NY Times – Cameras Are Racist

The Racial Bias Built Into Photography – The New York Times

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Forests Cause Forest Fires

Academics competing with the Babylon Bee.

“By fueling the growth of plants that become kindling, carbon dioxide is driving an increase in the severity and frequency of wildfires, according to a UC Riverside study.”

CO2 worsens wildfires by helping plants grow | UCR News | UC Riverside

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Climate Engineering

Another story about the press, academia and government working together to engineer a complete fake climate story.

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The World’s Worst Scientists

The combination of fake scientists and fake journalists joining forces to create fake climate stories, is a fascinating phenomena. I feel privileged to get to watch this theater of the absurd play out.

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“Trees are feasting on decades of carbon dioxide emissions”

“Trees are feasting on decades of carbon dioxide emissions and growing bigger as a result, according to a new study of U.S. forests.

Scientists tracked wood volume in 10 different tree groups from 1997 to 2017, finding that all except aspen-birch grew larger. Over that same period, carbon dioxide levels went from 363 parts per million to 405 parts per million, owing largely to the burning of fossil fuels. More abundant CO2 accelerates photosynthesis, causing plants to grow faster, a phenomenon known as “carbon fertilization.” The findings were published in the journal Nature Communications.”

As Carbon Dioxide Grows More Abundant, Trees Are Growing Bigger, Study Finds – Yale E360

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A Real Hockey Stick

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything”

– Mark Twain


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A Real Hockey Stick

“A 1C increase in global temperature leads to a 12% decline in world gross domestic product, researchers have found”

Economic damage from climate change six times worse than thought – report | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Their own fake data contradicts their latest fake theory.

Global average GDP per capita over the long run

Climate Change 2001: The Scientific Basis

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Doubling Energy Costs

Wind power is not reliable, and thus requires 100% backup at all times. Consumers are paying for two types of electricity instead of just one.

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Doubling Energy Costs

Reuters claims “Wind overtakes fossil fuels for UK electricity generation.” Reality is that wind is unreliable and forces the UK to maintain both wind and natural gas generation.  In other words, the wind turbines serve no purpose.

Wind overtakes fossil fuels for UK electricity generation | Reuters

Wind power production as a percentage

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine(CCGT) power production as a percentage

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“You Can’t Hide Your Lying Eyes”

The faces of academics who sold their souls.

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