Big Oil Check Didn’t Come Through Again

For the 120th consecutive month since I started blogging, my big oil/big tobacco check failed to arrive in the mail.

My software development contract in Philadelphia runs out at the end of the month, and am back on the market looking for Javascript, Python, WebGL or C++ programming work.

Over the last six months I have developed an incredible WebGL app for analyzing climate data, which gives me the ability to instantly visualize almost anything I want in the temperature record, but unfortunately it is proprietary technology for the company I have been working for, and I can’t release it.  I can’t even show screen shots.  But I am thinking about developing a different app from scratch with similar capabilities, to make public.

Please contact me at if you are need a top flight programmer.

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Saving The Critical South Boulder Wetlands

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Don’t Be A Conspiracy Theorist!

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Arizona Climate Repairman

Christian Komor is a Pensacola, Florida clinical psychologist who suffers Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and is running for Arizona governor on a platform that he will repair the climate.

Barack Obama is going to be angry, since he healed the planet ten years ago.

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Forest Fire Burn Acreage Down 86% Since 1930

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

George Orwell, “1984”

US Forest fire burn acreage so far this year is 40th highest on record, and down 86% since 1930.


Actual data wrecks their global warming scam, so climate experts simply throw out all data prior to the appropriately chosen start date of 1984.

Steve Goddard on Twitter

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Failed Climate Prophets

Arctic sea ice volume bottomed out on September 9, and the total melt was fourth lowest on record this year.

Spreadsheet    Data

Ten years ago, the world’s leading climate prophet predicted the Arctic would be ice-free no later than 2018.

The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search

Gore: Polar ice cap may disappear by summer 2014

The Arctic sea ice volume minimum is up 41% since James Hansen’s prophesy was made ten years ago.

2008     2018

None of this will be reported by the mainstream media, whose policies probit factual reporting on any topic.

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Moral Leadership Of The Democratic Party

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Call In The FBI On Cory Booker

“If we are now doing the right thing in this country and we’re having a comeuppance and we’re holding people accountable, if Al Franken just did the right thing to resign, it’s time for Donald Trump to resign, as well,”

Cory Booker  December 11, 2017

When he was 15, Cory Booker grabbed a girl’s breast, and in college he advocated grabbing girls by the pussy, tying them down and raping them.  Cory Booker should immediately resign from the US Senate and turn himself over to the FBI.

Stanford Daily

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After The Rain ….

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The Key Global Warming Scamsters

If Obama raped a nun live on MSNBC, his supporters would either say it didn’t happen, or say it was “justified and noble, and done to teach us about the evils of rape”

  • Glenn Greenwald 2012

Belief in catastrophic global warming requires that people don’t think for themself, listen only to corrupt sources of information, and refuse to listen to anyone who tells the truth. Here are the primary enablers of the scam.

#1 Scamster : John Cook

With his 97% consensus fraud, John Cook provided global warming cult followers the excuse they needed to turn their brain off, and replace any actual thought process with an appeal to authority. They simply aren’t qualified to question 97% of the world’s scientists, and must not allow their own thoughts, observations or actual data to interfere with the scam.

#2 Scamster : Naomi Oreskes

In her movie “Merchants of Doubt” – Naomi Oreskes provided the global warming cult the excuse to needed to plug their ears, by linking climate skeptics to big oil/tobacco via evidence-free innuendo.  Climate skeptics are evil and must not be be heard.

#3 Scamster : James Hansen

James Hansen made the global warming scam official in 1988, and repeated every four years or so that we only had four years left to save the planet. He also invented the art of climate data tampering.  His urgency gave the global warming scamsters the excuse they needed to shut down debate.

#4 Scamster : Barack Obama

Obama is very likely the person who commissioned the work of Cook and Oreskes, and he extended their fraud to include the word dangerous. So anyone who uses their brain or tells the truth about climate is a member of the flat earth society and must be ignored. Obama was the global warming scam’s head of marketing.

#5 Scamsters : New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, and most of the rest of the press.

The mainstream media uses the work of Cooke, Oreskes, and Hansen as their excuse to push global warming fake news, and censor any actual data or anyone who presents factual information about climate. The urgency and threat level is simply too high to allow other opinions to be heard.

#6 Scamsters : Mann, Hayhoe, and several other junk scientists who are willing to lie, cheat and tamper with data in support of the scam.

In summary, global warming  is real, man-made, a mortal threat, all scientists agree, only evil people disagree, and anyone who disagrees must be silenced.  It took many billions of dollars and decades of hard work and organization to achieve this Orwellian climate world we live in.

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When The Tow Truck Doesn’t Show Up On Time

Temperature at sunrise is 85 degrees and the dew point is 70.  Lots of tropical moisture streaming in today which will end the heat wave. The temperature hasn’t dropped below 80 degrees since I arrived.

This was the 1974 ASU Kappa Delta fall formal. I haven’t seen Debbie for forty years, but am having dinner with her and her husband next week.  Debbie had a nineteen inch waist in 1974, and I’m certain that neither of us has changed a bit in the last 45 years.

This picture should give a good feel for how evil fraternities and sororities are.  Full of white privilege and climate denial. They tore down fraternity row to make room for more enlightened people.

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Heard On NPR

I was listening to NPR last week while driving to Arizona. They had an interesting discussion with a scientist who disputed the consensus idea that dinosaurs were wiped out by a meteor.  She talked about the extreme pressure and hostility she faced from peers, trying to force her to come around to the consensus view. At one point the interviewer said “I don’t think I could withstand that.”

When the show ended, the interviewer said it was a weekly science show where they discuss important topics like “climate denialism.”  An intelligent person might have thought that one through – but this was NPR.

Later on NPR news, they said Jerry Brown was launching a satellite to “monitor climate change gases” – which are apparently located far to the left of inert gases on the periodic table.

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