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NOAA : Long Term Sea Level Rise Is Six Inches Per Century

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Drowning The Sea Level/Global Warming Relationship Myth

Sea Level Challenge

Calling all reality deniers, who live inside computer models. Here is your chance to prove that sea level is rising rapidly.

Sea Level Data Shatters The Hype

They Can’t Model Clouds, They Can’t Model Feedback, But They Can Forecast The Temperature In 90 Years Within A Tenth Of A Degree

US Thermometer Readings Show Cooling Since 1895 – Before Adjustments


The Safe Side Of 350

Drowning The Sea Level/Global Warming Relationship Myth

One of the most often stated pieces of drivel from the climate science community, is that sea level rise is an indication of warming temperatures. In fact, there is no such correlation.

The graph below overlays global temperatures with global sea level. For the last 8,000 years, sea level has been rising while temperatures have been falling.

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  1. major says:

    We are in the grip of madness…..the Global warming fanatics are either trying to distract the population while they effect changes to laws and the Constitution, or they are trying to drive the population into hysteria over a non existant crisis so they effect those changes. God deliver us from the madness of power before its too late.

  2. Robb says:

    Didn’t know where else to post this…

    Ijust noticed that the “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)” links under your stories are linking to other blogs.

    For example, in your post “California Decides To Raise Unemployment, Increase Fuel Costs For The Poor” the related posts links go to:

    Those links usually go to related posts on your blog only. You might want to check with WordPress… Just thought you should know.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. MikeTheDenier says:

    Dr Roy Spencer has published the December numbers….

    Dec. 2010 UAH Global Temperature Update: +0.18 deg. C

    • thebillyc says:

      Sir. as one who disbelieves the AGW narrative in re “global warming” (as you too must), I would like to refer to the use of the word “denier” in your blog handle. Although many in the science reality camp have chosen to wear this infamous badge that has been fastened on them in a manner so similar to the yellow star of “Juden” fastened on them by the fascists in the false belief that our realism will change the narrative of the AGW believers.
      The obvious analogy to “Holocaust deniers” with the use of this label only serves the self serving smug holier than thou believers through this transference mechanisms. I implore all “real science” participants who are attempting to bring truth to Science to forgo this label. The “Borg” have assimilated you when you wear it.

  4. John Dowd says:

    Unless and until we can measure the CO2 content throughout the atmosphere as well as the temperature of the earth’s land mass, sea and atmosphere this idea of GW
    especially as related to CO 2, becomes no more than science fiction beneath
    and unworthy of Asimov or even Star Trek.

    Here is something no one that I have read about has even considered. Has the average height of the tropopause changed? Is anyone even collecting that data. With today’s very high flying jets that number can be recorded and logged quite often in the
    area of many times per hour. In fact pilots could be asked to” trop-out” as part of any flight plan that takes them over some planned high altitude and then return to their cruising altitude.
    The atmosphere is like a balloon and its temperature change per thousand feet up is bounded by the tropopause (The tropopause is the atmospheric boundary between the troposphere and the stratosphere. Going upward from the surface, it is the point where air ceases to cool with height,)-hence its name. If we were to see this balloon
    expanding i.e. world tropopause increasing in altitude year over year ,then we might have a concern about GW.

    The present emphasis on CO2 is ridiculous but suits the purpose of the GW ers quite well. Since CO2 is a miniscule portion of the atmosphere (CO2 is a trace gas comprising 0.039% of the
    atmosphere) . Also it is very hard to measure consistently throughout the whole of
    the atmosphere thereby providing great camouflage to the GW proponents. It also
    ascribes enormous leverage to an element that is found in very small quantities in the earth’s gas inventory. Therefore if you fudge that figure just a few 100’s of a % and base a model on that you can really “model” some wild BS or chicken crap as Boehner would say.

