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March 27, 1890 Tornado Outbreak

On March 27, 1890 tornadoes devastated Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee and Kentucky. Almost 100 people died in Kentucky. Bowling Green was largely destroyed and many towns along the path were wrecked. Article from 29 Mar 1890, Page 1 – … Continue reading

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2,491 Days Left For The Planet

Congressional climate expert AOC says the planet will burn up in 2,491 days due to global warming. In order to help document this, we took a hike west of Cheyenne, Wyoming this morning in -2F (-19C) wind chills.

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Bad Luck For Democrat Senators

The odds of Senators Fetterman, Lujan and van Hollen all getting a stroke the same year are more than twenty-thousand to one.

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The New Normal

Two of the youngest Democrat senators – John Fetterman (53) and Ben Ray Lujan (50) – suffered strokes last year. Both were vaccine advocates. What are the odds of that happening randomly? 6:30 PM · Apr 21, 2022 Senator Ben … Continue reading

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Perhaps She Should Wear A Cup?

New York woman suffers testicle injury. Transgender woman posts sobbing selfie in bathroom after claiming TSA agent punched her testicles | Daily Mail Online

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The Point Of No Return

Fifteen years ago NSIDC’s Mark Serreze said Arctic sea ice was in a death spiral.  Grist said the Artic was past the point of no return and would be largely ice-free by 2020. NSIDC: Arctic melt passes the point of … Continue reading

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Artificial Stupidity

A general misunderstanding of computers and their limitations is at the core of climate alarmism.

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Mel Gibson Exposing Corruption Circa 1987

Hollywood and the press have been trying to cancel Mel Gibson for decades.

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Deep State Hollywood

Hollywood actors pushing Democrat party propaganda about the 2016 US election.

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Deadly Mississippi Tornadoes

Mississippi used to get a a lot of tornadoes which killed more than 20 people, but they rarely happen any more. During the spring of 1920, Mississippi had four of them during a five week period. The United State’s Worst … Continue reading

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