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Nature’s “Famine Weed”

9:26 AM · Jun 13, 2021

Menacing ‘famine weed’ grows more toxic as carbon levels soar : Research Highlights

Increased CO2 causes all plants to grow faster, which makes earth greener, crops grow faster, and reduces malnutrition.

Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds | NASA


Yields and Land Use in Agriculture – Our World in Data

Hunger and Undernourishment – Our World in Data

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“Much Worse Than Expected”

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Blind Trust In Authority

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Perfect Correlation

Fifty years ago, experts said we would run out of food and water in ten

6 Oct 1970, Page 3 – Redlands Daily Facts at

They wanted to poison third world  countries to keep them from reproducing.

TimesMachine: November 25, 1969 –

Since then hunger, poverty and illiteracy have dropped to record lows.

Hunger and Undernourishment – Our World in Data

The short history of global living conditions and why it matters that we know it – Our World in Data

Global Rise of Education – Our World in Data

Life expectancy has increased sharply.

Life Expectancy – Our World in Data

Prophets of doom have a 100% record of failure – since the dawn of time.

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“Much Worse Than Expected”

New research shows that sea level rise in Connecticut is much worse than expected.

New research shows rising sea levels in CT is much worse than expected

NOAA has two tide gauges in Connecticut. Both show that there has been no change in the long term rate of sea level rise, and that sea level rise rates are quite predictable.

8461490 New London, Connecticut

8467150 Bridgeport, Connecticut

The Obamas are so worried about sea level rise in New England that they just bought a $15 million home on the beach in Massachusetts.

Barack and Michelle Obama buying $14.85M Martha’s Vineyard estate

But this shouldn’t surprise anyone, because thirteen years ago he healed the planet and slowed the rise of the seas.

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Time To Say Goodbye To Planet Earth

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How To Identify A Hate Group

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Don’t Be A Conspiracy Theorist

On day one of the lockdowns last year, I said that it was the implementation of the Green New Deal. People called me a “conspiracy theorist.”

Peter Foster: Mark Carney, man of destiny, arises to revolutionize society. It won’t be pleasant | National Post

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BBC – Twelve Years Of Covering Up Climategate

In 2009, a whistleblower released emails showing how climate academia was manipulating data, destroying data and blocking publication of articles which didn’t support their global warming agenda.

Climate change: this is the worst scientific scandal of our generation – Telegraph

The five key leaked emails from UEA’s Climatic Research Unit | Hacked climate science emails | The Guardian

Even George Monbiot was devastated and said Phil Jones should resign.

Global warming rigged? Here’s the email I’d need to see | George Monbiot | The Guardian

The BBC responded by trying to cover it up.

BBC weatherman ¿ignored¿ leaked climate row emails | Daily Mail Online

Now the BBC admits it happened, and says Phil Jones is a hero and victim of cyber terrorism.

University of East Anglia ‘Climategate’ scandal to be turned into film – BBC News

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Twitter Concerned About Free Speech

Twitter blocked the President of the US and countless other conservatives who challenged their globalist agenda, and they say they are worried about free speech.

6:17 AM · Jun 5, 2021

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