Fake USGS Scientists Predict Two Meters Of Sea Level Rise

Threatened by an end to global warming scam money, government scientists turn the volume of their BS up to eleven – predicting two meters of Southern California sea level rise by the year 2100.

Disappearing Beaches: Modeling Shoreline Change in Southern California

Sea level in Southern California is about the same as it was in 1871.

1871    Present

At low tide, the La Jolla Cove beach looks like this.

It will require about 1,000 years for Southern California sea level to rise two meters, most of which is due to land subsidence rather than rising seas.

Sea Level Trends – State Selection

Sea level in Northern California is falling.

Sea Level Trends – State Selection

Government scientists understand that they can raise funding by lying about the climate. This practice has to stop.

h/t Steve Case

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Early Spring Update

One month ago the fake news Washington Post and the fake news US government announced the fake global warming induced early spring.

The U.S. Geological Survey hails an early spring — and ties it to climate change – The Washington Post

This has been the longest winter on record in Maine.

Tom Niziol on Twitter

On this date in 1910, the eastern two-thirds of the US was over 70 degrees, and most of that area was over 80 degrees. On this date in 1895, portions of Nebraska were over 90 degrees.

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Global Warming Inverts The Climate

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Celebrating Six Years Of Fake Berkeley Earth Temperatures

By Richard Muller on December 17, 2003

Let me be clear. My own reading of the literature and study of paleoclimate suggests strongly that carbon dioxide from burning of fossil fuels will prove to be the greatest pollutant of human history. It is likely to have severe and detrimental effects on global climate. I would love to believe that the results of Mann et al. are correct, and that the last few years have been the warmest in a millennium.

Medieval Global Warming – MIT Technology Review

“It is ironic if some people treat me as a traitor, since I was never a skeptic

  • Richard Muller   November 3, 2011

Richard Muller, Climate Researcher, Navigates The Volatile Line Between Science And Skepticism

Six years ago fake climate skeptic Richard Muller announced that he did his own temperature data set funded by the Koch Brothers, and global warming was so bad he was no longer a skeptic. All skeptics were now conspiracy theorists. Earth warmed 0.6C in a hockey stick from 1958 to 1995.

Climate change: A record-making effort | The Economist

This negated the work of the IPCC conspiracy theorists, who showed no troposphere warming from 1958 to 1995.


Satellites continue to be conspiracy theorists, showing little or no net warming over the past 25 years.

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

The global surface temperature record is garbage. Mosher@berkeleyearth kindly explained that you can get whatever shaped graph you want by cherry-picking stations and methodologies.

The US space agency has known for 25 years that the surface temperature record is garbage, yet they ignore their own satellites because they can’t manipulate them to produce funding friendly fake temperature graphs.

01 Apr 1990 – EARTHWEEK: A DIARY OF THE PLANET Global Warming

The surface temperature record is so bad, NASA can change the data at will to produce the desired results. And they do.

Climate alarmists love to make hockey sticks by data tampering.

NASA History Files

Surface temperatures allow NASA and NOAA to take no data, and turn it into record heat.

NOAA Thermometer Data

NOAA Reported Data

Fake red maps produce funding, Blue and gray maps are politically useless. This is the biggest science scam in history.

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What Part Of This Doesn’t Paul Ryan Understand?

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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Dealing With Greenland Warming

In 1940, Greenland was warming very rapidly and their glaciers were “nearing a catastrophe.”

06 May 1940 – Greenland’s Climate Becoming Milder 

NASA and NOAA dealt with this, by simply erasing the 1940’s warmth.

Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

Unlike 1940, Greenland’s ice surface is blowing away all records for ice gain, having  gained 550 billion tons of ice this winter.

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

Scientists working on the ice sheet are having a hard time dealing with record snow and near record cold. Their buildings are getting buried.


The Petermann Ice Shelf has advanced more than a mile over the past five years.

A few months ago, the fake news Washington Post and fake scientists said the Petermann Ice Shelf was proof of global warming.

In Greenland, a once doubtful scientist witnesses climate change’s troubling toll | The Washington Post

The level of cynicism, incompetence and fraud in the global warming scam, is simply stunning.

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Seattle – A City Of Frauds

I testified at the Washington State Senate last month during one of their largest snowstorms on record, and environmentalists showed up to try to shout me down. Democratic senators tried to silence me, in the name of democracy. All of the local newspapers lied about my testimony, as did the fake news New York Times.

Seattle environmentalists are busy attacking imaginary environmental problems like global warming and the Dakota Access Pipeline, but completely ignore very serious environmental problems in their own back yard.

Silence reigns as sewage spews into Puget Sound. Here’s why. | The Seattle Times

Rural sites near Seattle are having their coldest start to the year since the early 1950’s.

Every single day this year has been as cool or cooler than the same date in 1941 – with 1941 averaging eleven degrees warmer than 2017.

As with progressives everywhere, Seattle progressives are completely out of touch with reality. It is a severe mental disorder.

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March 27, 1910 – 90 Degrees In Illinois

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

  • Upton Sinclair

On March 27, 1910 almost two thirds of USHCN stations were over 70 degrees, and nearly half were over 80 degrees. Harrisburg, Illinois reached 90 degrees.

Experts say that 2016 was the hottest year ever, with less than 20% of US stations over 70F  on March 27 and almost none over 80F.

During the heatwave of March, 1910 Harrisburg, Illinois reached 90 degrees three times. Their warmest temperature this month was 77 degrees.

The four warmest March 27ths in the US were 1910, 1945, 1946 and 1905. On March 27, 1950 Rio Grande City, Texas was 107 degrees.

Experts say that spring is arriving earlier in the US, because they are paid to lie.

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Celebrating 146 Years Of Imaginary Climate Change

January 10, 1871
“a plentiful crop of speculation from weather prophets and projectors, and half-instructed meteorologists, and all the
philosophic tribe of Laputa in general, to whom the periodical press now affords such fatal facilities”
“We have often noticed that in the tabular statements of those compilers of weather records who write to the Times …. almost every month one of the driest or wettest, or windiest, coldest or hottest, ever known. Much observation, which ought to correct a tendency to exaggerate, seems in some minds to have rather a tendency to increase it.”


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Drought Fake News Update

A few months ago, the fake news New York Times and fake governor Jerry Brown announced the California Permanent Drought.

California Braces for Unending Drought – The New York Times

California is having their second wettest year on record, and precipitation has increased slightly over the last 120 years.

Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

In 2011, fake news Texas academics announced the Texas permanent drought. They said they predicted it all along.

Texas is vulnerable to warming climate – Houston Chronicle

The last two years have been the wettest on record in Texas.

Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

These scam artists need to be shut down once and for all. They don’t understand anything about climate – it is all about money and power.

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