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Battling Snowstorms In Hawaii To Stop Global Warming

Saving the planet from “heat-trapping gases” with a yellow balloon.

“Battling Lava and Snowstorms to Keep a Climate Project Alive”

Battling Lava and Snowstorms to Keep a Climate Project Alive – The New York Times

The New York Times is a great read if you think of it as comedy.

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53% Ukrainian Casualties

According to Mossad, 53% of the Ukrainian Army is dead or injured.

Claim: Ukrainian and Russian casualties according to MOSSAD

“former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett – Claims WESTERN LEADERS BLOCKED UKRAINE / RUSSIA PEACE DEAL – A deal HE NEGOTIATED at Zelensky’s request in March – Apparently because the West wanted to CONTINUE TO STRIKE Russia”

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Imaginary Climate History

Another example of how the press and academia erase and rewrite history to create a completely fake story.

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Exactly What They Predicted

Nine years ago experts said record high sea ice in Antarctica was due to global warming and was exactly what they predicted.

“Antarctic ice floes extended further than ever recorded this southern winter, confounding the world’s most-trusted climate models.

the increasing sea ice was well understood by scientists. “In some ways it’s a bit counterintuitive for people trying to understand how global warming is affecting our polar regions, but in fact it’s actually completely in line with how climate scientists expect Antarctica and the Southern Ocean to respond. Particularly in respect to increased winds and increased melt water,” said Williams.”

Why is Antarctic sea ice at record levels despite global warming? | Sea ice | The Guardian

Now they say record low Antarctic sea ice is due to global warming and is exactly what they expected.

There has been no trend in Antarctic sea ice or temperature over the last 40 years.

OSI-420 |

RSS_TS_channel_TLT_Southern Polar_Land_and_Sea_v03_3.png (440×240)

There was almost no sea ice around Antarctica in January 1976, near the peak of the ice age scare.

National Geographic Magazine Archive

March 1, 1975 | Science News

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1956 Winter Olympics Had Too Little Snow

“A light snow began falling to- day on Cortina’s craggy, snow- Starved slopes, raising hopes for ‘successful competition. It was the first snow in 15 days.

Officials already had planned to go ahead with skiing events on mountain Slopes surrounding the village but skiers reported the snow thin and dangerously fast.


– French ski manager Maurice ‘Martel warned that the downhill event next week will be “a race. ‘of death if it doesn’t snow soon.” U. S. coach Bob Sheehan issued crash helmets to his skiers. And women’s Olympic ski champ Andrea Mead Lawrence of Parshall, ‘Colo., who usually likes to ski on ice, admitted, “This ice is too rough even for me.”

Italian Olympic officials switched the women’s giant slalom event to a fresh site and hoped for snow. Just in case, more than 100 Italian ski troopers were up at dawn today shoveling snow onto the downhill run.

25 Jan 1956, Page 29 – Press and Sun-Bulletin at

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1924 Winter Olympics Had Almost No Snow


CHAMONIX, France, Jan. 25.— “With the skating rink and snow slides almost wrecked by thaws, ‘opening of the Olympic games here tomorrow seems dubious. The skating rink is soft and sloppy and slides for the bobsled and ski contests have melted down almost to mud. Athletes of the nineteen nations entered in the winter sports have had practically no preparatory work and are willing to accept a postponement for better weather.

Officials of the French Olympic committee have had carloads of snow hauled down from the mountains to cover up the bare spots in the slide and while it has been made fairly good for practice, it hardly can be used for real competition.”

25 Jan 1924, 15 – Stockton Evening and Sunday Record at

“The Yonkers Herald – 28 Jan 1928, Sat – Page 15

St. Moritz, Switzerland (AP).—For, once in its career of Winter gaiety St. Moritz has too much snow.

Shovellers and pushers employed , in other years to carry snow to the ski jumps and the slides have been , busy this season clearing it away from the skating rink, the bob-sleigh run and the race track, to. prepare them for the beginning of the Olym-pic Winter sports in February. ,

“Too much snow!” is a complaint that never rose before in the history. of Alpine Winter diversion. At the , Chamonix Olympic events in 1924 a general thaw set in a week before the opening and not enough ice was left on the skating rink to shake a cocktail.”

28 Jan 1928, 15 – The Yonkers Herald at

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“It Is Possible”

The LA Times says it is possible the world will eliminate fossil fuels and replace with wind and solar.

“The good news is we already know the solutions and have the technology needed to switch to renewable energy. But to succeed in curbing climate change, humanity will have to overcome powerful, entrenched fossil fuel interests and their beholden politicians. These industries have engaged in decades-long disinformation campaigns to delay climate action and try to cling to their profits for as long as possible.

It’s possible that decades from now we will be celebrating the near-elimination of fossil fuels and tracking the recovery of the atmosphere from our reckless dumping of greenhouse gases.”

The healing of the ozone layer gives hope, but addressing climate change will be harder – Los Angeles Times

A more credible story is that wind and solar are making almost no progress because they are unreliable and expensive, whereas fossil fuel companies provide a product which billions of people rely on for their day-to-day survival.

Global primary energy consumption by source

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Abiogenic Oil?

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, there has been much better availability of accurate information about energy and climate. But there has also been an increase in certain types of misinformation.

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Abiogenic Oil?

A number of climate skeptics have been promoting the idea that oil deposits are formed from non-biological processes deep inside the earth, and that supply is unlimited. That claim is not credible.

This map shows all oil wells operating in New Mexico, January 2022.

Most of the wells are located in the Permian Basin in southeastern corner of the state.

“During the middle part of the Permian Period a reef developed along the margin of the Delaware Sea. This was the Capitan Reef, now recognized as one of the most well-preserved fossil reefs in the world. For several million years the Capitan Reef expanded and thrived along the rim of the Delaware Basin until events altered the environment critical to its growth approximately 260 million years ago. The outlet connecting the Permian Basin to the ocean became restricted and the Delaware Sea began to evaporate faster than it could be replenished. Minerals began to precipitate out of the vanishing waters and drift to the sea floor, forming thin, alternating bands of mineral salts and mud. Gradually, over hundreds of thousands of years these thin bands completely filled the basin and covered the reef.”

The oil formed in a coral reef, teeming with life.

Geologic Formations – Guadalupe Mountains National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

This is one of the top producing wells in New Mexico. Production has sharply declined over the last ten years, which is fairly typical.

The largest reserves of oil are in oil shale, which are derived from living things.

“In general, the precursors of the organic matter in oil shale and coal also differ. Much of the organic matter in oil shale is of algal origin, but may also include remains of vascular land plants that more commonly compose much of the organic matter in coal. The origin of some of the organic matter in oil shale is obscure because of the lack of recognizable biologic structures that would help identify the precursor organisms. Such materials may be of bacterial origin or the product of bacterial degradation of algae or other organic matter.”

Oil Shale Deposits | Maps, Geology & Resources

Living things contain lots of oil.

In 1980, I was working on oil shale development at Los Alamos as well as coal and natural gas.

I was also working on abiogenic methane, which is real.

In Depth | Titan – NASA Solar System Exploration

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No Snow At The 1936 Winter Olympics

“Germany, Feb. 3——The warm weather “jinx” which has over- shadowed the Winter Olympics since their commencement in 1924, today showed no signs of letting up before the scheduled opening here Thursday.

The fourth consecutive day of rain today washed away what little snows were left”

03 Feb 1936, 22 – The Buffalo News at

h/t Don Penim

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