    John F Dowd
    PO Box 71
    44 Tower Road
    Kittery Point, ME 03905

    • Tom Robbins says:

      And what about saturation levels (you make some great points here BTW), but c02 cannot keep increasing in the upper atmosphere beyond a saturation point – I believe this is why we have seen HUGE c02 levels through ICE ages, and huge warming trends…(all natural)…

  5. j calvert says:

    this might get a laugh . . .
    climate change sceptics destroy evidence of global warming in Austria

  6. Bob Z says:

    Real Science? Really? I don’t see much of either here. “Unbelievable Ignorance” would be a much better name for the site.

  7. John Pollard says:

    I am an engineer by trade… years of hard facts, measurements, and pure science and part art of engineering… (educated guessing). I have been saying the same things you are saying on this webpage for years and years and been getting laughed at by these moron GW ers for as long.

    Years ago I was a crewmember on the USS Pargo (SSN-650) a fast attack nuclear submarine. We made the first ever purely scientific ice expedition taking civilian scientists to the arctic and the pole for their own experiments and studies. I trekked up to 28 miles over the ice to aid these scientists in setting up their sensors. We surfaced in a polynia area that was about one full acre of open water!!! This was in 1991.

    This has happened and has been documented as early as when Admiral Byrd made it to the North Pole first. Today it is huge news. The short news cycle, plus the availability of new technology giving us instant access to street level views from satelites, and access to incredible satelite technology that is capable of analyzing the make up of the atmosphere, and polution. This does not make for better analysis, it makes it available to the untrained to support their own beliefs and hype this information around the world at the speed of light.

    Say it long enough and loud enough and to as many people as you can as many times as you can and it will be truth soon enough. Follow the money and behind GW’ing you will find GE, Westinghouse, Simmons, etc.. etc… all pushing environmentally friendly products. This is big business changing human culture.

    Thank you for bring some sanity back to this whole process… what you say isn’t popular, but using their own technique of say it long enough, loud enough and to as many people as you can it will spread… and being the truth already well thats a bonus, isn’t it?

    Temperature data has been altered for as long as we have monitored the data in the united states…

    When we started the volunteer monitor program, people provided their own equipment originally, that introduced error, so the government provided the equipment and instructions for mounting it properly, thats where they stop,,, No monitoring of equipment, no auditing of results, and well only recently researchers found that an incredible amount of that data has been falsified, much of the equipment is installed wrong, (near air vents, in areas of lots of asphalt, concrete, in the wrong orientation, that equipment does not provide accurate results. Add to that the fact that people continue to report data despite not being present taking that data due to vacations, illness, work, etc

    That data has been used as a baseline model to formulate the core arguement that the earth is warming.

    Just way to much wrong with all of the GW arguements. What we need to do is design a monitoring program and begin again to monitor specifically for global temperature change, as well as many other facits of the environment, such as sea level, ice area, ozone levels, co2 levels etc. and the correlate that data at some future time. That may or may not confirm a hypothesis, but that is the only way to do this considering all the problems we currently have with the tripe that GW is!

    Keep up the good work!!!

    JE Pollaje

    • Kyle Towers says:

      What’s wrong with these arguments?:

      GHE warming predicts more warming at high latitudes.

      GHE warming predicts more warming at night.

      GHE warming predicts more warming in winter.

      GHE warming predicts cooling and contraction of the stratosphere.

      Other forcings predict the precise opposites.

      All observations inre: the above are indicative of GHE warming. One weather station in the high Canadian Arctic shows a 10.7degF midwinter warming over several decades. Space agencies have had to recalculate the orbital decay rates of LEO satellites because the stratosphere has contracted several kilometers.

      I’m an engineer, too, and I’ve noted an alarming tendency for other engineers to be science deniers. Engineers are even prominent among creationists. I think a little science background with precious little scientific method tends to create a high-end Dunning-Kreuger Effect.

      • Antarctica has been cooling for 30 years. Temperatures in the Arctic have been below normal every day for the last month.

      • Latitude says:

        and you believe a fraction of a degree….can predict a trend


      • gator69 says:

        “One weather station in the high Canadian Arctic shows a 10.7degF midwinter warming over several decades.”

