Sights You Might Not See On Your Local Golf Course

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One Tough Water Hazard

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Little Mexicans

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My Mexican Assistants

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Reverse Hole In One

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Blame For The Corals

The coral reefs along the Yucatan are in bad shape, and have degraded significantly over the past decade.  I have spoken with lots of local people (including naturalists) about this, and none of them mentioned anything about climate. They blame snorkelers, pollution and most of all sunscreen oils from snorkelers who swarm the reefs.

It is sad hearing about how vibrant the reefs here used to be, and seeing how much they have deteriorated.

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More Mexico Pictures

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Plummeting February 12 Temperatures In The US

February 12 afternoon temperatures have been declining for a century.

The areal coverage of February 12th warmth peaked in 1938, and was at a low in 2010.

On February 12, 1938 Texas was 86F, Florida was 83F, Georgia was 81F, Louisiana Mississippi and Oklahoma were 80F, Alabama and Arizona were 79F, Arkansas Illinois and Indiana were 78F, Kansas New Mexico and South Carolina were 77F, Colorado and Tennessee were 76F, Kentucky and Nebraska were 74F, and Missouri was 73F. If we experienced temperatures that warm now, experts would be 97% certain it was due to elevated atmospheric CO2 levels.

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What The Ball Sees

The golfing is better here today than at the Greenland Country Club.


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