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Climate Central – 150 Million People To Drown

Climate Central says all of the region around Bangkok is going to drown by the year 2050, wiping out the homes of 150 million people. And they are having a seminar next week to release their findings. Then they go … Continue reading

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Astronomers – Earth To End Soon

22 Nov 1943, 5 – Chicago Tribune at h/t Don Penim

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Arctic Thaw May Bring Disaster

If the Antarctic ice regions and the major Greenland ice-cap should reduce at the same rate as at present, melting oceanic surfaces would rise to catastrophic proportions, and people living in the lowlands along the shores would be inundated temperatures … Continue reading

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Experts – Venice To Sink By 1990

Italian and foreign scientists are racing against time to save the beautiful city of Venice from sinking into the waters it once ruled. It is estimated that at the rate Venice is sinking, two-thirds of the city praised by poets … Continue reading

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New Video : “Nobel Prize In Economic Ignorance”

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The Nobel Prize In Economic Ignorance

Oxford Economics and Bloomberg say greenhouse gas emissions might wreck the economy. Climate Change Might Hit Economy Harder and Faster Than Thought – Bloomberg Last year’s Nobel Prize in Economics was given out for the same idea. William Nordhaus said … Continue reading

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New Video : Climate News November 14, 2019

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“Children Just Won’t Know What Journalism Is”

Nothing but fake news on the CBS web site. Climate change could end mortgages as we know them – CBS News Meanwhile, I just received this Email.

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Climate Scientists Reaping What They Sowed

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Listen To The Children

Socialists have always targeted children as cannon fodder for propaganda and power.

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