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Choom Gang Produces Mass Quantities Of CO2 In California

Obama is going to have to buy a lot of carbon offsets for his California buds. Massive Yosemite blaze may have been sparked by illegal marijuana growers The massive forest fire that has scorched 333 square miles in and around … Continue reading

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At This Point, What Difference Does It Make?

Hillary Clinton got 500K gift of jewelry from Saudi king It is good to hear that all those Benghazi weapons were paid for, and not financed completely on the back of American taxpayers. h/t to greg

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The Current State Of Official Global Warming Knowledge

Temperatures are falling, while rising faster than ever Arctic ice has grown tremendously, and is retreating at a record rate Sea level rise rates haven’t changed, and threaten to drown the Earth All of the climate models massively over-predict temperature … Continue reading

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Another Glorious Week For Jimmy Carter

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Warmonger Is Now “The Reluctant War President”

For the past week, Obama has been insisting that he was going to attack Syria regardless of legality or anyone else’s opinion. Now that he is over his infantile “get even with Putin” temper tantrum, the press is already trying … Continue reading

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Rush To Judgment

“Now, I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played in that,” Mr. Obama continued. “But I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry; number … Continue reading

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Walt Meier’s Deep Blue Arctic Sea – Located

It finally showed up, just north of Barrow.

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National Geographic : EU Environmental Laws Threaten The Well Being Of The UK

British authorities have been issuing some dire-sounding warnings. In February, the man then in charge of Ofgem, Britain’s industry regulator, warned of an impending “near-crisis” of energy supply, calling the situation “horrendous” and likening it to being on a roller … Continue reading

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Barack H Bush – Destroyer Of Worlds

Shame on the US/UK – you never learn from your mistakes. As an Iraqi Christian, with family in Syria who fled Iraq after the consequences of your invasion, It’s a case of deja vu all over again. Please explain one … Continue reading

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Obama Focused Like A Laser On Jobs

The “war on coal” has five new casualties.  A lawsuit brought by environmental groups has forced the shutdown of five Indiana coal-fired power plants by 2018, totalling 668 megawatts of power.  Duke Energy announced that it would retire five coal … Continue reading

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