New Video : Saving The Critical South Boulder Wetlands

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Today’s Top Fraud From The New York Times

It is not your imagination, the New York Times is committing even more fraud than they used to.

It’s Not Your Imagination. Summers Are Getting Hotter. – The New York Times

The exact opposite is true. Summers are getting much cooler in the US. Average afternoon temperatures have plummeted.

Peak temperatures have plummeted.

The frequency of hot summer days has plummeted.

The areal coverage of hot weather has plummeted.

All metrics show that US summers are getting cooler. Then the article continues with this spectacular lie about the 1950’s not being hot..

The 1950’s were extremely hot and dry, and 1954 was the third hottest summer on record.

Perhaps they should read their own newspaper?


Here are a few of their heat wave stories from 1901. Search

The New York Times are all fake news, all the time. They seem to enjoy lying to the public.

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How Did He Lose?

Not wanting to fall behind Hillary, John McCain has written his own book.

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Every Single Day In July Has Cooled Over The Past Century

From 1917 to 2016, July maximum temperatures in the US dropped about 1.5F.

Even more remarkable is that all 31 individual days in July cooled over the same time period. The animation below cycles through each of the days. The 1930’s were much hotter than recent years on each day of the month.

But never mind actual data. Global warming is going to make Aardvarks starve to death.

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NOAA : Third Fakest June On Record

NOAA has determined that June 2017 was third hottest on record.

This included record heat in South Sudan and the Central African Republic and a very hot Eurasia.

Global Climate Report – June 2017 | State of the Climate | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

Never mind that they don’t actually have any thermometer readings in South Sudan and the Central African Republic. “Gray areas represent missing data.” And never mind their actual thermometer readings in Eurasia showed a significant percentage of below normal temperatures.

201706.gif (990×765)


And never mind that satellites actually measured temperatures in South Sudan and the Central African Republic – and found that they were just about average.

RSS / MSU Data Images / Monthly

NOAA still believes they are tasked with keeping the global warming scam alive, so they make up fake data to bump temperatures up. Then they get Zeke to tell the press that they actually adjust temperatures down.

It is time to drain the climate swamp.

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Cool Stuff From My Commute Home Last Night

Amazing what I see on my bicycle every day.

The hunted, and the hunter.


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Plummeting July 28 Temperatures In The US

US July 28 afternoon temperatures have dropped almost two degrees over the past century.

On July 28, 1931 the average afternoon temperature of the US was 94 degrees. There were 90F+ readings in every state. and 100 degree readings coast to coast and north to south. Norwalk, Ohio was 100 degrees on July 28, 1931. Today’s forecast high is 76 degrees.

If we had temperatures like that now, climate scientists would be 100% certain it was due to increased CO2 emissions, and would demand immediate world communism.

Alarmists complain that I focus on the US, and the US is only 5% of the Earth’s surface. There is very good reason to focus on the US. About 90% of the useful long-term temperature record is located in the US.  It is impossible to do this sort of analysis in any other large region.


The idea of a global temperature record is a complete farce, because we don’t have long term min/max data over 95% of the planet.

As heatwaves become less common and less severe, criminals known as “climate scientists” and their cohorts in the press continue to lie to the public about heatwaves.

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Yes, They Are Completely Insane

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Every Year Is The Fakest Climate News On Record

During 2012, all the usual climate liars were claiming that summer 2012 would be the hottest on record in the US.

 In fact, the summer of 2012 was never at any point anywhere near the hottest on record, and daily maximum temperatures averaged 2.6 degrees cooler than 1936.

The press is so used to lying about everything, they simply can’t turn it off.

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Alarmists Piling On The Stupid

Chalt takes the award for this morning’s top climate moron.

  1. July is the hottest month in the US. Does Chalt think heat waves occur in the US January?
  2. The context is in the title of the graph. All US HCN Stations (United States Historical Climatology Network)
  3. The data is the official US daily temperature data from NOAA.  It is the most legitimate temperature set in the world. The 31 daily graphs represent 1,600,692 temperature measurements.

Progressives are programmed to disconnect their brain, and knee-jerk spew idiocy.

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Government Climate Math : The Average Of Negative Numbers Is A Positive Number

The average daily July temperature at all NOAA US HCN stations has dropped since 1895.

NOAA doesn’t adjust daily temperatures, but after they get done hacking the monthly temperatures, they turn a July cooling trend into a warming trend.

Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

They accomplish this feat through an impressive hockey stick of data tampering, which cools the past about 1.5  degrees Fahrenheit and warms the present about 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit . Particularly striking is the spike in tampering after the 1998 El Nino.

Twenty eight out of thirty-one days in July have cooled since 1895, but through the magic of data tampering and junk science, NOAA turns this cooling trend into a warming trend.

The hottest day in US history was July 14, 1936 when afternoon temperatures averaged 96F, and there was a huge swath of 110+ degree weather across the US.

Below you can see all of the daily temperature trend graphs for July.

Continue reading

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