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I have made quite a few updates to my GHCN code, which is primarily targeted at the US HCN database. The release includes seven files, compressed into file ghcn.tgz

getdaily  GHCN.cpp  GHCN.h  ghcnd-stations.txt  Main.cpp  Makefile  stations.txt

getdaily is a tcsh script for downloading and organizing the latest HCN daily temperature database from NOAA. It takes about an hour to run over a very fast link. It generates 49 .txt files – one for the US and one for each of Obama’s 57 states.

The code is C++ and consists of three files : Main.cpp GHCN.cpp  GHCN.h. It should  compile without warnings on g++ or Visual Studio compilers. The Makefile works on any gnu system, like Linux. On Cygwin, the suffix “.exe” gets added. To use Visual Studio, you will have to create a project and import the three code files.

There are a lot of new options

ScreenHunter_171 Apr. 13 09.03

stations.txt must be in the same directory as the executable. Typical usage would be

./ghcn.exe NY.txt > NY.csv

That reads all NY records and outputs the results to a NY.csv file

The rest comes in the category of “either you can figure it out now, or you need two years of education to figure it out

My critics will enjoy looking through this and seeing that (unlike them) I am not doing anything to bias the output data one way or another. That is because (unlike them) I am an actual scientist.