How Gavin Doubled Northern Hemisphere Surface Warming

Gavin shows 1.5C Northern Hemisphere surface temperature warming, which he accomplished using a couple of tricks. Yesterday I showed how he shifted the baseline and cooled the past for pre-1969 temperatures, which gave him an extra 0.3C of imaginary warming.

ScreenHunter_5021 Dec. 09 05.46

This is the actual comparison, without the baseline shift.

ScreenHunter_5024 Dec. 09 05.57

Now lets look at the tricks he uses since 1969. He shows a huge discontinuity at the PDO shift of 1977, which does appear in Alaska, but does not appear in the US, Greenland or European temperature records.

ScreenHunter_5066 Dec. 10 06.28

I created a complete 1880-2013 Northern Hemisphere land temperature record by merging and normalizing temperatures from 1975 NAS (1880-1969), NOAA Angell (1970-1979) and UAH (1979-2013)  Note that the NOAA data does not show a discontinuity at 1977.

ScreenHunter_5070 Dec. 10 07.28 As you can see, the actual amount of warming from 1880 to 2013 is a  little more than half of what Gavin shows. This analysis is conservative, because UAH tends to show too much warming.

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15 Responses to How Gavin Doubled Northern Hemisphere Surface Warming

  1. DSC says:

    A really cleaver person would have been able to create the same false slope without being so obvious. I don’t think Gavin is up to the job. Maybe time for regime to think about replacement.

  2. exmaschine says:

    Reblogged this on The Road to Revelation and commented:
    Besides Fraudulent climate science, the U.S. government engages in criminality in all facets of life. They are one of the most corrupted tyrannical government in the world. Their griwing tyranny is subtle yet so subversive most people are not aware to the scope of their oppression and plutocracy

  3. Rew says:

    Can someone point me to the 1975 NAS data? I can find the graph Schmidt references but I can’t find the data digitally.

  4. Stephen Richards says:

    It is strange how e european is distorting the american and world temp data to please a president who wants to make the USA more european.

  5. R. de Haan says:

    In the mean time the political agenda continues to be executed. No diesel cars aloud in big cities, coal plants mandatory burning biosphere, STORE Diesel generators running as a back up for wind and solar power. In the Netherlands the city authorities put up a ban for cars that were build in 2001 or earlier. At the same time these morons import 100 million tons of waste to be burned.
    How clever is that.

    This is a doctrine undermining the very the entire wealth base of our civilization.

    And the idiots with voting rights ask for more.

    Time is running out you know.

    • Gail Combs says:

      I am well aware that time is running out. If the EPA collapses the grid on the east coast after Obama and his buddies have been inciting riots and it will be a blood bath.

      J. D. Robb has in her futuristic Mystery Series ‘the Urban Wars’ set around 2016. I sometimes wonder if she knows something we don’t….

  6. R. de Haan says:

    Urban wars have been programmed into the mix from the beginning.
    In Europe by mass importation of people who dream of an Islamic Europe by 2030 and a war on people who dare to say something about that. Divide and rule.

    But we have some luck on our side now.
    Nothing is more effective to stop the progress of green energy than a 50 USD p/b oil price and the collapse of Opec.

  7. R. de Haan says:

    Just in the news, 2014 warmest year ever in 300 years.

    Only morons believe that.

    • Gail Combs says:

      If they do believe that GAIA has a big surprise waiting. China, the EU, Japan, Canada, the USA and even the middle east are getting plastered with cold, snow and freezing rain.
      The stuff our media never tells us:

      Piers Corbyn is forecasting the UK is going to really get plastered “This will probably be the most extreme 5 days of snow blizzards and gales in Britain and Ireland for 100 years…” Just in time for a welcome home from the Lima Climate talks. (He also forecasts the USA will see nasty weather too.)

  8. omanuel says:

    Tony, I applaud your exposure of the international Tower of Babel, a gigantic Matrix of Deceit initiated by Stalin et al.,in 1945 to save themselves from nuclear annihilation (self-righteously to save the world from destruction!)

    Five years of Orwellian responses to the 2009 Climategate emails confirm that delusions of power in world leaders and their science advisers are addictive – beyond control of the addict.

    Can you and your readers suggest ways to resolve this?

  9. KTM says:

    All that the Climate Prestidigitators have left is smoke and mirrors.

  10. Dale Hartz says:

    Unless I am reading your graph wrong, UAH only increased .5 degrees since 1979, not a full degree as shown.

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