The Number Of Typhoons Formed Has Been Trending Down Modestly Since 1951

Hi, everyone.

Today, I’d like to show you the data for typhoons.

Japanese climate alarmists said that the number of typhoons has increased as the years rolled on.

However, in fact, the number of typhoons formed has been trending down modestly since 1951, and this July was the first July to have seen no typhoons formed at all.

During August seven typhoons formed, which was not particularly unusual.

Data Source

The following chart shows the number of typhoons formed in the Pacific each year from January through August.

Data Source

As you can see, this year so far, the number of typhoons is less than usual.

In addition, as of September 17, the number of typhoons landings in Japan this year is still zero, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).

Data Source

I think Japanese climate alarmists have never checked the data, or they are simply lying.

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9 Responses to The Number Of Typhoons Formed Has Been Trending Down Modestly Since 1951

  1. Ron Simmons says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for posting.

  2. arn says:

    Even typhoons joined the climate deniers club.

  3. gregole says:

    Tracks well with American hurricanes. They were supposed to get much worse after Katrina – instead they radically decreased.

  4. Peter says:

    Japan’s neighbor, South Korea, shows something similar. It keeps track of the number of typhoons that has an effect on Korea (not necessarily landing on the coast of Korea).

    Until July, two typhoons came close enough to have some effect on Korea. On average, 7.5 tyhpoons have passed Korea by the end of July.

    On average per year, 25.6 typhoons have some influence on Korea. The peak is in August. This year august had more close typhones than average: 7 vs. 5.8,; however it seems unlikely that this year will be close to the average of 25.6 with only 12 typhones so far.

    Source (sorry, in Korea):

  5. Thaipixie says:

    A little off topic but I saw this today… reported in July 13 1940 that german warship and commerce raider Comet transitioned from the atlantic to the pacific via the northwest route noted here at at 7 min 45 sec.

  6. Thaipixie says:

    There has not been a major Typhoon hit the the Gulf of Thailand since the early 1990’s!!

  7. Johansen says:

    Thanks for posting! I have enjoyed your charts/graphs a lot. Thank you

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