A Nation That Is Afraid Of Its People

The criminals who run YouTube found yet another excuse to silence me last night, and established a mechanism to delete my channel completely without any basis or due process.

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  1. spren says:

    Tony, every single site on the internet where conservatives gather is under attack. The Conservative Treehouse was de-platformed by Word Press back in early December, but they have found other servers to host them. You should be ready for that as well.

    Today, BPR (Business and Politics Review) who provides a morning and afternoon series of articles is under attack. There is a blank video screen that appears at the top of the page doing nothing but have a red line go back and forth in the middle of it, and as you attempt to scroll down it moves with you blocking almost all of the content. I’m sure it is some manner of a malicious attack. These Leftists are really becoming very deranged and fascist.

  2. Richard says:

    that is why the Dems want gun control- they know they cannot be a 1 party in control of USA- thats their goal since Ted Double Murderer Kennedy wanted – that is why they shat their panties in the Capital – they thought it was an armed attack due to their cheating on the election to but dopey Joe in WH

  3. D. Boss says:

    Tony, I think you may have a strong case for a civil lawsuit against this despotic leviathan.

    They provided the proof of their own violation of their “standards” by digging up an old video outside the 90 day window for their “strikes”.

    Should they do this again to remove your channel, you could sue them for huge damages as your large following is a source of donation revenue. Attempting to silence you and damage your following hence causes you harm in the eyes of the law. And their own breach of contract is in evidence.

    You need some “harm” to sue, and you have evidence of their own contract breach. It should be enough to get your strikes removed and/or a huge settlement.

    It has to “hurt” for them to change policy.

  4. arn says:

    Why should your channel be treated different than climate data or
    the ice age scare?
    The communists have been erasing and disappearing people from photographs
    for a hundred years and they created the first polically correct(=political) science.
    Now they are just using the very same methods they had been testing in China and Russia on a global scale to fit everything into the UN agenda.

    Facebook even deleted Brandon Strakas walkaway movement.
    And one can’t be more harmless and neutral than the walkaway movement.
    The only thing he did was posting testemonies of people who left the left.
    And if you can ban this,you can ban everything for no reason.

  5. Anon says:

    Hi Tony,

    The same thing happened to Cliff Mass and he lost his weather show on PBS. (BTW) In addition to backing up your channel up on Rumble and BitChute, it might be worthwhile to create an archive of all of you videos that can be shared and downloaded as a torrent. No doubt after Youtube is purged, Rumble and Bitchute will come under the same pressure as Parler. Just a thought…

  6. Steve+Cooksey says:

    You’ve been just under 100K subscribers on YouTube for a very long time. Something very fishy about that as it was rising steadily just prior to the “freeze”.

  7. Donna K. Becker says:

    A couple of months ago, a conservative Nextdoor/Meet Up group I’d joined suddenly disappeared. We’re trying to re-group on another platform.
    It’s obvious to me that You Tube didn’t like the comparison of BLM to Naziism. Funny thing about that.

  8. Stephen Corrigan says:

    Thanks for the informative vlog

  9. stef says:

    It’s just beyond comprehension that these criminals can get away with this. Totally insane. It’s like the entire world has been infected with a stange madness.

  10. Chuck Blythe says:

    We’re free range slaves (h/t Owen Benjamin)

  11. Ron says:

    Those who refuse to learn from history…

  12. nobler says:

    Had to add the Kennedy quote to my fortunes.txt file. Keep ’em coming!

  13. oldefarte says:

    I, too, have been barred from “YouTube” for “violation of their policy guidelines”. No warnings. No specifics. No response when I asked “why”. Of course, we ALL know “why”. Your postings, Mr. Heller, were some of the finest on the site, whether you were dealing with “climate change” (I loved the recent one about New York’s “snowless winters”, even as CNN and Yahoo and MSNBC/MSN breathlessly reported on the “record snowfalls” currently blanketing the “snowless city”) or COVID or media bias and manipulation. You dared people to think. You offered them the truth. You didn’t just “believe” that “science is real”, you helped them to “know” and recognize “real science”. In the eyes of those people who stole the election, shut down debate, and vilified those who disagreed with them while extolling “unity” (presumably the “unity” of the sheep or the lemming), you are a horrible, horrible person who deserves NO forum.

    SO, keep on posting and tell us how we can best support your continued efforts.

    • Rory Forbes says:

      I too was barred from YouTube for the same non-reasons, two months ago. However they did respond to my inquiries. They claimed I violated their “hate speech” rules and told me the banishment was permanent.