        Would that be the station located at what is known as the “Garden Spot of the Arctic”?,_Nunavut

      • thebillyc says:

        oooo- “high end” dunning krueger effect… so my illusory superiority complex comes from my brain, whereas your illusory superiority complex comes from a lower region… I maintained a “high end” regard for nearly all engineers over my many years, as they built nuclear plants, submarines, and other technological marvels. Most of them had a great understanding and grasp of physics, mathematics, etc. When I retired a few years back from the cubicle world wherein new hire engineers had all the common sense of a screen door on a submarine, my regard for engineering schools and the grasp of what science actually is was considerably less. I certainly wouldn’t have hired any to design a screen door, much less provide input on the AGW nonsense.

  8. major says:

    A form social madness has crept into our society since the 60’s. Partly driven by a neo socialist agenda and partly driven by a new utopianism of the hippy generation. Utopians believe irrationally that a ideal society can exist when in reality it can never exist. But instead of facing reality they dig themselves deeper into their fanatasies often with the help of drugs. They call this the inner self, the re-awakening, etc. Its really a form of arrested development, they never really reach adulthood. And when real adults(conservatives) try to correct their irrational thinking these adults become the hated enemy, because according to Liberals Santa Claus DOES exist and so does Global Warming.

  9. Eric Barnes says:

    Hi Steven,
    I’ve been working with GHCN monthly data raw and adjusted that I’ve put into a mysql database. I sorted US stations by year to find the worst adjustments and the winner is GHCN/USHCN station …
    427729 39.6847 -111.2047 2655.4 UT SCOFIELD-SKYLINE MINE 423896 —— —— +7

    USHCN only includes data from 1984 forward, which is regularly cooled by a full 4+degrees C.

    year id adj_max adj_min adj_avg
    1984 42500427729 4.87583333 4.24166667 4.55666667
    1985 42500427729 4.38909091 4.08454545 4.23636364
    1986 42500427729 4.38416667 4.09166667 4.23750000
    1987 42500427729 4.38416667 4.09166667 4.23833333
    1988 42500427729 4.38416667 4.09166667 4.23750000
    1989 42500427729 4.37272727 4.07090909 4.22181818
    1990 42500427729 4.38416667 4.09166667 4.23833333
    1991 42500427729 4.38416667 4.09166667 4.23666667
    1992 42500427729 4.35125000 3.15125000 3.75125000
    1993 42500427729 2.50916667 0.61166667 1.56000000
    1994 42500427729 1.88416667 0.61166667 1.24833333

    The full record for 427729 in GHCN gets adjusted by 6+ degrees C back in the 1920’s.

    Here’s the top 10 adjustment winners.
    id count(*) adj_max adj_min adj_avg
    42500427729 983 4.55885046 4.70625636 4.63187182
    42500201439 1241 2.47689766 2.51863014 2.49718775
    42500480552 1289 3.18738557 1.11152056 2.14925524
    42500154703 1346 0.70163447 3.36617385 2.03361070
    42500026353 1198 2.77154424 0.86776294 1.81961603
    42500331152 1225 1.95531429 1.60312653 1.77905306
    42500458207 1375 1.61376000 1.71717091 1.66517091
    42500143810 1402 1.92280314 1.33488588 1.62853780
    42500105685 1090 -0.17715596 3.37363303 1.59788991
    42500363526 948 1.07218354 2.11941983 1.59559072

  10. major says:

    The environmental madness never seems to recede. There will be some event that will finally put a bullet in it…but we cant predict that event and when it will occur. I pray soon.

    • crono says:

      I predict it will just get renamed to something else, and Nobel prizes and Oscar awards will propel it in perpetuity because logic does not seem to matter to enough people. But pithy blurbs and emotive appeals do.

