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The Leading Data Tampering Excuses

NOAA massively tampers with US temperature data, to turn a century of cooling into warming. Spreadsheet         Data The two leading excuses for tampering with US temperature data are time of observation bias, and changing station composition. The … Continue reading

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Overheated Atmosphere Update

On March 13, 1918 – White Hall, Illinois was 89 degrees, during a month when afternoon temperatures averaged 66 degrees – thirty-one degrees warmer than this month so far. Government experts say that this was a hot winter,

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The Ministry Of Truth Responds

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” ― George Orwell, 1984 The Ministry of Truth has responded to President Trump’s tweet. Patrick Moore was not a co-founder of Greenpeace. Greenpeace USA on Twitter: … Continue reading

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“The whole climate crisis is not only Fake News, it’s Fake Science”

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: “There is no climate crisis”

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Life In The “zero-carbon” World

NPR on Twitter: “Here’s what life is like in a zero-carbon world” It isn’t hard to imagine what a carbon free world would look like. Carbon is the basis of all life. Our entire civilization is dependent on carbon based … Continue reading

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The NOAA “Hot Winter”

NOAA says winter in the US was hot, at 33.4F (1C.) The winter temperature was 33.4 degrees F (1.2 degrees above average), ranking it among the hottest third of winters on record, with warmer-than-average temperatures across the Deep South, the … Continue reading

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Desert Flowers


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NOAA Corruption Of New York Temperatures

The New York City Heat Island warms temperatures by as much as 8C (15F) relative to surrounding areas. New York Heat Island NOAA corrects corrupts the data by cooling the past, which is the exact opposite of what the correct … Continue reading

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Blatant Climate Fraud Becoming More Common In The US

Heidi Cullen’s Climate Central claims “Warm U.S. Februaries becoming much more common.” U.S. Heat, February 2017 – World Weather Attribution The actual data shows the exact opposite. Spreadsheet

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Decline In Intensity And Frequency Of Hot Weather In The US

During the 1930s, the average hottest daily temperature across the US was well over 100 degrees, but has dropped about five degrees over the past ninety years. Spreadsheet The percent of days above 100 degrees has also dropped sharply, with … Continue reading

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