Saving The Critical South Boulder Wetlands

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NASA Tampers With Iceland’s Data – Yet Again

NASA and NOAA have massively altered the Reykjavik, Iceland temperature record over and over again, and have done it yet again – for at least the second time this year.  The graph below is the actual data which shows that the 1940’s were warmer than recent years.

V2 Measured

However, the adjusted data from the same data set shows something very different.  The 1940’s warmth has been removed, just as Senator Roberts charged.

V2 Adjusted

Here is another version of the NASA adjusted graph which was captured in 2012. It is different from the previous two versions.


And another version from 2014 – again different from the previous three versions, but with the 1940’s warmth removed.


A fifth version was captured during October last year, with the 1940’s warmth still removed in their final, homogenized data. Note that this was almost one year after Senator Roberts wrote his letter to NASA, and that it shows exactly what Senator Roberts charged.

October 2017 V3 Measured Vs Homogenized

The current NASA adjusted temperature graph still shows the 1940’s warmth removed.

May 2018 Measured Vs. Adjusted

The May NASA homogenized graph restored most of the 1940’s warmth – indicating that there was never any reason to tamper with the data.

May 2018 Measured Vs. Homogenized

But the July, 2018 temperature graph has returned to their prior fraudulent version.

July 2018 Measured Vs. Homogenized

The reason it is so important for climate scientists to make the 1940’s warmth disappear, is that it shows what actually drives the climate – and destroys their multi-billion dollar scam.

Reykjavik GISS V2             AMO

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Foreign Interference In Elections

Democrats oppose voter ID laws (like they have in Mexico) exactly because they want foreigners interfering in US elections.  Democrats describe their own behavior as “treason.”

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More Than 95% Of Greenland’s Surface Is Gaining Ice

According to the Danish Meteorological Institute, Greenland’s surface has accumulated 600 billion tons of new ice since last August, and more than 95% of the surface has gained ice. Eastern Greenland is gaining a lot of ice.

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

Eighty years ago, the glaciers in Eastern Greenland were “nearing catastrophic collapse”

17 Dec 1939, Page 15 – Harrisburg Sunday Courier at

This is what Eastern Greenland looks like today at mid-summer.

Fullscreen — Tasiilaq

Arctic temperatures increased ten degrees during the first half of the 20th century.


The Arctic warmth of the 1930’s and 1940’s wrecked global warming theory, so scientists who depend on global warming research funding simply erased it.

May 2018 Measured Vs. Adjusted

They altered the data, and didn’t even have their plausible deniability worked out yet.

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The Fundamental Fraud Behind Climate Science

Comparing Arctic sea ice volume to atmospheric CO2, it is clear that peaks in CO2 correspond with peaks in Arctic sea ice – and vice-versa.


What this shows us is that temperature drives CO2.  Most of the world’s oceans are in the southern hemisphere.  During the southern hemisphere summer, the oceans warm up and outgas CO2.  During southern hemisphere winters, the oceans cool and absorb CO2.

The graph of Antarctic ice core data below is on display at the NCAR museum.  It shows how CO2 and temperature correlate, for the reasons I just explained. It also shows that the recent spike in CO2 has had no corresponding increase in temperature.

Climate science is based on putting the cart before the horse.  Temperature drives CO2, not the other way around. In fact, Antarctica has cooled as CO2 has increased.

Pubs.GISS: Abstract of Shindell and Schmidt 2004

Climate alarmism depends on putting the cart before the horse and misleading the public about this topic. This deception is essential for maintaining the climate scam, and was so important that Al Gore and Laurie David actually reversed the scale of the X-Axis in order to defraud children in her school textbook.

Her fraudulent graph made CO2 change before temperature, instead of the actual relationship – which is the exact opposite.

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Senator Feinstein Says You Have To Trust The Deep State

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”

  • William Casey   CIA Director 1981

The Senator says you have to trust the people who we know for sure are trying to interfere with US elections.

At least when she isn’t accusing them of spying on her.

Feinstein says CIA spied on Senate computers – CNNPolitics

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Climate Scientists Versus God

“we’ll be fine. As my dad says, it’ll rain. It always does.”

  • Texas Governor Rick Perry  Summer, 2011

Seven years ago, our top climate experts said Texas would be hot and dry for the rest of the century, and they ridiculed Governor Perry for praying and pointing out the obvious – that drought is always  followed by rain.

With No End in Sight for Texas Drought, ABC News Explains: “Every Farmer in the World Will Be Affected by Climate Change” – ThinkProgress

Texas is vulnerable to warming climate – Houston Chronicle

Rick Perry was correct.  Since 2011, Texas has been having some of their wettest years on record.

Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

The frequency of hot days in Texas has been declining for 110 years – 2011 was a hot outlier, just as 2007 was a cool outlier. Rick Perry’s statement was based on long term observation, whereas the climate experts based their junk science on a single short term weather event.

And now, the same climate snake oil saleswomen who predicted permanent heat and drought, are blaming the rain on global warming.

The complete lack of integrity and skill by these people is nothing short of stunning.

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US Intelligence Vs. Putin

All US intelligence agencies said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

9 May 2007, Page 7 – The Index-Journal

Putin questioned their claims.

Putin demands proof over Iraqi weapons | UK news | The Guardian

Democrats sided with Putin.

“The Whole Operation of Deception”: Reconstructing President Bush’s Rhetoric of Weapons of Mass Destruction – Stephen J. Hartnett, Laura A. Stengrim, 2004

Now the same Democrats who sided with Putin, say it is treason to side with Putin.

Democrats were with Putin before they were against Putin, but only after they starved half a million Iraqi children to death over WMD’s Democrats didn’t even believe existed.

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Obama 2012 : “The Cold War Has Been Over For 20 Years”

Obama won his second term by laughing off Mitt Romney’s suggestion that Russia is a threat.

When you were asked, what’s the biggest geopolitical threat facing America, you said ‘Russia.’ Not Al-Qaeda; you said Russia,” Obama charged. “And, the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back, because, the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.”

Romney was right about Russia (Opinion) – CNN

I wonder why Clapper and Brennan didn’t call for Obama’s impeachment?

Democrats now say that Obama’s claim is treason.

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The Current State Of Climate Science

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Conservation Of Stupidity Among Climate Alarmists

One of the dumbest ideas which climate alarmists have is that glaciers calving is an indication of melt and sea level rise.

This video of a Greenland glacier fracturing is a close, scary look at sea level rise – The Verge

Claiming that glacier calving is an indication of melt, is equivalent to standing on the edge of a waterfall and saying it is an indication of drought.  Six hundred billion tons of snow fell on Greenland last winter.  It all has to return to the sea.  It is an equilibrium process which neither adds nor removes water from the sea. It has nothing to do with imaginary climate change.

The edge of the Helheim glacier hasn’t changed in five years, and if you look closely in the 2018 photo, you can see just to the right and below the arrowhead, the tiny gray sliver of ice which broke off – that they are getting hysterical about.

2013       2018

Like the Titanic, the global warming scam has hit another iceberg.

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