  11. tom0mason says:

    Because sometimes you just got to know who to blame…

    10 May: NYT: Coral Davenport: Brothers Battle Climate Change on Two Fronts
    Today the work of Robert and William Nordhaus is profoundly shaping how the United States and other nations take on global warming…
    Bill Nordhaus, 72, a Yale economist who is seen as a leading contender for a Nobel Prize, came up with the idea of a carbon tax and effectively invented the economics of climate change. Bob, 77, a prominent Washington energy lawyer, wrote an obscure provision in the Clean Air Act of 1970 that is now the legal basis for a landmark climate change regulation, to be unveiled by the White House next month, that could close hundreds of coal-fired power plants and define President Obama’s environmental legacy.
    Called the Manning brothers of climate change, the mild-mannered, dry-witted Nordhauses are scions of a New Mexico family long rooted in the land, which powerfully shaped who the brothers became…
    “I tend to have lots of crazy ideas, and I run them by Bob first,” Bill said by phone from the Acela train between Boston and New Haven, Conn. He described himself as “an academic economist” who has stayed out of policy debates, although his ideas have not.
    Bob agreed. “Bill’s work is about what needs to be done and how soon, using the tools of economic analysis,” he said over a recent lunch in Washington. “My work is: How do you convert that into a legal and regulatory policy?”
    The two have a friendly rivalry, but both believe that cutting carbon pollution is crucial to protecting the environment and the economy from the risks posed by climate change. They also agree on the best way to do it: A Bill-style carbon tax, they say, would be far more effective and efficient than a Bob-style regulation…
    In the ensuing decades at Yale, Bill developed an economic model that put a price tag on the effects of climate change, like more droughts, flooding and crop failures and stronger hurricanes. He called it the Dynamic Integrated Climate-Economy model, or DICE…

  12. jay says:

    can anyone recommend a site, book, any resource appropriate for young kids (5-10) to educate them on the truth of global warming? too much propaganda in the schools and online, but I can’t find anything promoting the truth in a way young kids understand.

  13. thebillyc says:

    Sir- it is difficult to reply; As a non-credentialed science lover, and previous educator of science in the public school system (high schools) prior to 1989, I can only offer the following: This site, and WUWT by Anthony Watts both are, in the words of the AGW believers, “deniers”. The obvious connotation and wish to draw an analogy to the Holocaust deniers is unmistakable. I love Mr. Goddards quote from Richard Feynman at the top of this blog; today, the perversion of academic scientists and outright reality of careers lost, death threats, etc for any deviation from (as mentioned elsewhere) the corporate sponsored and politically enabled party line is totally unthinkable. Truth? The realists of this site and WUWT will admit they cannot explain all the reasons for how/ what our climate is or has been doing. They do however, in many places point to the truth: the actual data, the historical data all reveal that there is NO GLOBAL WARMING. But, the emperors’ naked butt will not be revealed until one of our children points it out- So: Good on you, Mate, for trying to educate your children outside the public indoctrination system!

  14. Mark Gilbert says:

    As an Engineer and professional curmudgeon, you are hoping for them to admit defeat? When it can no longer be denied, they will claim VICTORY! LOOK we saw it and we fixed it. See we were right all along you awful deniers, if it wasnt for us and our economy destroying stupidity, why you would all be sweaty and swimming.

  15. jay says:

    i’ve decided to write my own childrens’ book starring a penguin and a polar bear. once i find an illustrator i will self publish online. I read the text/draft to my 6 year old and she loved it. she also clearly saw the idiocy of global warming.

  16. Kyle says:

    IOW, you have the critical thinking skills of a six year old child.

  17. Captain Fantastic says:

    Unbelievably ignorant. That is my impression of your site and a vast majority of your followers.

  18. gator69 says:

    Why do you misrepresent Dr. Cochrane as a climatologist? In his own words…

    I am a research scientist and professor with an environmental engineering degree from MIT and a doctorate in ecology from Penn State.

    From his bio page…

    He holds a Ph.D. in Ecology from Pennsylvania State University and a S.B. in Environmental Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    I scanned the comments and see nothing worth repeating, he is just another warmist whose salary deopends on alarmism.

    He is currently the principle investigator of over $3.7 million in externally funded research grants…

    He is a salesman.

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