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NOAA’s Monthly Lies

NOAA predicted a hot April for the US. Climate Prediction Center – OFFICIAL 30-Day Forecasts And they claim they got their prediction right. April 2021 was fairly dry and a bit warm for much of the U.S. | National Oceanic … Continue reading

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I get almost all of my information from official government sources, newspapers and scientific publications, and Media BIAS/Fact Check says my sources are unverifiable quackery. Real Climate Science – Media Bias Fact Check

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NASA : Facts And Consensus

NASA says facts and scientific consensus show earth has warmed 1C since 1880. They show the year 1921 as 0.18C below “normal.” “This research is broadly consistent with similar constructions prepared by the Climatic Research Unit and the National Oceanic … Continue reading

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CNN 2017 On Fake Elections

“If someone wanted to, it would be pretty easy to fake an election”

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NOAA Takes Climate Cynicism To A New Level

NOAA claims the US has warmed one degree over the past twenty years. Normal U.S. temperature a degree hotter than two decades ago – Los Angeles Times All of the claimed warming is due to data tampering by NOAA. They … Continue reading

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State Of Superstition

“There is science, logic, reason; there is thought verified by experience. And then there is California.” ― Edward Abbey   California government wants to ban lawnmowers  and all outdoor power equipment, in order to “mitigate climate change.”  They believe there … Continue reading

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Sandy Is Sad

CNN reports that an Italian glacier is melting, and revealing WWI artifacts – and this makes Sandy sad.  Presumably she is sad that the glacier is melting. 12:15 PM · May 4, 2021 The most likely explanation for what happened … Continue reading

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Will The World Become Uninhabitable?

Experts say that Phoenix will become uninhabitable due to “climate change.” Too hot to handle? Experts weigh in on if Phoenix could become uninhabitable due to climate change The millions of people moving there disagree. Maricopa County where Phoenix located, … Continue reading

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Gaslighting Fires

Last year’s fire season was below the long term average, but the press reported it as the worst season on record. The reality is that burn acreage was below the long-term average. National Interagency Fire Center National Interagency Fire Center … Continue reading

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Gaslighting Meat

Joe Biden made some nonsensical commitments to cutting back greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in the next nine years, while trying to bring millions of new people into the country. One of the reasons he did this was apparently to … Continue reading

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