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“drought-plagued American West”

The Associated Press says the western US is drought plagued and Anchorage is burning. Wildfires in Anchorage? Climate change sparks disaster fears | The Hill Anchorage has all-time record snowpack for this late in the season. Anchorage sets new record … Continue reading

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Making Data Illegal

The Biden administration wants to make any data which doesn’t support their agenda illegal. “Data and Datasets: Automated system outcomes can be skewed by unrepresentative or imbalanced datasets, datasets that incorporate historical bias, or datasets that contain other types of … Continue reading

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800 Years of Climate Crisis

Kirye, Toto and Toki travelled to New Mexico this week and hiked ancient trails of the Anasazi – who were largely wiped out by a seventy year long drought during the 13th century.

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Michael Mann Discusses Science

Michael Mann has become very wealthy by helping create and push the climate scam, and has determined that the GOP is the single greatest enemy of the planet because some Republicans have opposed him. 10:26 AM · Apr 25, 2023 … Continue reading

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The Western Taliban

Latvia is destroying a monument to Russian poet Pushkin, because it offends them.  Previously they banned the Russian language.  My first wife was an ethnic Russian who grew up in Riga and faced hatred and discrimination every day of her … Continue reading

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April 25, 1929 Tornado Outbreak

On April 25, 1929 tornadoes killed dozens of people in Georgia and South Carolina 26 Apr 1929, Page 1 – The Greenville News at

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Destroyer Of Worlds

We are told that anyone who drives a car is now a destroyer of the world.

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Boulder Buys A Toy Truck

“Boulder Buys First Electric Fire Engine” Boulder Buys First Electric Fire Engine | City of Boulder “Sorry, you have to wait eight hours for the truck to recharge” Finding Joy Through Climate Action | City of Boulder h/t Russell Cook

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“paranoid schizophrenic employed by Koch Industries”

I posted a video of the Chama River just above the Rio Grande confluence, which I filmed yesterday. Here are the responses. “paranoid schizophrenic employed by Koch Industries to disseminate lies” 8:49 AM · Apr 24, 2023 The river is … Continue reading

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“Coldest winter ever in Wyoming”

“Coldest winter ever in Wyoming. Wildlife freezing to death.” 5:36 AM · Apr 22, 2023

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