Green Energy Math

Both wind powered electricity generation and electricity prices have set new records in the UK during recent weeks. It is almost like those two statistics are related somehow.

UK sets new record for wind power generation | Energy industry | The Guardian

UK energy prices skyrocket as snow blast continues – Energy Live News

Inflation drives Britain’s record Christmas grocery sales

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8 Responses to Green Energy Math

  1. GWS says:

    Celebrate the good and ignore the bad. Simple. Life is woke.

  2. Timo, Not That One says:

    “…new record of 87.2%…”
    This, of course, makes it seem (to the simple minded audience) that they are on the verge of achieving 100%. And when they reach that, forget about fossil fuels. All our worries will be behind us. It’s only a mater of time for that target to finally be reached, like discovering the Higgs Boson, or the right filament material to make a 1000hr light bulb.
    Better keep the money flowing because we’re almost there.

  3. The implication of ‘setting records’ is that generating actual power is an exceptional event. A reliable system does not ‘set records’ for its output, it merely provides continuous, non-exceptional base load.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Exactly. After shutting down coal plants, raising fuel costs and having pensioners freeze to death in their homes here and there, it is sick that some extra GW of wind-generated power is now exceptional. They created the problem for that to be “exceptional.” You would think they planned it all this way, and don’t want us to get back to cheap and reliable energy. 😠

  4. D. Boss says:

    Holy cr*p! That is $3.11 US per Kwhr! (US$ to pound sterling exchange is 0.83)

    Here is the free state of Florida, we pay an average of $0.14 per Kwhr. So people in GB pay 22.2 times more than here. That is an impossible number.

    So my modest 2 bedroom condo the monthly electric bill is about $100. The same modest electricity use in GB would be $2,220???

    Furthermore to charge a Tesla, with 85 Kwhr capacity would then cost $264.35?

    People facing starvation and freezing to death are more likely to be the villagers in Frankenstein, coming after the monster with pitch forks and torches…..

    Hang on, the article Tony refers to is full of cr*p the UK electricity rate is going to 35 pence per Kwhr this month. That is still $0.42/Kwhr or 3 times the cost of power here in Florida. But 22 times would cause a massive revolt!

  5. Michael Abbott says:

    We are having a very windy mild period here, due to the US very cold snap affecting the jet stream we are told, so those windmills are doing what windmills are supposed to do, but prior to this period we had a rather cold snap when the wind hardly blew.

    There’s only one lesson here; when the wind blows the windmills produce electricity and when the wind doesn’t blow they don’t. Now, if the reverse was happening that would indeed be a story.

  6. Gamecock says:

    ‘UK sets new record for wind power generation’

    I assume their electricity bills have gone way down, since wind energy is so freakin’ cheap (why do they bother metering it?).

    ‘New record of 87.2% also set for share of electricity on grid coming from renewables and nuclear’

    I’m reminded of a feminazi report read by Rush Limbaugh on air some years ago. It reported that 87.5% of men had committed rape or whistled at a woman.

    If you want to tout wind, why are you mentioning nuclear?

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