How Many Ventilators Would That Have Bought?

How many tens of millions of people will lose their jobs because Andrew Cuomo chose to pursue “climate change” rather than do his job as governor?

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Declining January-March Temperatures In Fairbanks, Alaska

The average daily temperature in Fairbanks, Alaska so far this year has been -6F (-21C) which is third coldest in the last 40 years.

The first three months of the year has cooled considerably since the PDO shift in 1976.

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CO2 Dissolving Crabs

Science Videos | AccuWeather

Crabs are descendants of Trilobites, which evolved when CO2 was at its peak 540 million years ago. CO2 levels were 15X higher than now, but now crabs are about feelings, rather than chemistry.

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New Video : Sandhill Cranes

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Climate Alarmists Celebrate Tyranny

Climate alarmism has always been about tyranny, and taking away your freedom and money.  Now they’re being quite open about it. They want people under house arrest permanently.

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Greta Suffering Attention Deficit Disorder

Greta is upset that she isn’t getting any attention, and has latched on to the latest hysteria to try to get people to pay attention to her.

Greta Thunberg Says She And Her Father Likely Had The Coronavirus | The Daily Caller

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This Week In 1913

25 Mar 1913, 6 – The Los Angeles Times at

23 Mar 1913, Page 9 – The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times at


Easter Sunday brought tornadoes from coast to coast.

The true story of our national calamity of flood, fire and tornado … – Logan Marshall – Google Books

The worst flooding in Ohio history also occurred in 1913.

09 Dec 1913, 3 – The Los Angeles Times at

28 Mar 1913, 6 – The Baltimore Sun at

27 Mar 1913, Page 1 – The Washington Post at

27 Mar 1913, Page 1 – Harrisburg Telegraph at

24 Mar 1913, 1 – Evening Times-Republican at

25 Mar 1913, Page 5 – Reading Times at

The world’s record temperature of 134F was set in California on July 10, 1913.


From August 1 to September 7, 1913 Nebraska was over 100 degrees every day but one.

This picture was taken near where I bought my first house – in Richmond, Texas. The flood crest was 56 feet on December 11, 1913.

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New Video : Desperate State Of The Climate

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Massive Carbon Reduction Success!

I filmed this Sunday afternoon driving east on I-70 from the Colorado ski areas, on a day when the traffic normally would have been bumper to bumper. Colorado has achieved spectacular carbon emission reduction, by laying off only half of the workforce.


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Democrats Set Their Priorities

Democrats don’t want to help Americans, until jets stop emitting so much CO2.

CONGRESS: Democrats want climate action included in coronavirus aid — Thursday, March 19, 2020 —

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