Arctic Fraud By Government Scientists Reaches A Tipping Point

All winter, climate scientists have been saying the Arctic is “super-hot” “melting at a record fast rate” and “at a record low”

In fact, Arctic se ice extent is the highest for the date since 2013, melting at a record low rate, and just below the 1981-2000 mean.

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Greenland is blowing away all records for ice gain, having already gained 600 billion tons of ice since September 1, 2016.

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

Climate science is largely a criminal venture. A few Republicans imagine they are being socially responsible by supporting this scam, but they are doing the exact opposite.

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Global Warming And The Early Spring

Climate experts tell us that global warming brings an early spring. I did a Google search for “global warming early spring colorado.” This is what came up.

Based on today’s forecast, today will be the fourth coldest April 29 on record in Boulder, and the first time Boulder has had two consecutive cold April 29th’s in a row. Last year was fifth coldest. The warmest April 29 occurred  during 1948. There is no indication that warmth is coming earlier in the spring.

This was the view an hour ago, and the snow has picked up since then.

Last week I attended a ceremony in Los Alamos where a climate scientist was given an award for promoting global warming. This is the view from the Los Alamos Science Museum this morning :

And this is the view from the Los Alamos Ski Hill :

In climate science, facts don’t play any role. The science is based on fake climate statistics, fake computer models, and a fake belief in some sort of consensus.

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Excitement Builds For Today’s Global Warming Protest In Denver

Progressives are driving their fossil fuel powered cars from great distances this morning, to protest the fact that the government allows them to purchase gasoline.

People’s Climate March

My dogs are excited about this opportunity to stop man-made overheating of the atmosphere,  via world communism.

The local wildlife is excited too.

Even my car is excited.

However, I’m not excited. I don’t like hanging out with a bunch of brainless, stoned, useful idiots. So I’ll take a pass.

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Cool Stuff From This Afternoon

This guy got too close to the freeway and took off in a hurry.

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The People’s Global Warming March

Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge,  is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.

  • Albert Einstein

“The people” will be marching tomorrow in Denver to protest global warming.

People’s Climate March

The intrepid global warming protesters will be marching in 8-12 inches of white privilege, and near record cold.

Denver Snowstorm

Hopefully they will be doing the same in Santa Fe.

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Family Life

It is a gorgeous morning in Boulder, but the snow is going to start soon. The Red Tailed Hawk couple is tending to their eggs.

I saw this couple for the first time. Some kind of very small ducks.

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Extreme Climate Fraud, And The Stakes For America

Heidi Cullen’s gang of criminals at Climate Central are predicting sea level will rise 44 millimeters per year, for the rest of the century.

Their theory is based on “collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet”

The new term reflects recent research suggesting that some parts of the Antarctic ice sheet may begin to collapse much sooner than scientists had previously anticipated, particularly if ongoing emissions of heat-trapping gases like carbon dioxide and methane remain high.

Heidi’s team of professional climate fraudsters predict Boston will be under water by 2100.

Extreme Sea Level Rise and the Stakes for America | Climate Central

The Climate Central forecast is 2500% higher than what NOAA reports for actual sea level rise.

absolute global sea level rise is believed to be 1.7-1.8 millimeters/year

NOAA shows sea level at Boston rising a steady 2.8 mm/year for the past century, and that sea level has fallen there several inches since 2010.

Sea Level Trends – State Selection

The Climate Central criminals are trying to intimidate the President with their fake imagery.

Sea level at Florida is rising even slower than it is at Boston, and has been very steady for the past century. There is zero evidence of anything Climate Central is predicting.

Sea Level Trends – State Selection

Forty years ago, scientists were pushing the identical story, but that was during the global cooling scare and they said it has nothing to do with climate.

“We’re doing about the most we can do right now to study the possible col- lapse of the west ice sheet,” said Dr. Richard Cameron, NSF program manager for glaciology. “

We’re seeing the West ice sheet on its way out,” said Cameron. “It seems to be doing something completely different than the east ice sheet. It has nothing to do with a warmer climate, just the dynamics of unstable ice.

January 9, 1977 – Flood threat from polar ice | Chicago Tribune

The forecasts of extreme sea level rise have no basis in fact, nor do the claims that humans control sea level – which has risen 400 feet in the last 20,oo0 years.

File:Post-Glacial Sea Level-fr.svg – Wikimedia Commons

There is nothing new about sea level fraud. Thirty years ago, climate criminals predicted that all 1,196 islands in the Maldives would be underwater now. None of them are.

26 Sep 1988 – Threat to islands

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Climate Religion Threatens The Future Of Science

I testified at the Washington State Senate a few months ago in Olympia, right after the largest snowstorm they have had in many years. A Democratic senator tried to silence me before I even started talking, and a heckler (formerly from the Olympia City Council) interrupted my presentation. Washington State is very left wing, and the very last thing they want to hear is facts.

Washington State is having their coldest start to a year since 1950, and ninth coldest on record. January-April temperatures in Washington State have been declining for 25 years since the 1992 peak. The El Nino years of 2010, 2015 and 2016 were warmer however. The 2010 El Nino coincided with the Vancouver Olympics, which climate alarmists were fully hysterical about.

After the 2010 Winter Olympics, National Geographic announced the end of snow in the Pacific Northwest.

Climate Change Threatens the Future of the Winter Olympics

The winter of 2010 was one of the least snowiest on record in Washington State, due to the warm El Nino driven temperatures, but there is no long term trend in snowfall there. Low snow years occurred in 2010, 2015 and 2016, and 2008, 2012 and 2017 were high snow years.

Washington’s climate is not changing, but the global warming religion demands that Democrats believe it is.

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Today’s Top Pix

A cold, wet day in Colorado

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Top Pix From Yesterday

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