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Michael Mann Again

Instead of engaging his critics who are accusing him of fraud, Michael Mann continues to behave like a child.

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Over The Target

Michael Mann seems to be obsessed with me, now relying on misinformation and identity theft – rather than dialog.

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Michael Mann’s Latest Research

Michael Mann has determined from a Wikipedia article (which had nothing to do with me) that I am an anti-Semite, racist and misogynist. As a Jew married to a beautiful Asian bride, I was quite surprised.

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“an amazing documentary dismantling the climate change theory”

“I’ve just watched the most extraordinary documentary film, which comprehensively rejects and exposes the climate emergency hysteria that grips the Western world. But you won’t be able to view it on the BBC or ITV. Climate: The Movie is available … Continue reading

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The World’s Greatest Climate Scientist Speaks Out

Michael Mann has determined that I am an anti-Semite, based on this tweet.  As a Jew married to an Asian, I have to marvel at the insanity driving Michael Mann.   Nothing these globalists do will have any impact on … Continue reading

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Startling New Revelation

A startling new revelation that much of the USHCN temperature data is fake.  I’ve been reporting on this for ten years, and the number is closer to 50% than it is to 30%.

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Just An Illusion

The claimed “300 year lag” between temperature and CO2 is just an illusion created by how the graph was drawn.  By shifting CO2 upwards slightly, the lag disappears. Vostok, Antarctica Ice Core Data 4 .  | Download Scientific Diagram

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Climate Conditioning

NOAA made a tweet yesterday hoping to scare people about the use of reliable energy supplies, but the information in the tweet showed the exact opposite. They were hoping for an irrational conditioned response.

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Fact Checking Reuters

“Arctic to be ice-free in summer in 20 years: scientist By Reuters October 15, 2009 LONDON (Reuters) – Global warming will leave the Arctic Ocean ice-free during the summer within 20 years, raising sea levels and harming wildlife such as … Continue reading

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No Correlation

NOAA (accidentally) confirms there is no correlation between atmospheric CO2, temperature and sea level. “The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere today is comparable to around 4.3 million years ago, when sea level was about 75 ft higher than today, … Continue reading

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