NASA/CRU Southern Hemisphere Temperature Fraud

NASA claims that they know Southern Hemisphere temperatures back to 1880, and that they basically match northern hemisphere temperatures.


What Gavin forgot to mention is that the southern hemisphere graph is fake. In 1978, scientists agreed data south of 30S was too meager to be reliable.

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TimesMachine: January 5, 1978 –

The 1990 IPCC report showed that there was insufficient temperature data for analysis in much of the Arctic, most of the southern oceans, and all of the Antarctic.


In Climategate E-Mails, Phil Jones admitted that much of his southern hemisphere ocean temperatures were made up, because there is no actual data.



(h/t Gail Combs)

In 1997, NASA showed that three fourths of southern hemisphere land warming occurred before 1940.


Now let’s look at what NASA has done since 1997. They now show almost no southern hemisphere warming before 1940, and 80% of warming occurring after 1940.


Fig.A3.gif (625×474)

They accomplished this temperature fakery largely by throwing in lots of non-existent ocean temperature data.