It Has Nothing To Do With Climate

The dictator just issued some more CO2 regulations. They have absolutely nothing to do with climate. By the year 2030, China will emit four times as much CO2 as the US. Anything the US does is in the noise.

Why do Republicans in Congress insist on referring to them as “climate regulations?”

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2 Responses to It Has Nothing To Do With Climate

  1. PeterMG says:

    Once upon a time there may have been a difference between what are termed Democrats and what are termed Republicans. But today they are all on the same mission, centralisation. This is a completely Left Wing outlook on life and the only difference is how they get there. And perhaps the only difference is the democrats want control to be overtly with central government whilst the Republicans are happy to exercise it via corporatism by giving all the advantage in life to their corporate friends. The end result is the same, and once you come to terms with what they are doing your question has an obvious answer.

  2. GW says:

    The link is giving me a 404 error.

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