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Seven of the first nine Winter Olympics games suffered from a lack of snow.

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CHAMONIX, France, Jan. 25.— “With the skating rink and snow slides almost wrecked by thaws, ‘opening of the Olympic games here tomorrow seems dubious. The skating rink is soft and sloppy and slides for the bobsled and ski contests have melted down almost to mud. Athletes of the nineteen nations entered in the winter sports have had practically no preparatory work and are willing to accept a postponement for better weather.

Officials of the French Olympic committee have had carloads of snow hauled down from the mountains to cover up the bare spots in the slide and while it has been made fairly good for practice, it hardly can be used for real competition.”

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“Germany, Feb. 3 1936——The warm weather “jinx” which has over- shadowed the Winter Olympics since their commencement in 1924, today showed no signs of letting up before the scheduled opening here Thursday.

The fourth consecutive day of rain today washed away what little snows were left”

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“Sixth Winter Olympics Open in Snow-Starved Oslo Today

More than 300 soldiers working day and night have brought the giant slalom course into good shape by shoveling in snow from every nearby gully”

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“A light snow began falling to- day on Cortina’s craggy, snow- Starved slopes, raising hopes for ‘successful competition. It was the first snow in 15 days.

Officials already had planned to go ahead with skiing events on mountain Slopes surrounding the village but skiers reported the snow thin and dangerously fast.


– French ski manager Maurice ‘Martel warned that the downhill event next week will be “a race. ‘of death if it doesn’t snow soon.” U. S. coach Bob Sheehan issued crash helmets to his skiers. And women’s Olympic ski champ Andrea Mead Lawrence of Parshall, ‘Colo., who usually likes to ski on ice, admitted, “This ice is too rough even for me.”

Italian Olympic officials switched the women’s giant slalom event to a fresh site and hoped for snow. Just in case, more than 100 Italian ski troopers were up at dawn today shoveling snow onto the downhill run.

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