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Targeting Energy And Food

COP28 is targeting energy and food, while doing nothing about CO2 or climate.

“UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment and COP28 Food Systems Lead, announced that 152 nations have signed the Declaration ?, bringing food and agriculture to the center of COP28.”

3:11 AM · Dec 10, 2023

Global Monitoring Laboratory – Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases

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States Which Had Their Hottest Year In 1921

The hottest year in twelve states was 1921.

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Press Bragging Again

The press is bragging again about how well they have suppressed any factual discussion about climate.

“Good news on climate change is hard to find”


Michael Smolens: Good news on climate change is hard to find – The San Diego Union-Tribune

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“Drastic Midwest climate change predicted”

By Steven Brown Chicago Daily News

Man’s heavy use of fossil fuels has staved off another ice age and is creating a warmer global climate that will cause sweeping changes in population distribution and life-styles. That is the belief University of Michigan botany professor David Gates, who predicts that the temperate climatic zones will feel the most drastic impact of the changes. Life in the Midwest will be massively,  …. The warmer weather will mean: in the Midwest, said Gates: —Falling water levels – “Great Lakes shipping may trouble navigating the corridors of the various locks and rivers.” — “Beaches would enormous, and vast relics of civilization— glass, porcelain refrigerators, cars and other junk-would emerge in the dying of the old lake bottom.” — Less snowfall and requiring more irrigation for crops, more watering for trees and lawns and changes in the plants commonly found agriculture would shift north, with the Corn Belt moving into Canada and wheat becoming the basic crop in the Great Lakes Region. — Increased population around the Great Lakes, where there will be at least some water remaining, with a halt to population growth in the more arid West and Southwest. But, Gates said, some difficult trades and adjustments will have to be made to sustain a growing population. “…. Population controls and rationing of resources would loom as undesirable unavoidable, Gates said. …. Gates said he testified in his theory before Congress recently. “Congress is already concern and they’re beginning to ask questions. We’ve got to really begin to work out some strategies to work with it.”

25 August 1977

The Vidette 25 August 1977 — The Vidette Digital Archives

There has been no change in Great Lakes water levels over the past century.

Great Lakes Dashboard – HTML5

Maricopa County, Arizona is the fastest growing county in the US.

Growth in the Nation’s Largest Counties Rebounds in 2022

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Making The Data Better

Politifact says NOAA is making the data better by tampering with it.

PolitiFact | Fox’s Doocy: NASA fudged data to make the case for global warming

Over the last 25 years

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1922 – World Growing Warmer


Whilst many people have been bemoaning the cold weather of June and July, it is rather questionable comfort to be told by a weather optimist in the London “Daily Mail” that the world, and particularly the northern hemisphere, is growing warmer. The process, he says, is rather a slow one, but it is none the less steady, and of late it seems to have accelerated to some extent. If we possessed records of the weather since the beginning of the Christian era it is certain that the tem-perature over the whole of Europe and North America would show a startling rise. Unfortunately the thermometer in a com-paratively modern invention, while wea-ther recording is a still more recent inno-vation. Yet for all that we can find plenty of proof, both in history and in other ways. For instance, in Caesar’s account of the Gallic wars we find fre-quent mention of frosts so intense that whole armies were able to cross broad rivers on the ice. We know, too, that in those days Germany’s winter was almost Arctic in its severity. These are conditions which have long since passed away, and it is not more than twice or thrice in a century that a river like the Seine freezes up. We are also aware that no farther back than the sixteenth cen-tury the winters in England were, on an average, much more vigorous than they are nowadays. Another interesting proof is obtained from the records of the Hudson Bay Company. We learn from them that within the last two centuries the average interval between the setting in of the winter frost and the coming of the spring thaw has decreased by no fewer than ten days. Again, European glaciers are everywhere receding. The ice fringes of both poles are retreating. Even during the comparatively short space of time that the Antarctic has been visited by man the, ice has retired some 40 miles. So let us cheer up.”

07 Oct 1922 – WORLD GROWING WARMER. – Trove

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1922 Record Heat In May – Glaciers Melting

“PARIS, May 24.—Paris today experienced the hottest May day in 116 years, the thermometer hitting 94 1-10 degrees Fahrenheit in the | Shade at 3:45 o’clock this after- noon. This city was one of many | European capitals to experience a similar heat wave ‘that began | sweeping western Europe five days ago.

The heat here generated a peculiarly stifling haze, although the sky was blue throughout France. The weather bureau predicts continued heat, with possibly an even higher temperature tomorrow.

The usually crowded streets were thinly peopled at noon today and there were noticeably few women on the boulevards. The cafes and beer gardens, however, did a land- office business.

|GENEVA, May 24.—The heat wave in the Alps region has broken a ninety-year record for the month of May, the thermometer at a number of points today registering $0 degrees Fahrenheit. Snow and glaciers are melting rapidly and the Rhine and Rhone rivers are rising.

An avalanche released by the heat destroyed an Alpine club- | house, it was reported today, on | the summit of Mount Ferginkogel, | 7.000 feet above sea level.”


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1977 Climate Activist

Disrupting the public to warn them about a new ice age. h/t Russell Cook

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Organic Gardener Worried About Carbon

This organic gardener is worried about the “carbon footprint” of gardening.

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Outdated Books

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

– George Orwell, 1984

6:54 AM · Dec 9, 2023

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