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Saving The Critical South Boulder Wetlands

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New Video : “Cooling Or Warming?”

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Extreme Weather of 1976-1977

On July 31, 1976 – Colorado had one of the deadliest floods in US history.

Pakistan was also having massive floods.

The Telegraph-Herald – Google News Archive Search

England was having their worst heatwave and drought on record. Summer maximum temperatures were nearly 5°F warmer than this summer.

Schenectady Gazette – Google News Archive Search

Pine Beetles were on a rampage in Oregon.

The Milwaukee Journal – Google News Archive Search

By December, Colorado was having our worst drought and ski season on record. There was no snow at Vail.

Ocala Star-Banner – Google News Archive Search

But it was snowing in Miami.

20 Jan 1977, Page 3 – Valley News

Lakeland Ledger – Google News Archive Search

Alaska was warmer in Florida.

19 Jan 1977, Page 20 – The Town Talk at

National Geographic described it as “The Year the Weather Went Wild.”

The National Geographic Archive | December 1977 | page 1

Jerry Brown declared a drought disaster in California.

Brown Warns of Drought Disaster; Says ‘Hard Choices’ Face California – The New York Times

The extreme weather was blamed on a very wavy jet stream.

25 May 1983, Page 29 – Stevens Point Journal at

Which was blamed on global cooling

Science News March 1, 1975

Scientists now blame the same weather pattern on global warming.

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White Men Caused The Little Ice Age

The Guardian says white men caused the Little Ice Age by killing Native Americans after 1492 – and they say they will not be quiet about the “climate crisis.”

European colonization of Americas killed so many it cooled Earth’s climate | Environment | The Guardian

Interesting theory, given that rapid cooling began about 200 years before Columbus arrived in America.


The Little Ice Age started 40 years before Columbus showed up.

Through analyzing tree rings, the Arizona researchers have concluded that they have yet to see the first fruits of the so-called greenhouse effect, the warming of the earth that many say will result from humanity’s release of excessive heat-trapping gases like carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere.

But Donald A. Graybill, who studies bristlecone pine trees growing at high elevations in the White Mountains of eastern California, has evidence that the carbon released into the air by the burning of fossil fuels like coal and gasoline is sharply stimulating the growth of bristlecones, both by serving as fertilizer and by making the elderly wonders more efficient in their use of water.

Lisa J. Graumlich, who examines the ring patterns of foxtail pine trees and western junipers in the Sierra Nevada, has compiled a detailed record of the year-to-year variation in temperature and precipitation over the last thousand years.

She has seen in the North American trees the feathery but unmistakable signatures of the Medieval Warm Period, a era from 1100 to 1375 A.D. when, according to European writers of the time and other sources, the climate was so balmy that wine grapes flourished in Britain and the Vikings farmed the now-frozen expanse of Greenland; and the Little Ice Age, a stretch of abnormally frigid weather lasting roughly from 1450 to 1850.

A Crucial Question “We can now see that these were global climate phenomena, not regional temperature variations,” she said. “The question is, how did we get those warmer temperatures during pre-industrial times, and what can we learn from those conditions about what is going on today?”

TimesMachine: December 1, 1992 –

In the Ebb and Flow Of Ancient Glaciers, Clues to Next Ice Age – The New York Times

There is no indication humans had any impact on CO2 levels before about 1830.

The Guardian article is the work of a sociopath, but it does reflect the mindset of their editors – who believe genocide and depopulation is necessary to cool the planet.

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Rapid Glacial Retreat During NASA’s Coldest Years On Record

The Nisqualy Glacier in Mount Rainier National Park, rapidly retreated from 1857 to 1918. By 1918, it was retreating one foot every three days.

10 Sep 1918, 2 – Hawaii Tribune-Herald at

According to NASA, earth had been cooling since 1880 – and those were the coldest years on record.

graph.png (1130×600)

CO2 seems to be able to identify National Park boundaries, and warm the area inside twice as fast as the area outside the boundaries. Climate alarmists believe CO2 is is a very smart, and evil gas.

National Parks are warming twice as fast as rest of US

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New Video : Journalism Melting Like Never Before

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Journalism Melting – Like Never Before

Two months ago, the LA Times hysterically reported that Greenland was melting like never before. They cited 16.5 hours above freezing in the center of the Greenland ice sheet, and said it only happened before in 2012 and during the Middle Ages.

Greenland’s glaciers are melting like never before, especially Helheim – Los Angeles Times

The 2019 event never actually happened however.

(24) DMI on Twitter: “🌡️Var der rekordvarmt på indlandsisen i fredags? Nej!

But during the Middle Ages, the summit was above freezing for 500 years, which was a little longer than the zero hours in 2019.

20 Dec 1993, 22 – Wisconsin State Journal at

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New Video : Corruption Of The Satellite Record

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New Video : “Climate Disorder”

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America’s Climate Disorder

As China builds hundreds of new coal fired power plants, America shuts down our food supply.

Minnesota appeals court says MPCA should have considered mega-dairy’s climate change effects | Star Tribune

China’s power industry calls for hundreds of new coal power plants by 2030 – Unearthed

China coal power building boom sparks climate warning – BBC News

The New York Times describes China building hundreds of new coal fired power plants as “joining the climate fight.”

As Beijing Joins Climate Fight, Chinese Companies Build Coal Plants – The New York Times

In 2015, the Obama administration made an agreement with China based around China increasing their CO2 emissions for at least 16 years.  They called this a “climate change agreement.”

U.S.-China Joint Announcement on Climate Change |

CO2 emissions in the US have been declining for over a decade, as China’s emissions skyrocket.

Climate Goals Pledged by China and the U.S. – The New York Times

Karen Carpenter was an extremely talented singer/drummer in the 1970s and 1980s.  In 1973, she saw a picture of herself which she didn’t like, and became obsessed with losing weight, even though she was very thin.  She hardly ate anything and took 80-90 laxative pills per night. In 1983 she died of heart failure weighing 91 pounds.

This is what happens when people develop mental illness where they become terrified by something they need to survive. Whoever is financing the climate change scam, wants western civilization gone. Donald Trump identified what is going on nearly a decade ago – one of the reasons why people on the political left are working so hard to get rid of him.

The US could drop off the face of the earth, and it would have little or no impact on either atmospheric CO2 or climate, but that isn’t the end game here.

ESRL Global Monitoring Division – Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network

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End Game Of The Extinction Rebellion

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