Forest Fires Of 1910

March of 1910 was the warmest and driest on record in the US.

This led to the largest and some of the deadliest fires in US history.

On October 7 a forest fire raged out of control across Lake of the Woods County, Minnesota, leveling everything in its path.

Baudette fire of 1910 – Wikipedia

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A few weeks earlier was the largest forest fire in US history, along the Idaho/Montana border.

The 1910 Fires – Forest History Society

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3 Responses to Forest Fires Of 1910

  1. GeologyJim says:

    The Big Blowup “led to new fire prevention and suppression policies … that still influence fire management around the world today”


  2. Windsong says:

    If you ever are in the area, the St. Maries 1910 Fire Memorial at Woodlawn Cemetery is worth a visit.

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:

    If you have to misrepresent the data of your “climate change indicators” does that mean you don’t really have any climate change indicators?

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