New Video : Expired Earth

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  1. Adrian Foley says:

    In the early 1980s, American psychologist Philip Tatlock recruited 284 volunteers who made their living commenting on or offering advice on political and economic trends – political scientists, economists, political and economic journalists. He asked them to make predictions.

    Over a period of several years, they made 82,361 judgments about the future. When the results were analysed, they had scored – as Tatlock himself put it – “ a whisker better than a dart-throwing chimpanzee aiming for the bullseye”.

    (When I read this, I thought why not scrap all the computer models, the IPCC and all the conferences and just get a chimpanzee and a dartboard?). Only one in three of the predictions were accurate – even worse than random chance.. Curiously, the more prominent the predictor, the worse was the prediction.

  2. RegretLeft says:

    Here is comes – we should have expected it. The template is in place

    “Avoid climate change lockdown… limit private vehicle use … ban consumption of red meat…”

    Our rulers have tasted undreamt of powers – a terrified citizenry has failed a big test.

    Get Ready.

    • Davide says:

      Just to let you know something about this person.
      In Italy, during the ridicolous lockdown, the government created a “task force” made by “experts”, to manage the crisis.
      Government that basicly in those months ruled by decree in an “emergency state”, even if it is not allowed by the italian constitution, making the parliament useless and without autority.
      Of course constitutional court knew it (the president even said it), but did nothing (we are not lucky as in the US, about the nomination of members of Supreme Court).
      This person was part of this “task force”, that obviously did and said nothing useful.
      Before these last days, one indicative thought expressed by this person was this tweet:
      “If there are “key” or “essential” workers in the economy, next step is to recognise “essential” part of economy that needs funding, nurturing & massive rethinking. Corollary is to understand how so much value could have been extracted by “non essential” part, and reverse that.
      As you can see, their thought are marxist: they think they are the central planner, that can decide which activities are “essential”, give them money, and destroy the economic activities they don’t like.
      This person has also been put in the board of the main italian energy company (Enel – the state is the main stockholder).
      Just to say that not all italian people are like her, this is the answer tweet from Michele Boldrin, professor in the US:
      “Let me translate this: the central planner will figure out what’s essential. The rest will be marched to the country side for a big step forward …”
      November elections are too important.

  3. DANIEL SMEAL says:

    I’m so confused.

  4. n95 mask says:

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