Saving The Critical South Boulder Wetlands

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Cute Couple

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New Video : Forest Fire Burn Acreage Plummeting

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Despite Hot Weather, Oklahomans Voted For Beer

On July 11, 1933, Oklahoman’s voted to allow themselves to drink beer – despite the hot weather.

11 Jul 1933, Page 1 – The Eagle at

Temperatures were over 110F in much of the state.

July 11 afternoon temperatures in the US plummeted after the 1930’s and never recovered.

If the long term cooling trend continues, people may lose their appetite for beer. Or more likely, government will ban beer again, because it frequently causes people to behave like heterosexuals – which is no longer acceptable.

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Sherwood Forest

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Plummeting Forest Fire Burn Acreage

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, 9.4 million acres burned in the US this year. This is down 80% since the 1930’s.

Indicator 3.16: Area and percent of forest affected by abiotic agents

23 Jul 1933, Page 12 – Great Falls Tribune at

TimesMachine: October 9, 1938 –

And forest fires are down 90% since CO2 was at pre-industrial levels – when an area larger than the state of California burned every year.

Fire Policy – Cover & TOC

There is no correlation between forest fires and atmospheric CO2 – but excellent correlation between fires and extreme heat = which peaked in the 1930’s.

Rather than doing actual science, government climate scientists prefer to alter data to match their worthless models.

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Massive Increase In Science Integrity Slated For Colorado

My corrections for the Boulder Daily Camera article below :

“Colorado’s loss is the world’s gain,” said Governor John Hickenlooper

Colorado’s gain is France’s loss, said those wanting to drain the climate swamp

According to Science, the climate grants specifically target “disgruntled” U.S. scientists seeking refuge from the climate change skepticism of the current administration, but are open to climate scientists around the world

the climate grants specifically target climate alarmists and are not open to anyone who promotes factual information about climate. Climate science can’t handle dissent or debate.

Excellent news!  Five of the thirteen climate scientists moving to France are neighbors.

Four Boulder climate scientists taking their research to France – Boulder Daily Camera

One of the lucky winners is Ben Sanderson of NCAR

Ben actually wrote a paper rejecting low climate sensitivity.

Can we now rule out a low climate sensitivity? BM Sanderson, C. Tebaldi in review, Nature Communications

Despite the fact that all available tropospheric data indicates models are much too aggressive.

STILL Epic Fail: 73 Climate Models vs. Measurements, Running 5-Year Means « Roy Spencer, PhD

Five less Colorado scientists who are simply “making stuff up.”  Hopefully the federal budget won’t allocate money for replacements.

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Where Have All The Eagles Gone?

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Global Warming : Green Energy Scam From Day One

Science Rushing Sun Machines To Oust Coal And Oil
– 1923

Arrhenius, the father of global warming, said the world would run out of oil by 1983, and was pushing the solar energy business from day one.

Arrhenius predicted 8-9C warming, and said Siberia would be the greatest farming country on earth.

The Pueblo Leader – Google News Archive Search

Global warming scamsters have been pushing the same junk science with the same underlying agenda for 100 years.

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The Eagle, The Hawk, and The Windmill

Greens get hysterical about one bear dying of natural causes, but celebrate the death of thousands of raptors killed by their own devices.

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Greens Vs. The Environment

I love raptors and photograph them every day – like this Ferruginous Hawk I saw this morning.

And this Kestrel I saw yesterday.

It is illegal to shoot Golden Eagles, but if you kill thousands of them in the name of green energy, you are a green hero and get big tax breaks and subsidies from the government. The US Park Service says that there are twenty thousand Golden Eagles in the western US

The most recent survey of Golden Eagles  across four large Bird Conservation  Regions (BCRs) in the West (80 percent  of the species’ range in the lower 48  states is in these BCRs) provided an  estimate of 20,722 Golden Eagles of all  ages across the survey area.

The Altamont Pass wind farm kills one Golden Eagle every three days, which means they have killed more than 10% of the current population.

Dr. Shawn Smallwood’s 2004 study, spanning four years, estimated that California’s Altamont Pass wind “farm” killed an average of 116 Golden Eagles annually (2). This adds up to 2,900 dead “goldies” since it was built 25 years ago.

US windfarms kill 10-20 times more than previously thought | Save the Eagles International

Greens want to put these impenetrable death traps up all over the country. Birds have essentially no chance of flying through a wind farm safely.

Turbine blades are as long as a football field, and travel more than 100 miles per hour. They create low pressure in their wake, which sucks flying creatures in and then decapitates them, similar to what ISIS terrorists do.


By Miriam Raftery

January 6, 2012 (San Diego’s East County) – San Diego County’s 48 pairs of nesting golden eagles and even rarer bald eagles could be in peril if proposed industrial-scale wind farms are built.  In a press release issued today,  Save the Eagles International (STEI) issued a dire warning, providing detailed documentation proving  that golden eagles and their nests are disappearing rapidly near wind farms across the U.S.

The group also blasted the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for changing its mission from protecting wildlife to “catering to the interests of an industry” that is a “ruinous one to boot.”

Although the studies focused on golden eagles, if no major action is taken, wind turbines’ razor-sharp blades will also threaten the existence of other species, STEI predicts.

The international group “solemnly warns the Western States that the biologically-blind policies will cause the extinction of the Golden Eagle, the California Condor, and other species of raptors.” Also at risk are species in Eastern and Central states, such as the Whooping Crane.


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