New Mexico Climate Crisis

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7 Responses to New Mexico Climate Crisis

  1. G W Smith says:

    At least we can see what it was like before the world ended.

  2. Roger Roots says:

    Great video. Great music. Is that Fleetwood Mac?

    • Logic n reason says:

      Yes. Songbird from the Rumours album. One of the greatest love songs ever written. Saw the FM a few years ago in London with Christine McVie back in the band and delighted that she performed it live.

  3. MickD says:

    Ah, Christine Perfect … what a wonderful voice she has.

    Sad …The place looks on its last legs, climate action is needed now.
    How about 1,000 “protesters”, leaving truckloads of rubbish behind? That’d fix this problem.

  4. Cathy says:

    What a beautiful, peaceful experience. Thank you ?? ?

  5. Lisa says:

    Love this. I live in NM.

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