Leader Of The Free World

God bless Donald Trump!

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Michael Mann Is Like Ghandi And Thomas Jefferson

Two-bit climate fraudster Michael Mann sees himself as Gandhi, saving the world from the axis of evil, and that he belongs in the anals of history.

Donald Trump is in the oil business, just as much as Michael Mann is in the science business.

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Looking For Climate Change

Ninety-seven percent of birds sitting on cactus worry about carbon pollution at least zero percent of the time.

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Shock News : Snow is Associated With Cold

North American November snow extent was highest on record this year, and the number of warm days in the US was third lowest on record last month.

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

The relationship between snow and cold is obvious to anyone with an IQ over 30, but not to highly qualified government climate scientists like Michael Mann.  Old-fashioned cold winters used to be caused by cold, but now they are caused by heat, and the same weather as occurred in the past – is proof of climate change.

World-renowned climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann explains why the bitter cold and snowy conditions gripping the US are “an example of precisely the sort of extreme winter weather we expect because of climate change.”

The US East Coast is experiencing an “old-fashioned” winter, with plenty of cold weather and some heavy snowfall in certain places. Listening to climate contrarians like President Donald Trump, you might think this constitutes the death knell for concern over human-caused climate change.

A ‘Perfect Storm’: Extreme Winter Weather, Bitter Cold, and Climate Change | Climate Reality

Climate science makes Monty Python parodies look like serious science.

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President Trump – Getting The Job Done!

Angela Merkel is complaining that President Trump is succeeding at doing exactly what he promised to do, and winning the hearts of Europeans in the process.

Angela Merkel: Trump Has Almost Destroyed The ‘New World Order’ – News Punch

Restoring the America which globalists have been trying to destroy for the past 30 years.

23 Feb 1991, 22 – The Ottawa Citizen at Newspapers.com

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NASA wanted questions, so I gave them one. I’m not expecting to hear back from them.

U.S. Scientist Sees New Ice Age Coming

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The Alternate Reality Of Climate Alarmists

The front page of “Weather Underground” – named after Bill Ayers’ 1960s terrorist organization, which tried to murder US Navy personnel and their wives.

The stories are : snow, winter storm, snow and ice, persistent cold, and of course the mandatory article about global warming and green energy.

Weather Forecast & Reports – Long Range & Local | Weather Underground

Here is the story :

Meanwhile, Britain switches their coal back on to avoid freezing in the dark – due to a 100% chance of green energy failure.

Britain’s oldest coal plants called on to avoid running out of power as cold sets in

h/t Paul Homewood

You really can’t make this stuff up. Climate alarmists, and leftists in general, are completely disconnected from reality. They suffer from a severe form of mental illness, which unfortunately threatens everyone around them too.

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Failed Models – Failed Science

No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right. A single experiment can prove me wrong.

  • Albert Einstein

Climate models predicted the snow line moving north as a result of increases in greenhouse gases.

The response in snow cover to enhanced greenhouse warming is therefore complicated by projected increases in mid- to high-latitude precipitation, with the response varying by latitude and elevation. Climate models generally display a transition zone, around the present-day −10°C isotherm, with expected snowfall increases to the north (high latitudes) and decreases to the south (midlatitudes)

Twenty-First-Century Projections of Snowfall and Winter Severity across Central-Eastern North America: Journal of Climate: Vol 27, No 17

If the climate was warming, precipitation falling in the mid-latitudes would fall as rain in places where it used to fall as snow. But the exact opposite is happening – the snow line is moving south.

November snow cover over North America was the most extensive since 1966.

Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis | Sea ice data updated daily with one-day lag

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

Climate scientists can tamper with temperature data (and simply make temperature data up) but it is much harder for them to tamper with historical snow data. Climate models don’t work, and they form the basis of climate science.  If the climate was warming, the snow line would be moving towards the pole, not away from it. And climate scientists wouldn’t have to cheat.


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Dalai Lama Says We Should Listen To Michael Mann

The Dalai Lama says we need to trust those scientists who are pushing the global warming scam

Some scientists believe climate change is the cause of unprecedented melting of the North Pole, and that effects these very uncertain weather patterns. I think we should listen to those scientists and experts.

– Dalai Lama

The Pope says that not believing Michael Mann is a sin.

for human beings to degrade the integrity of the earth by causing changes in its climate … these are sins

– Pope Francis

And Pippa the weather girl agrees.

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7,000 Years Since Polar Bears Went Extinct

The Arctic was ice-free 7,000 years ago.

ice cover in the Arctic Ocean was greatly reduced some 6000-7000 years ago. The Arctic Ocean may have been periodically ice free

Less Ice In Arctic Ocean 6000-7000 Years Ago — ScienceDaily

Government experts say polar bears can’t survive ice-free conditions, so they must be extinct.

Human-Driven Global Warming Is Biggest Threat to Polar Bears, Report Says – The New York Times

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