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Besides being an leading climate realist, Kirye makes fantastic jewelry.

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Geology Banned

“The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.”

— George Orwell

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Geology Banned At Linked-In

“The CO2 Coalition’s Executive Director, Gregory Wrightstone has been permanently banned from LinkedIn. The last straw apparently was this chart posted yesterday, shown below. It was fully sourced and referenced and used by IPCC.”

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100% Renewable In Germany

“For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.”

– Richard Feynman

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400% Energy Inflation In Europe

“Prices quadruple in a year exacerbated by maintenance problems at French nuclear plants”

Europe power prices hit new high in wake of Russian gas supply cuts | Financial Times

Berlin: additional costs 100 percent up! | Regional |

Government survey now LIVE: What are you doing against the expensive shock, Mr. Scholz? | Politics |

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Soros Says Democracy Is Far Right Extremism

990px-2016_Presidential_Election_by_County.svg.png (990×627)

George Soros has devoted his life and wealth to undermining the economies and stability of western democracies, and he is upset. He says recent Supreme Court decisions to restore the ability of the public and their elected representatives to govern themselves  is an attack on democracy by Trump’s far right extremists, and that it has Americans “alarmed.”

“US Democracy Under Concerted Attack

Jul 4, 2022   GEORGE SOROS

The American public has been alarmed and aroused by the US Supreme Court’s growing extremism. But voters need to recognize the Court’s radical majority for what it is: part of a carefully laid plan to turn the US into a repressive regime.

NEW YORK – The United States has been a constantly evolving democracy ever since it was founded in 1776, but its survival as a democracy is now gravely endangered. A set of loosely interconnected developments at home and abroad is responsible for this crisis.

From abroad, the US is threatened by repressive regimes led by Xi Jinping in China and Vladimir Putin’s Russia who want to impose an autocratic form of government on the world.

But the threat to the US from the domestic enemies of democracy is even greater. They include the current Supreme Court, which is dominated by far-right extremists, and Donald Trump’s Republican Party, which placed those extremists on the Court.

What qualifies the majority of the Court as extremists? It is not merely their decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 case that recognized a woman’s right to choose whether to give birth. What qualifies them as extremists is the arguments they used to justify their decision and the indications they gave of how far they might be willing to go in carrying out those arguments.

Justice Samuel Alito, the author of the majority opinion, based his ruling on the assertion that the Fourteenth Amendment protects only those rights that were generally recognized in 1868, when the amendment was ratified. But this argument endangers many other rights that have been recognized since then, among them the right to contraception, same-sex marriage, and LGBTQ rights.

Carried to its logical conclusion, this line of reasoning could even allow states to ban inter-racial marriage, as some did until 1967. It is also clear that this Court intends to mount a frontal attack on the executive branch. One of the most consequential rulings of the Court’s just-completed term denied the Environmental Protection Agency the authority to issue regulations needed to combat climate change.

US Democracy Under Concerted Attack by George Soros – Project Syndicate

In 1998, George Soros said he recognized the great evil, but felt no guilt helping Nazis confiscate property from other Jews.

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Latvia Starting Military Conscription

Latvia is starting a draft to defend against Russia.

8:27 AM · Jul 5, 2022

My first wife was a Russian who grew up in Latvia and faced hatred and discrimination every day of her childhood because she was Russian.  Her response to this tweet :

“Paranoia will destroy ya”

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“Great University of Unlearning”

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“Drag is not dangerous”

Last week :

“Drag is not dangerous: How exposing your kids to drag performance can be a good thing”

Drag is not dangerous: How exposing your kids to drag performance can be a good thing |

This week :

“Seven people were killed in the tragedy along the Fourth of July parade route in the suburban Chicago city of Highland Park”

“The shooter who allegedly opened fire on the Highland Park Fourth of July parade was dressed in women’s clothing to disguise himself and aid his escape — then ran home to his mother, police said Tuesday.”

Highland Park parade shooting suspect Robert Crimo wore women’s clothing: cops

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Tropical Heatwave In New York

“We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave. Also a temperate heat wave and an Arctic heat wave, with temperatures reaching the high 80s in northern Norway.”

“And the Republican majority on the Supreme Court just voted to limit the Biden administration’s ability to do anything about it.”

Opinion | Another Step Toward Climate Apocalypse – The New York Times

The weather forecast for New York looks fairly typical for July

New York City, NY 10-Day Weather Forecast | Weather Underground

Climate Reanalyzer

14 Aug 1922 – Misplaced Tropical Heat. – Trove

Mr. Stefansson then referred to ‘the “Great University of Unlearning”’ he attended in the Arctic, He found in the Arctic, he said, that 40 to 60 per cent of what he had been taught about that region was incorrect,

Fallacies About Eskimos

For instance, he explained, Eskimos do not make a habit of drinking oil and, although some Eskimos have snow houses, most of them never heard of such abodes until they were told about them by European travelers. Mr. Stefansson added that the United States Weather Bureau had published the fact that temperature went as high as 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) in the shade north of the Arctic Circle.

TimesMachine: June 17, 1937 –

In 1927, a group of women tried to drive to the Arctic Ocean. Hot weather, melting permafrost and forest fires forced them to abandon their expedition.

the motor party journeyed to 270 miles north of the Arctic Circle, prepared for freezing weather. To their continued astonishment the temperature was never’ less than 90 degrees in the shade

The intention was to reach the Arctic Ocean, but 40 miles of marsh country on the coast prevented this. An average of 210 miles a day was made on the journey, which was arduous in the extreme, ahd at one time the car had an actual race with death among the forest fires in Sweden over terrible roads

30 Sep 1927 – WOMEN MOTORISTS – Trove

Climate and Earth’s Energy Budget

This was the front page of the New York Times on this date in 1936.

TimesMachine: Sunday July 5, 1936 –

North Dakota set their all-time temperature record of 121F on July 6, 1936 at Dickinson.  During that week, Fort Yates, North Dakota averaged 112F.

TimesMachine: Monday July 6, 1936 –

TimesMachine: Tuesday July 7, 1936 –

TimesMachine: Wednesday July 8, 1936 –

TimesMachine: Thursday July 9, 1936 –

TimesMachine: Friday July 10, 1936 –

TimesMachine: Saturday July 11, 1936 –

psi-193607.gif (690×488)

psi-193407.gif (690×488)

Streamflow on the Colorado River at the Colorado/Utah state line is normal.

USGS | National Water Dashboard

Global Monitoring Laboratory – Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases

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Rule Of Law Defined By Left Wing Hysterics

“The US Supreme Court has issued a series of rulings that seriously upset the rule of law in America. Most notably, the court stripped women’s rights to abortion at the federal level. Other rulings on issues such as gun control and secularism have curtailed the country’s forward progress.

All of these are seriously damaging to US civil society. But another recent ruling by the Supreme Court on climate change will impact the world. On June 30, the court ruled that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not have the authority to broadly limit carbon emissions for existing power plants. This is a major blow in the global fight against climate change and will challenge administrative power in the US in the future”

The US Supreme Court’s carbon emissions decision impacts the whole world

Besides being an expert in Constitutional Law, the author is also a highly trained musician.

Jun 26

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