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I’m Always Trying To Help Out

Greta, Please ask an adult to read this to you. It might help you out.

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New Video : My Gift To Climate Alarmists

This is my most concise expose of the climate scam.

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The 1930 Heatwave In Virginia

During September 1930, Purcellville, Virginia had twenty-two days over 90 degrees, three days over 100 degrees, and averaged 94 degrees from September 1 to September 27. This came shortly after the all-time record heatwave of August, 1930 when they had … Continue reading

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The Heatwave Of September 1897 In Illinois

Carlinville, Illinois was over 90 degrees on twenty-two days during September, 1897.  The peak temperature that month was 101 degrees, and the average maximum was 92 degrees.

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Plummeting Temperatures At Owosso, Michigan

Prior to 1955, Owosso, Michigan averaged about seventeen days per year over 90F (32C.) Now they average less than five days over 90 degrees. Peak temperatures at Owosso are declining at a rate of about five degrees per century. Summer … Continue reading

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New Video : The Climate Prophets

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Misinformed Iowa Professors

University of Iowa professors Peter Thorne and Jerry Schnoor tell the world that Iowa will get a lot more 90 degree days in the future as a result of Iowa residents emitting CO2. (67) Rob Hogg on Twitter: “Univ. of … Continue reading

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Petaluma, California’s Worst Heatwave

Petaluma, California is one of the most reliable weather gauges in California. They had eight days over 100F from July 11 to October 1, 1913. On July 10 that year, California set the world record temperature of 134 degrees. mwr-050-01-0010.pdf

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Court Rejects Mann’s Request For Delay In The Ball Case

Michael Mann refused to submit disclosure evidence requested by Dr. Tim Ball, for many years.  He blamed the multi-year delay on his lawyers being busy. The judge called Mann’s behavior inexcusable, said the evidence submitted was irrelevant, and ordered Mann to … Continue reading

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Hiding Minnesota’s Hot Past

 The longest stretch of 100 degree weather at Pipestone, Minnesota occurred from June 28 to August 25, 1936, when they had 21 days over 100F (38C.) Pipestone has had 132 days over 100F since 1895. There have been none since … Continue reading

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