Saving The Critical South Boulder Wetlands

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Fort Collins Climate Devastation

I took the Totos for a walk west of Fort Collins this morning.

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Look What Fossil Fuels Did

Fossil fuels made it possible for me to hike in the Sonoran Desert yesterday morning, and cycle in Colorado climate crisis yesterday afternoon.

This bird is very angry about it.

Our progressive friends want to ration fossil fuels and build massive arrays of bird choppers, in order to make sure that this sort of opportunity is unavailable to people in the future.

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Lying About Climate Costs Labor Another Election

Australia’s ruling Coalition claims election victory in major upset | Australia news | The Guardian

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Global Warming To Breed More Man-Eating Tigers

Species extinction is caused by people acting on irrational fears about climate change

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Mt. St. Helens Day

Thirty nine years ago today, Mt. St. Helens erupted.  I was skiing on Wheeler Peak, New Mexico that day, after a very big snow season. But there is a lot more snow on Wheeler Peak today than there was in 1980.

Web camera video hosting by Brownrice Internet

The ski area at Flagstaff, Az is still open.  I took this picture from an airplane a couple of hours ago.

A few other Arizona pictures from the last couple of days.

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Six Months Until The End Of Snow In Australia

Enjoy snow now . . . by 2020, it’ll be gone

Australia is also eleven years into their permanent drought.

This drought may never break – Environment –

Similarly, the UK is seven years into their permanent drought.

Drought may be new norm for UK, says environment secretary | Environment | The Guardian

And they had their last snow almost 20 years ago.

Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past – Environment – The Independent

Britain will also be a Siberian climate by next year, and global civilization will be destroyed.

Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us | Environment | The Guardian

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The Last Time Stupidity Was This High …

The press loves to print stories about what was going on “the last time CO2 was this high.”

People who know how to think logically would recognize that very different conditions at equal levels of CO2, would indicate that CO2 is not the cause of those conditions – and is in fact unrelated. But superstitious people link together unrelated phenomena (like rabbit’s foot/good luck) and no amount of contrary evidence can sway them.

Five hundred years ago, bad weather was blamed on witches. Equally stupid and ignorant people now blame it on CO2.

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Frame Of Reference

This is what a person sees.

This is the same plant seen from a bird’s vantage point.

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Today’s CO2 Devastation

I saw a claim last year that global warming would make it too hot for Kestrels.  It was 100 degrees here yesterday.

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Morning Hike

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