Saving The Critical South Boulder Wetlands

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“Pure Evil” Michael Mann

Following my latest expose showing Michael Mann’s incompetence,  he continues his Twitter rampage.

Peter Sinclair on Twitter: “… “

The families deserve to know who the other potential suspects were.  The families deserve to know why an armed SWAT team member from another town wearing camouflage was outside the school and why he failed to intervene.  There was no reason for him to be there, it was illegal for him to be there armed, and it is unconscionable that he did not intervene.

So What Really Happened At Sandy Hook? | Real Science

The school is located adjacent to I-84, and has a small section of woods to the east and south. There is no reason for an armed SWAT team member from another town to be there, and no way he could have not heard the gunfire. There are no hiking trails and there is no hunting in that area.

Mann is an incredibly dishonest person whose work can’t stand up to any scrutiny.  He is also a complete nutcase.

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UN Climate Expert Believes She Can See Invisible Trace Gases

“My daughter can see CO2 with the naked eye” – Afrinik

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Plummeting September 16 Temperatures In The US

Prior to 1957, September 16 was frequently a very hot day in the US. But temperatures plummeted in 1957 and never recovered.

Hot weather peaked at 306 PPM CO2.

On September 16, 1927 there was a massive heatwave across the eastern US. It was 108F in Kentucky, 105F in Georgia, 104F in Mississippi, 102F in Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas, 101F in Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, and 100F in Arizona, Indiana and Virginia.

16 Sep 1927, 1 – Johnson City Chronicle at

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New Video : Junk Climate Science – The New Normal

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Only Russian Trolls And Racists Disagree With Mann’s Junk Science

Michael Mann is the favorite climate scientist of Democrats.  He is an expert witness at almost all of their hearings.

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Central England Summer : Five Degrees Cooler Than 1976

Central England average daily maximum temperatures averaged 69.5F this summer, almost five degrees cooler than 1976. Almost two-thirds of days were cooler this summer than the corresponding day in 1976. There was one hot day on July 25, which was a degree warmer than the hottest day of 1976.

Experts have determined that one hot day on July 25 was the “new normal.”

Heatwave: Record temperatures will be ‘new normal’ in future, climate experts warn as UK experiences second hottest day ever | The Independent

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Plummeting September 15 Temperatures In The US

Something happened after 1955 which caused September 15 temperatures to plummet in the US. If climate science was a real science, academics would want to understand this rather than bury it.

Temperatures have decreased as CO2 has increased.

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Author Of The Hockey Stick

After I pointed out the absurdities in Michael Mann’s tweet to Roy Spencer yesterday, he responded by directing people to a fake web site – which is engaged in identity theft and slander.

That site refers to me in the first person, but has nothing to do with me.  And if Mann didn’t have me blocked he would know that I use my real name on YouTube, Twitter and my blog.

Rather than addressing the issues I raised, Mann simply engages in more of the dishonest behavior which has been the basis of his career.

It is against Twitter TOU to attack people you have blocked.

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Plummeting Heat In The US

The frequency of hot days has plummeted in the US, to record lows.

Outside of California and Arizona, there were only three readings over 110F (43C) this year.

July 20 Lamar, CO 110F
August 26, Roswell, NM 111F
August 27, Seminole, TX 110F

Meanwhile, fraudster Michael Mann is trying to convince people of the exact opposite.  That is the corrupt and defective state of academic climate science.

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Eighty Years Ago – 106 Degrees In Indiana

Michael Mann believes that a 100 degree reading in Alabama confirms his junk science, but on this date eighty years ago thirty-five states were over 90 degrees and seventeen were over 100F. Every Midwest state was over 100F, and schools were closed.

15 Sep 1939, 1 – The News-Palladium at

September 15, 1927 was almost as hot. Most locations in Alabama were over 100 degrees.

Very hot September 15th’s used to be quite common, but the last one occurred in 1980.

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