Most Amazing Ride Yet

I got to see mom Cooper’s Hawk feeding her chick, right after it hatched. I’m about 120 feet away.

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New Video : Government Scientists Hiding The Heat Of 1896

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1896 : Worst Heatwaves In History

The fake news press is full of hysterical stories about heat in Arizona, and fake news CNN claims that heatwaves are getting worse.

Deadly heat waves to become more common –

Actual data shows the exact opposite.

Every year around June 16, the press starts calling the heat in Arizona “historic.” Here is the identical story from last year. Climate criminals lie about the heat, and then call anyone who tells the truth a liar.

Arizona’s worst heatwaves actually occurred in 1896, when Parker, Az had 45 days over 110 degrees.

Parker had seven consecutive days over 120 degrees during June of 1896. This undoubtedly grounded all jet aircraft at the time..

People in England were dropping dead from the heat that summer, as were birds in Spain. (Disclaimer : After NOAA adjustments, the birds were just fine.)

17 Jul 1896 – HEAT-WAVE IN EUROPE.

The Eastern US had an unprecedented heatwave during early May of 1896, with 90 degree temperatures extending up into Maine.

Farmington, Maine was 93 degrees on May 10 that year, after being 97 degrees on May 10, 1895. This year’s May 10 maximum at Farmington was 52 degrees.

Australia had their worst heatwaves on record during January of 1896.

TimesMachine: August 18, 1896

Bourke had 18 days over 110 degrees that month.

If climate scientists were actual scientists, they would want to know what 1896 was so hot. But they take a different approach.  NOAA tampers with the data to cool the past, and Australia’s BOM simply pretends they don’t have data prior to 1910.

Climate change and variability: Tracker: Australian timeseries graphs

Climate science has nothing to do with science. It is about money and politics.

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New Video : Roots Of The Global Warming Scam (Part 2)

The global warming scam began in earnest on this date in 1988.

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Distinguishing Between Climate And Weather

Climatologists maintain a highly rigorous distinction between weather and climate, shown in the map below.

10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

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Watching And Waiting

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Putting The Heat In Perspective

Tempe, Arizona is forecast to reach 117F today.

During 1936, 117F temperatures were common from Texas to North Dakota. South Dakota was over 120F. North Dakota was over 119F. Nebraska was 118F. Iowa was 117F. Missouri was 118F. Oklahoma was 120F. Texas was 119F. Arkansas was 117F.

People who blame the current heat in Arizona on CO2 are crooks, idiots, liars and frauds.

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Fake News – All The Time

The press and pollsters lie every single election, yet some people continue to pay attention to them. Why?

24 Oct 2016, Page A008 – Arizona Daily Star 

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1988 : Spectacular Fraud From The World’s Top Climate Scientist

This week in 1988, with CO2 just below 350 PPM, the US blew away all records for heat, and NASA’s James Hansen told Congress that heat waves were due to human emissions of CO2.

24 Jun 1988, Page 17 – Santa Cruz Sentinel

June 21 temperatures have plummeted in the US over the past century, with 1988 and 1933 being the only years with an average temperature above 90F. The heat of 1988 was an outlier, was against the trend, and had nothing to do with CO2.

Almost the entire US was over 90F on June 21, 1988, and much was over 100F. It was completely unprecedented.

The heat during Hansen’s testimony shows zero correlation with CO2.

As is almost always the case with prominent climate scientists, there is zero science behind their claims, and they are simply committing fraud to obtain money and attention. But the fraud didn’t stop there. NASA has continued to tamper with historical temperature data, to erase the 1940’s to 1970’s cooling and increase all recent temperatures.

24 Jun 1988, 16 – The Press Democrat 

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Climate Researchers Likely To Ramp Up Their Fraud As Funding Gets Cut Off

The fake news New York Times is quite predictably blaming hot weather in Phoenix on “global climate changes.” Their focus today is days over 118F.

Too Hot to Fly? Climate Change May Take a Toll on Air Travel 

If we look outside of the notorious Phoenix Urban Heat Island, we can see that the frequency of days over 118F is down 80% since the 1890s, when CO2 was below 300 PPM. There is no recent trend towards increasing frequency of 118 degree days.


The frequency of 110+ degree days has plummeted since 1960.

As is normally the case in climate science, no actual research or data is being used. It is just a bunch of criminals making up lies to steal from the public coffers. The scamsters are very worried that their reign of junk science terror is coming to an end.

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