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Shifting Strategies

Global cooling Global warming Climate change Current strategy is have someone make up a fake statistic, and then claim that every weather event is the worst ever .

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How To Verify An Election

My specialty for many years as an Electrical Engineer was design verification – which boils down to making sure that the work was done correctly.  There are a number of types of election fraud which are fairly straight forward to … Continue reading

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Rapidly Declining October Snowcover

October snow cover has been increasing for 40 years, above normal seven years in a row, and above normal fourteen out of eighteen years this century. But the trend is sharply downwards over the past two years. Rutgers University Climate … Continue reading

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More Stunning Evidence Of Global Warming

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How To Determine If You Are A Democrat

If you believe Putin controlled the 2016 election, and also believe there is no evidence of fraud in the 2018 election – then you are a certified certifiable Democrat.

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On The Other Hand …..

How could Kyrsten Sinema possibly any worse than the current dirtball?  A few weeks ago Jeff Flake refused to vote for Judge Kavanaugh until the FBI investigated him.

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I Believe Her

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Overheated Atmosphere Update

Thanks to overheated air caused by your SUV, snow cover currently extends about 1,000 miles further south than normal on both sides of the pole. Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab This is caused by very cold Arctic … Continue reading

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Post- Watergate Election Reforms

In 1974, the Senate Watergate Committee made these recommendations to protect future elections from illegal political surveillance. — Make it unlawful for a White House aide to engage in any investigative or intelligence-gathering activity not authorized by Congress. — Make … Continue reading

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When Family Members Flip On You

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