“Earth Is Cooling, Return of Ice Age Is Feared”

“The Earth Is Cooling, Return of Ice Age Is Feared

—Snow banks cover areas of Baffin Island today which were seasonally snow-free 30 or 40 years before the present cooling, J. T. Andrews and his colleagues at the University of Colorado at Boulder report. Similarly, pack ice around Iceland is once again becoming the serious hindrance to navigation it was during the “‘little ice age”

14 Apr 1973, Page 8 – Iowa City Press-Citizen

“The threat, according to scientists from a score of institutions who gathered at Brown University in Providence, R.I., recently to share information on “The End of the Present Interglacial,” is not that miles thick ice sheets are about to come sweeping down out of the north, returning us instantaneously to an ice-age climate.

It is rather that there are already signs that the earth is cooling in a cycle similar to those that heralded earlier great glaciations, And, while it may »e several centuries before any major global effects are felt and several thousand years before ice sheets return, preliminary signs are already apparent. Scientists fear that detailed knowledge of past climate cycles and the consequent ability to predict future timetables are still woefully inadequate.

“Global cooling and related rapid changes of environment, substantially exceeding’ the fluctuations experienced by man in historical times, can be expected within the next few millennia; perhaps even centuries,”’ according to a commentary on the Providence meeting by George J.Kukla of Lamont Doherty Geological Observatory in New York, R. K. Matthews of Brown University and J. Murray Mitchell Jr. of the National Oceanic end Atmospheric Administration.”

Aug 13, 1973, page 10 – The Berkeley Gazette at Newspapers.com

“The Miami Herald ‘Sun, Jun 15, 1975 -Page 250

Pack ice around Iceland is becoming a serious navigation hindrance to an extent unmatched since a “little ice age” in the 17th and 18th centuries.

England’s growing season has shortened a week to two weeks since 1950 and the Arctic ice and snow cap has expanded 12 per cent since 1964.

@North Atlantic surface waters have been cooling for the last 30 years. The tepid Gulf Stream, a major warming influence on Western European weather, has retreated south about a sixth as far as it did at the height of the last full fledged ice age, 20,000 years ago, according to ocean bed fossil records.”

Jun 15, 1975, page 250 – The Miami Herald at Newspapers.com