You can get my USHCN C++ code (which shows the amount of fake data) here. It is simple enough to figure out and similar to the GHCN code. It downloads and runs much faster than the GHCN daily calculations. You can do the whole thing in a few minutes.

cd into the newly created ushcn directory
ln -s ../ushcn.exe
ln-s ../ushcn-stations.txt
ln -s ../configure
./ushcn.exe US_final.tavg > US_final.csv
./ushcn.exe US_tob.tavg > US_tob.csv
./ushcn.exe US_raw.tavg > US_raw.csv

3 Responses to USHCN Code

  1. Bob F says:

    Hi Steve, the second ln statement needs a space before the -s, makes cut and paste work properly.

  2. nickels says:

    ha, love the variable names!

  3. Peter Sable says:

    Would you please post the Excel spreadsheet as well?


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