New Video : Science Based Hatred And Bigotry

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2 Responses to New Video : Science Based Hatred And Bigotry

  1. Aussie says:

    Many of the papers here in Australia will not print my questioning of climate change or covid responses.

    Thankfully, the Australian continues to do so, and at the same time print Leftists views. Seems that I strike a chord, as often, when I post on climate change, I get massive nos of likes and often get the top post of the day. People are clearly dissatisfied with the complete lack of science underpinning of the very bad policies here related to renewables and climate change.

    But the Leftist publications want to pretend that all is nice and rosy, and it is quite sickening the cavalcade of ridiculousness that prevades their comment sections. On the virus we have pleading for masks (did you notice Floridas governor overturning all mask mandates the other day – fantastic!), on climate change, cries for more renewables and deluded postings with zero factual basis.

    These publications outdo Pravda in their propagandizing, as there are huge numbers here simply unaware of the lies being continually told under the guise of informing the public.

  2. So they eagerly publish stuff by Libertarians and Objectivists?

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