Quixeramobim, Brazil Had A Cooling Trend From 1896 To 2019

Hi, everyone.

Here is an animation chart for mean annual temperatures in Quixeramobim, Brazil.

As you can see, GHCN V3 Unadjusted data show Quixeramobim had a cooling trend since 1896, while V4 Unadjusted data show a warming trend.

According to NASA, both are unadjusted data, but they aren’t in agreement.

To make matters worse, as I tweeted July 21 2019, NASA used to claim that GHCN-Unadjusted is the raw data as reported by the weather station, but now they changed their explanatory text.

Once you see the post, you can easily see what I mean right away.

Then, let’s look at the GHCN V2 data set.

▲Data Source: (1896 – 1991), (1987 – 2011)

As you know, NASA simply like changing their temperature data.

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7 Responses to Quixeramobim, Brazil Had A Cooling Trend From 1896 To 2019

  1. Aussie says:

    Thank you, please keep showing these examples of data tampering.

    The BOM here in Australia are past masters at this although the ridiculous changes to the Marble Bar all time heat record, which was properly recorded, showed their addiction to global warming rather than accurate temperature recording.

    I am sure Australian records are a fertile ground for data falsification….

  2. MGJ says:

    A neat trick, perhaps we should all try it.

    The unadjusted speed I was driving at, Officer, was 30 mph. That’s after I applied quality control to the actual speed, which was 45 mph.

  3. arn says:

    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified.every book rewritten,every picture repainted,every statue and street renamed.
    (every temperature record has been ‘adjusted’)
    Nothing exists except an endless present whete the “Party” is always right”

    George Orwell

    i got kicked from youtube after suggesting that they need to use a jammer
    to attack Bidens earphone so he has to talk by himself
    and warned that the other side may use some kind of focused microwave device on Trump to sabotage him.

    I guess the big tech corporations are pretty sure to win the election(by cheating)
    and have already started to turn their censorship to post trump communism.

  4. Gator says:

    Data is only data once. Altered data is not data, but an artifact of analysis, an opinion.

    He who controls the language controls thought.

  5. kzvx says:

    Keep up the good work

  6. RegretLeft says:

    Very interesting – cool the past / warm the present – it is quite transparent. If quality control, and increased accuracy were the aim, wouldn’t it sometime go the other way? Or did government weather services decades ago -always- think it was warmer than it really was? Seems that way!

    Is NOAA / NASA always the winner in this game? – I seem to recall – a few years back, a report here that the official Icelandic (I think) weather service had emphatically rejected such an “adjustment” for Icelandic temperature data. Are there any others? … Or does NOAA/NASA create incentives for not doing so ? Do they – just guessing – make it impossible for dissenting weather officials to publish research?

    One tech/presentation note: I wonder if it would be possible to make the graph animation “manual” – i.e. click on it to control the display overlays – as is, it is somewhat fast – somewhat distracting, difficult to look at – I would spend some time looking at the actual extent of “adjustment” – it looks quite extreme for some years – but at the pace it is difficult to see that.


  7. Learned Hat says:

    You better start downloading all the data you can or it will forever be lost.

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