Climate Cancel Culture


That ‘Obama Scientist’ Climate Skeptic You’ve Been Hearing About … – Scientific American

I attach a response that I submitted yesterday to Scientific American.  Not surprisingly, they declined to publish it.   Please do distribute my response freely among your contacts or websites.

Steve Koonin

1990 IPCC Report

Milloy Says Climate Activism ‘A Cancer on Our Society,’ Before Preaching About Dehumanizing Language

4:18 PM · May 29, 2021

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12 Responses to Climate Cancel Culture

  1. MGJ says:

    “…denier Tony Heller who believes..” is all you need to read of that article.

    We have the standard framing ad hom followed by a claim to know what you believe.
    Why ‘believes’ rather than ‘claims’ or ‘said’ or ‘wrote’? Did they ask you? I think not.

    No, it is ‘believe’ because it is fundamentally impossible to prove somebody doesn’t believe something.

    I’m still pondering how lots of people can ‘secretly’ act in an ‘open’ conspiracy.

    • Dave N says:

      “I’m still pondering how lots of people can ‘secretly’ act in an ‘open’ conspiracy.”

      That’s one of the fundamental problems with their whole “conspiracy” argument(s): it’s not a conspiracy (since the very definition means secret, or hidden) since they’re openly committing fraud, but they claim that there’s nothing wrong with it.

  2. G W Smith says:

    Dems always attack the messenger rather than the science. It never changes. I think they actually know that their audience consists exclusively of morons. Who else would read them? Hence, why work hard addressing the science when bashing the right is all their audience wants to hear?

  3. arn says:

    Isn’t Scientific American the high quality magazin for educated parasites
    with no own opinion
    that blatantly and shamelessly lied about the ice age scare
    by claiming that the global cooling armageddon never existed
    and was only based upon 5 text sections of the Newsweek,
    while Tony was able to find hundreds of ice age scare articles on his own
    (=many hundreds(maybe 1000s) more exist ,but there is only so much a single person can find on his own anx in a single language+ most of those articles have most probably already been cancelled by the ministry of truth)

    Another question is:
    What the hell does “right wing media” has to do with this.

    Either something is right or it is wrong.
    By politicizing this article(and branding everything right wing that does no go along with the only allowed truth) it is obvious
    that this has absolutely nothing to do with science,but with politics
    and it also proves that these idiots themselves position as left wings who claim to speak for everyone – which is the typical MO for the commie/eco marxists.

    The most simple scientifically observable failure
    = the non existing increase in sea level rise,which is 100% within the tolerance of the standard 3mm per year that is going on for centuries,
    but which is 0% within Hansons Sea Level rise prediction,
    is being lied away by a dozen parsites who
    think that
    12 lying liars with a degree = 1 big truth.

    Science is about scepticism,curiosity,research,positive doubt
    and not about a bunch of useless,selfcongratulating,politically correct,parasitic pricks with no integrity at all.

    If only one of these guys had a backbone this article wouldn’t have been released this way or his name would have not appeared.

    • Jeff L. says:

      It was a good magazine once. For me they’ve lost all credibility. I will never subscribe to it again.

      • GreyGeek says:

        That became obvious when the fellow who replaced Martin Gardner on SA’s “Mathematical Games” column was quickly fired after SA learned that he was a Christian.

  4. Gamecock says:

    Naomi Oreskes, Michael E. Mann, Gernot Wagner, Don Wuebbles, Andrew Dessler, Andrea Dutton, Geoffrey Supran, Matthew Huber, Thomas Lovejoy, Ilissa Ocko, Peter C. Frumhoff, Joel Clement

    “Why 100? If I were wrong, one would have been enough.” – Albert Einstein

  5. Anon says:

    I think Scientific American has made itself pretty clear on where it stands:

    Scientific American Gives First Presidential Endorsement in 175 Years — to Joe Biden

    enough said… (sigh)

  6. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Not allowed to criticize the emperor’s new threads.

    Most of the temperature rise last century was due to natural processes, especially the thermohaline cycle and the increase in solar activity over the century, thus modulating terrestrial cloud formation. Neither of these are included in the IPCC models.

  7. Jim Hunt says:

    Long time no see Tony,

    Have you written any Arctic articles recently? I have of course written lots of them.

    As luck would have it I’ve also just written one about Steve Koonin’s recent response to the “Climate Cancel Culture” you mention. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind reviewing it for me?



  8. aq says:

    This is neither scientific nor American.
    These people are disgusting.

    • Yes. Teller was right abt that magazine. But why the feigned concern over energy? In 2020 the GOP kept its earlier platform promising to shoot blacks, latinos and hippies over plant leaves. The Dems purged that from theirs, and were relieved that insurance hawkers no longer harried everyone with compulsory “health” levies. They even dialed back demands to make electricity scarce and unaffordable. But girl-bulliers gathered in mobs eager to use Justice Amy as a bludgeon against women having individual rights. That predictably handed the election to the other half of the Kleptocracy, so why the simulated outrage over such a relatively trivial matter as electric power?

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