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Washington Post Spy Analyst

Max Boot of the Washington Post was a key player behind the Russia collusion scam. His wife is a foreign spy. Opinion | Here are 18 reasons Trump could be a Russian asset – The Washington Post

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Summer Heat And Burn Area

US burn acreage does not correlate with atmospheric CO2, but it does correlate with the percent of hot days in the summer.

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Climate Heresy

The press is upset that a fictional movie doesn’t blame their plot on fossil fuels. Why ‘Twisters’ Refuses to Mention Climate Change When the press says a connection to fossil fuels is complicated, they mean it is non-existent. Sorry, President … Continue reading

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“I do not want to hear about the 1930s”

Brian Brettschneider has me blocked on Twitter, and says it is because he is too smart. “I do not want to hear about the 1930s. It’s very likely I know far more than you do about the 1930s.” It is … Continue reading

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“33 storms”

Michael Mann forecast 33 Atlantic storms. So far there have been three. Weather Street: 2024 Atlantic Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

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Something New In North Dakota

North Dakota holds the US temperature record outside of the desert southwest.  It was 121F at Steele, ND on July 6, 1936.  But DNYUZ says hot weather there is something new. Sizzling Day in North Dakota? Lately, It’s No Surprise. … Continue reading

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Survival Of The Planet

Democrats say survival of the planet depends on Biden winning. “Sally Jewell, who served as US Interior secretary from 2013 to 2017, said the climate stakes of the election in November “could not be higher” and that she’s “really afraid … Continue reading

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“baseless far-right conspiracy theory”

“Tucker Carlson claims we’re ‘speeding toward assassination’ of Trump, amping up baseless far-right conspiracy theory” Tucker Carlson Amps up Trump Assassination Conspiracy Theory – Business Insider

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Eleven days ago, BBC presenter David Aaronovitch called for the assassination of President Trump. BBC’s David Aaronovitch calls on Biden to have Trump ‘murdered’ Now he claims he didn’t say it.

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Biden Uniting America

Joe Biden promised to unite America, instead he inflamed division and violence. “it’s time to put Trump in a bullseye,” Biden said.” Defiant Biden tells donors: ‘We’re done talking about the debate’ – Live Updates – POLITICO

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