“Some Scientists Believe”

“Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts”

– Richard Feynman

Ten years ago, “some scientists” believed that Florida was going to drown.

Comparison–Sea Level Rise Interactives | Eco ReportsComparison–Sea Level Rise Interactives | Eco Reports

So far, there has been no change in the Florida coast.

Timelapse – Google Earth Engine

In 1995, the New York Times reported that “some experts say” most east coast beaches would be gone by the year 2020.

Scientists Say Earth’s Warming Could Set Off Wide Disruptions – The New York Times

In 1989, “authorities said” the Maldives would drown by the year 2018.

26 Sep 1988 – Threat to islands

“Climate prophet” James Hansen predicted that Arctic ice would be gone by the year 2018.

The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search

The prophet also predicted Lower Manhattan would be underwater by the year 2018.

Stormy weather – Global warming – Salon.com

Nobel Laureate Al Gore predicted the Arctic would be ice-free by the year 2014.

Gore: Polar ice cap may disappear by summer 2014

In 1989, a “Commonwealth Expert Group” predicted with 90% certainty that sea level would rise 1-4 meters by the year 2030.

26 Jan 1989 – Call for anti-greenhouse action – Trove


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7 Responses to “Some Scientists Believe”

  1. gregole says:

    Miami is the second fastest growing city in America:

    Don’t these people know they are doomed due to dangerously rising sea-levels from MannMade Global Warming from MannMade CO2?

    • Michael Spencer says:

      And how dare Tony use nasty, recorded and publicised old-fashioned facts!

      They might offend someone …..

    • arn says:

      Miami is also the fastest sinking territory in the USA (if i memory didnt fail me)

      and yet they dont get any significant sea level rise.

  2. Jake Sinclair says:

    There is no basis for dialogue with these amoral dishonest people.

  3. Gamecock says:

    Ear worm: Jeremy Clarkson saying “Some Scientists Believe.”

  4. arn says:

    If only one out of thousands of places that were supposed to drown would have drowned
    the name of this place would be systematically used and abused 1000 times a day
    by the holy trinity of cryptocummism – science,politics,journalism – for reeducation
    and NGO-organised protests would happen all around the world to remind the rest of us of the first “victim” of global warming.

  5. Colorado Wellington says:

    And the idiocy never stops.

    PERSPECTIVE: Biden administration and industry alike see hydrogen as ‘Swiss Army knife’ for eliminating emissions

    Abby Smith Apr 25, 2021

    “Twenty years ago, when people were talking about hydrogen, almost exclusively people were talking about use in light-duty vehicles. Today, people are talking almost exclusively about everything else,” said Julio Friedmann, a senior research scholar at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy.

    “Hydrogen is the Swiss Army knife of decarbonization,” added Friedmann, who served as the principal deputy assistant secretary for the Energy Department’s Office of Fossil Energy in the Obama administration.

    For example, hydrogen can be used in a fuel cell to power a heavy-duty truck. It can be converted into ammonia, which can then be used to fuel a cargo ship. Hydrogen can be blended into natural gas and run through a gas turbine to generate electricity. It can serve as a replacement fuel for steel, cement, chemical, and other manufacturing plants that can’t be easily electrified. Hydrogen can even store energy, acting similar to a long-duration battery to provide power to the grid when renewable energy is in short supply.

    The challenge, however, is scaling the technology. To do so will require a concerted policy effort to help drive down the costs of producing carbon-free hydrogen, according to energy analysts and industry representatives.


    Did you know that hydrogen can even store energy? Remarkable. No mention of the energy source required to produce all this hydrogen.

    It’s all about directives, incentives and scale. Even dumber than Mao Tse-tung’s Great Leap Forward and that’s no small achievement.

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