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New Video : 3984 Days Left For The Planet

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Choosing Life

“I prefer dangerous liberty over peaceful slavery” Thomas Jefferson “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Ben Franklin I’m living in Central Nebraska this month, staying at the home … Continue reading

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Costa Rica Bans Going To The Beach

I took my Costa Rica trip just in time. They banned going to the beach, because the Pacific Ocean isn’t big enough for social distancing. Stab Magazine | Shots Fired: Costa Rican Pro Arrested For Surfing, Kelly Slater Inadvertently Comes … Continue reading

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Global Warming To Drown New York And New Orleans

Is Thwaites Glacier doomed? Scientists race against time to find out.

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The Atlantic Says 2.2 Million Will Die By The End Of Summer

By the end of June, there will be 15 times as many COVID-19 patients as beds. By the end of the summer, the pandemic will have directly killed 2.2 million Americans How the Pandemic Will End – The Atlantic – … Continue reading

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This Date In 1890

On this date in 1890, as massive tornado outbreak in the Ohio Valley killed hundreds of people and wiped out dozens of towns. At the same time, a building flood on the Mississippi River was forecast to wipe out New … Continue reading

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Printing Rolls Of Money

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New Video : Climate Alarmism Kills

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New Video : Little Dog On The Prairie

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Climate Alarmism Kills

Interesting map from NASA, which shows how polluted the air in Northern Italy normally is. Satellite data shows air pollution drop in Europe amid COVID-19 lockdowns | CBC News My sister used to live in Wuhan – the air there … Continue reading

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