NASA : That Warm Period In Norway During The 1930s Wrecks Our Story – Let’s Get Rid Of It


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NASA is constantly cooling the past and warming the present – in order to make it appear that Hansen’s theories aren’t the miserable failure which they actually are.

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7 Responses to NASA : That Warm Period In Norway During The 1930s Wrecks Our Story – Let’s Get Rid Of It

  1. gator69 says:

    The new Surtr has spoken. Amen.

  2. R. de Haan says:

    I really love this theme “Wrecks our story, Let’s get rid of it”.
    This is what characterizes the core of your blog. Staccato type messages like bulets from a machine gun. The “jumping graph’s” leave absolutely no room for any discussion as they represent noting less but “hard forensic evidence” of large scale data manipulation.

    IMO there is no better way to reveal the AGW scam because even a six year old can understand what’t going on.

    This is the way to wreck the entire “cult” most effectively.

    Please proceed. I look forward to the next “deadly” shot from the hip.

    You’re a killer.

  3. Wizzum says:

    I can’t even understand how they are allowed to make adjustments to observations. I can see adjustments to estimations but definitely not actual measurements.

  4. Doug Proctor says:

    The step-functions look like there were fundamental changes in observing, as when the temperatures were taken, or the type of instrument used, or the location of the weather station.

    At 1904/1905: you know what was done?
    From 1939 – 1947, the change was progressive, as if multiple stations were being converted over time to a new system. You know what the deal was?

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