Hot Days Occurring Less Frequently In Australia

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Contrary to the lies of climate criminals, hot days in Australia have become less frequent, not more frequent.

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  1. Andy Oz says:

    We also see that the BOM compares current temperatures versus the 1960-1990 mean T. That just happens to be the coolest three decades on record, and I don’t mean “Chris Isaak cool”.

    Any anomaly is thus more than likely to be warmer than that baseline mean T.

    Just another way to manage the climate agenda public relations program for dummies. A self perpetuating, self validating system. Plug in the lowest number you can get away with in your climate algorithm and Voila! you have “hotter than average” current temperatures anytime you want them.

    I’m certain the BOM have their justifications for setting up their algorithms this way:

    “Because I need the paycheck” (My skill set is bought & paid for)
    “Because the boss said to do it this way” (Yes man)
    “Because they said we’ve always done it this way” (I am a serial regurgitator)
    “Because they have more letters after their name than I do” (They are qualified regurgitators)
    “Because I will get a promotion if I agree with them” (Yes man for dummies)
    “Because I want to save the world from climate change” (Messiah complex)

    All opposing views have been cleaned out of the BOM, through standard public service management politics, or through the 30 yrs of child indoctrination by the useful idiots in the “education system” – read: brainwashing system. They now always see a hot day as validation of their world view and a cold day as a temporary anomaly.

    My wish for the BOM is that they get the hell out of politics. Tough when all your funding depends on politicians, and political apparatchiks. Just do it.

    Just report the data. The farmers of Australia appreciate truthful accurate reporting. It has helped them triple agricultural production in last 50 years while population has also tripled, despite continued government interference.

    Stop making projections on climate change that have as much validity as a horoscope.
    Chance of that happening? Zero.
    Chance of me continuing to ridicule climate propaganda issued by useful idiots? 100%

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