Fig.A.gif 

The next graph shows the two at the same scale, normalized to the 1880’s. This graph is the best way to view the change since 2001 in claimed global warming.


The data tampering algorithm they are using is largely just a linear scaling. If the 2001 version is scaled up linearly by 30% along the Y-axis, we get a fairly good match from 1890-2000.


The next graph shows that the data has been tampered with by almost 0.6C over the past 15 years.


2001 version : FigA.txt
2015 version : Fig.A.txt

After altering the data by 0.6C, the criminals at GISS claimed a global temperature record by 0.01C

But NASA temperature data tampering is not a one time venture. It occurs repeatedly and has completely corrupted the temperature record. In 1981, NASA showed 0.4 C warming from 1880 to 1980



By 1997, they had bumped it up to 0.6C warming from 1880 to 1980



And now they show 0.8C warming from 1880 to 1980. They have doubled global warming by tampering with the data set.

Fig.A (1)


The next graph overlays all three at identical scales, and shows how they keep cooling the past, to create the appearance of a steep warming trend – needed to make the fraudulent hockey stick. Note how the data has been altered more than an order of magnitude further than the current top error bars, shown in green. A smoking gun of fraud.


This graph shows the successive stages of data tampering


1981 version digitized from graph at top
1997 version : GLB.Ts.txt
2015 version : Fig.A.txt

NASA scientists have a strong conflict of interest in that they expect to see warming, and they the more alarm they create, the more money they obtain. This is why climate scientists have no business touching the temperature data. They have no training in signal processing and they have shown repeatedly that they will alter data to suit their needs.