38% Growth In Arctic Sea Ice Since September 2012

Green shows ice growth since September 2012. Red shows ice loss.

Extent is 38% larger than the 2012 minimum. Extent will shrink some before mid-September, so the minimum coverage for 2015 will be a little lower than it is now.

ScreenHunter_2743 Aug. 20 12.20

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6 Responses to 38% Growth In Arctic Sea Ice Since September 2012

  1. Password Protected says:

    Is the ‘blob’ of warm water of North America’s west coast finally moving off?

  2. The Iconoclast says:

    I’m sure they will will breath a huge sigh of relief and report that concerns about AGW have been overblown.

  3. Ron C. says:

    The human race, as well as the biosphere, benefits from more open water in the Arctic, not less. It’s time to remove the warmist blinders on this issue.


    • rah says:

      The problem is that they have already portrayed ice loss as a disaster and as a key indication that their AGW hypothesis is correct since warming from CO2 is supposed to increase over the Arctic first.

      I don’t think even they could flip flop off that claim successfully to keep the AGW scam alive.

      • Ron C. says:

        Ironic isn’t it? If our fossil fuel emissions do a bit to postpone the next ice age, that is a good thing.

        And I urge sceptics to refute the warmest premise, not expecting that consensus faithful will see the light.

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