UN Announces That 0.00C Warming Since The Year 2000 Is Unprecedented

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UN Charts ‘Unprecedented’ Global Warming Since 2000 – Bloomberg

The unprecedented warming is plainly visible in satellite data – which shows an increase of 0.00 degrees since the start of the year 2000.

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Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

But it is worse than it seems. The new century actually began in 2001. Even the UHI afflicted surface data shows a decline this century.

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Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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12 Responses to UN Announces That 0.00C Warming Since The Year 2000 Is Unprecedented

  1. Bill says:

    There is a 0.7 C decrease from 2007 to 2008 and a 0.5 C increase from 2008 to 2010. How can anyone with confidence say that a 0.3 C increase over a ten year period means anything at all, especially with all the data “adjustments” they have found it necessary to perform?

  2. QV says:

    The Bloomberg article is referring to the increase in the decadal average between 1991-2000 and 2001-2010, which I calculate to be 0.208c, (from 0.278c to 0.486c), which it is claimed is “unprecedented”. However, this is only based on arbitrary decadal periods with years ending in zero. Actually, there was an increase in the decadal average of 0.241c between the decades ending May 1997 and May 2007, one of 0.240c between the decades March 1994 and March 2004, and even an increase of 0.209c between the decades April 1936 and April 1946. So the claimed increase is only “unprecedented” if you “cherry pick” decades which only end in zer0.
    Furthermore, they refer to warming “since 2000”, but only use anomaly figures to December 2010, ignoring subsequent figures.
    Actually the increase in the decadal average peaked in December 2010 (coincidence?) and had declined to 0.146c by December 2012, and has now declined further to 0.132c by June 2013.
    In fact the change in the decadal average is now back to where it was in October 1994, which is more in line with recent linear trends.
    The above figures are based on an average of HadCRUT4, GISS and NOAA anomaly figures, adjusted to a common baseline of 1961-90.

    • That would be warming prior to 2000. There has been no warming “Since 2000” – as the article claimed.

    • miked1947 says:

      All that will change the next time they run those climate models. They are claiming climate model outputs are data and have some world shattering meaning, they are just opinions derived by “Proper Adjustments” through computer modelling. We are not talking about the real world here but the Make Believe world of HADCRUT, GISS and NOAA. By taking their Fabricated figures and Adjusting them you get “Adjusted” BS!

      • miked1947 says:

        It is not even Cherry Picking, when they use the computer to create the Cherries! Virtual Reality is a more appropriate term for what they provide.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Since climate is always changing, absolutely no change in 13 years is probably quite uncommon. Maybe not unprecedented but quite uncommon. The only thing newsworthy about no change is that these clarlatans are lying about it.

  4. Adrian Vance says:

    The Medieval Warming from 800 AD to 1300 AD Micheal Mann erased to make his “hockey stick” was several degrees warmer than anything “global warmers” fear. It was 500 years of great abundance for the world.

    The Vostock Ice Core data analysis show CO2 increases follow temperature increases by 800 years. That makes temperature change the cause and CO2 change the effect; it is not the other way around. Finally…

    CO2 is a “trace gas” in air, insignificant by definition. It absorbs 1/7th as much IR, heat energy, from sunlight as water vapor which has 188 times as many molecules capturing 1200 times as much heat making 99.9% of all “global warming.” CO2 does only 0.1% of it. For this we should destroy our economy?

    Carbon combustion generates 80% of our energy. Control and taxing of carbon would give the elected ruling class more power and money than anything since the Magna Carta of 1215 AD.

    See The Two Minute Conservative via Google or: http://adrianvance.blogspot.com and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  5. Jcf: Green Party of Canada Adriana Magnutto-Hamu bet me $100 the temperature was still rising. Wonder when she’ll pay up.

  6. pyeatte says:

    We are still in the 4th 30-year Climate Normal until 2020.

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