Basic Physics For Climate Morons

If climate experts want to melt the North Pole, they have about 60 days left to do it.


Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

The ice north of 80N is generally about 2-3 meters thick. It would require about 800 million joules of energy to melt a one square meter column of ice that thick.


ictn2016062318_2016062400_042_arcticictn.001.gif (740×666)

If there were no clouds, over the next 60 days the North Pole would receive about 1,500 million joules of solar energy per square meter, the vast majority of which  would occur in the next 30 days. That would be enough to melt all of the two meter thick ice. The problem is that it is cloudy most of the time at the North Pole in summer.


If climate experts want to melt the North Pole, they have to figure out how to make the clouds disappear. I’m sure they can do that with their climate models.

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1983 : Cold Facts Suggest A Chilling Trend


2016-06-25-00-00-10 2016-06-24-23-59-58


Chicago Tribune Archive | April 23, 1984

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Scientists Explain Record Grain Production

Scientists have finally explained why global crop production increases to record levels year after year.


New crop varieties ‘can’t keep up with global warming’ – BBC News

The science is clear. Global warming is wrecking crops, causing crop yields to increase exponentially.


Net_crops_tropicalvsworld.png (1448×1074)

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Scientists Explain Why The Oceans Boiled Away And Earth Became Like Venus

Scientists have definitively explained why past global warming led to even more warming, which kept feeding back on itself unstoppably until the planet melted.


Warning from the past: Future global warming could be even warmer — ScienceDaily

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Glorious Sunrise In The UK This Morning


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Democratic Fraud From Michael Mann And Phil Jones

According to Democrat AG’s, hiding critical climate information is fraud. That is exactly what Phil Jones and Michael Mann did.

From: Phil Jones. To: Many. Nov 16, 1999

“I’ve just completed Mike’s Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie, from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline.”

Michael Mann hid the post-1960 decline in the temperatures, as measured by Briffa in his paleoclimate studies. Mann claimed that the decline didn’t match the surface temperature record, and simply erased it.


briffa_recon.gif (420×320)

Under the Democratic definition of fraud, Mann is culpable for hiding data. But it gets much worse – because his justification was also scientifically unsupportable. As of 1974, NCAR showed the decline in surface temperatures, which Mann claimed didn’t exist.


14 Jul 1974, Page 1 – at

As of 1978, NOAA also showed the decline in both surface and radiosonde temperatures.



Angell NOAA 1978

NASA has since erased the decline, making themselves culpable under the Democratic definition of fraud.


In 1974, the government’s top climatologist reported the cooling which Mann and NASA erased.

2016-06-05 11 28 16

9 Oct 1974, Page 25 – The Pittsburgh Press at

In 1975, Steven Schneider at NCAR reported the cooling which Mann and NASA erased.


June 2, 1975 – The armadillos are heading south | Chicago Tribune Archive

Climate scientists have been exaggerating and hiding data for decades. Under the Democratic definition, they are committing fraud.

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Climate Scientists Could Become Veracity-Free This Summer

Three weeks ago, experts forecast an ice-free summer in the Arctic, and defined ice-free as larger than the area of Texas and Wyoming combined.



Arctic could become ice-free for first time in more than 100,000 years, claims leading scientist | Climate Change | Environment | The Independent

So how is their expert climate forecast coming along? The map below shows the  US Navy forecast for thickness at the end of June.

ictn2016062118_2016062900_042_arcticictn.001 (1)

ictn2016062118_2016062900_042_arcticictn.001.gif (740×666)

NCEP is forecasting cold weather in the Beaufort Sea through mid-July.


10-Day Temperature Outlook

The ice is the second thickest since 2009.

Bpiomas_plot_daily_heff.2sst (4)

Bpiomas_plot_daily_heff.2sst.png (2485×1958)

Wadham’s forecast is a dishonest exaggeration, which according to Democrats is prosecutable fraud. But there is nothing new about this, the top people in climate science and politics have been exaggerating the state of Arctic every year for longer than anyone can remember.

Arctic ice-free by 2012.


The Daily Reporter – Google News Archive Search




Arctic ice-free by 2013


BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013’

Arctic ice-free by 2014.

CXKkfn8UEAAjWPl (1)

Gore: Polar ice cap may disappear by summer 2014

Arctic ice-free by 2015.


What climate scientists talk about now –

ScreenHunter_9954 Jul. 20 08.27

The End of the Arctic? Ocean Could be Ice Free by 2015 – The Daily Beast


The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search


The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search

CdRIbn7UMAAga9P (1)


19 Jun 1972, Page 41 – at


TimesMachine: Expert Says Arctic Ocean Will Soon Be an Open Sea; Catastrophic Shifts in Climate Feared if Change Occurs Other Specialists See No Thinning of Polar Ice Cap –


The Changing Face of the Arctic – The Changing Face of the Arctic – View Article –

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Prosecuting Alarmists

Democrats say that lying about the climate is not protected speech, which puts an entire $29 billion per year industry of paid climate alarmists at risk. For example, this sea level story is 100% fraudulent.



San Francisco’s global warming price tag could be $77 billion – San Francisco Business Times

It is based on this story, which says San Francisco “could be underwater”


Then it says San Francisco “will be underwater”


In 100 Years, $77 Billion Worth Of San Francisco Property Could Be Underwater | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

Actual data shows that the study is scientifically baseless. Sea level in the San Francisco Bay shows little or no change over the past 75 years.


Sea Level Trends – State Selection

Other Northern California tide gauges show sea level falling.

download (1)

Sea Level Trends – State Selection

There is no scientific basis for the claims in these sort of articles. These are paid fraudsters who are intentionally misinforming the public. If Democrats want to prosecute climate fraud, the fraudsters are right under their nose and on their payroll.

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DMI Fake Arctic Melt Update

The DMI graph shows that nearly 10% of Arctic sea ice has disappeared in the last week.

icecover_current_new (15)

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

The OSISAF maps they base their data on show only about 4% loss of ice over the past week, and almost none in the Arctic Basin.


Similarly, the DMI graph shows much less ice than last year, but the the OSISAF maps show that there is about the same amount of ice as last year.


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Thoughtless Superstition – Not Science

The Capital Weather Gang has been pushing nonsensical claims about record heat in the southwest and the relationship of heatwaves to carbon dioxide.


How global warming may push the Southwest heatwave past an extremely rare threshold – The Washington Post

There was no factual basis to any of their claims, and now that the peak of the heatwave has passed you can see how it compared to June 1896. (Missing USHCN values from June 2016 were filled in from Weather Underground tables.)


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