      There is a cultural war going on that people aren’t aware of or not acknowledging. We’re under attack and it will become much, much worse.

  14. nobler says:

    I ordered some memory SODIMMs for an old Dell laptop from Amazon. The listing says “Kingston”. What they sent was some generic brand. I posted a 1-star review to Amazon saying that they say “Kingston” but they ship generic. Amazon pulled my review, 100% true, no profanity, no mention of competing websites. It didn’t meet their “community guidelines”. I guess it’s okay for Amazon to do “bait and switch”, but it’s not okay to warn potential buyers that this is happening.

    • George Hilman says:

      I hope you returned the shipment.

      • Rory Forbes says:

        People are now learning why there is anti trust legislation and why monopolies are frowned upon. We did give them the monopolies though. If these people can squash the President’s freedom of speech, they can do it to anyone.

  15. nobler says:

    What JP said in this YouTube “community guidelines” video still holds true:


    He has learned how to push the envelope and still stay on YouTube. Amazing!

  16. Perry Myklebost says:

    How long before the government scans traffic on the web and decides to shut down an IP address due to “bad” speech?
    It’s going to happen with Democrats in charge – try to find one that will say no – they don’t exist

  17. richard says:

    They are only destroying themselves. How did prohibition turn out in the end.

  18. Richard Yanda, Ph.D. says:

    YouTube has shown its true colors: it’s an incompetent organization with no idea of what it is doing. I will not do business with YouTube in any way. Zucherburg is a poorly educated ignoramus who had one good idea that made him very rich. He seems to think that he can take decades to learn something about morality. YouTube is out of control and should be broken up and/or regulated.
    Honestly Tony, you’re better off without them.

  19. saveenergy says:

    Are there alternative platforms to YouTube & WordPress that are secure & accommodating to all ?

  20. Glenn says:

    There are alternatives to YouTube. Check out Rumble.

  21. Ginny Silcox says:

    So Tony, when you guys manage to remove Liz Cheney, will Wyoming join Texas in secession? I used to live in Boulder, CO but escaped to the southern mountains. Now I am looking to leave this blue state, but Texas is so darned flat! I’m worried that an apparent approaching ice age will make Wyoming impossible, and THIS winter has been pretty bad even in Colorado. Got any ideas?

    • Rory Forbes says:

      One thing you can rely on, contrary to popular belief, climate changes very, very slowly. We’re not truly experiencing “climate change” … just weather variation. It’s a dead certainty that this interglacial period will come to an end, but that is unlikely in your lifetime. Geologic time is different than human time.

  22. d belinfante says:

    It’s not a nation that is afraid of its people. It is a Regime that is sticking it to its subjects.

  23. hotwire says:

    Where ever you go I shall follow and share. This is only the beginning of dark times.
    This time, we in Australia and Taiwan are in the most perilous situation. We must always resist.

  24. Jeremy says:

    Keep up the good work Tony. We need you more now than ever.

  25. G-man says:

    Have been reading about WWII and what lead up to the war. There are an alarming number of parallels to the Nazi party and the democrat party. I am amazed how many people are brainwashed by social media and MSM.

  26. jb says:

    You do great work, Tony.

    Is there any way to get WY govt involved where they sue Google for discrimination?

    Also: it doesn’t seem like many people remember: 4 years ago a leaked video showed a large meeting of Google employees, from the brass to the peons. In it they lamented that they had not done enough to prevent Trump from getting elected. They promised as a company to right that wrong 4 years hence. And they did….by censorship. And now to make their victory permanent, you and others must be silenced.

  27. gregole says:

    Links to new channels please.

    YouTube has gone full fascist.

  28. Margaret Smith says:

    It’s getting very scary. Where the US lead we inevitably follow. I feel very sorry for the young. Is thete anything that can be done?

  29. Brad Row says:

    Another superb video, Tony, which I had not seen before. The parallels between America today and Germany in the 1930s are deeply disturbing. When I looked at YouTube last night (my local time) I could not find any video from you. Since I look forward to seeing your videos, and know that your output is quite prolific, my suspicions were raised. Sadly, they have now been confirmed. The fact that last night’s YouTube content was rather bland and boring suggests that others are having their channels deleted as well. I think you, and they, should make a point of moving over to another platform on a permanent basis. The more this is done the more viewers will find YouTube’s content uninteresting. They too will move away from it in order to find content worth watching. Hopefully, those who operate YouTube will get a painful lesson in the operation of market forces.

  30. Horrie says:

    Starting to look like Gilbert & Sullivan’s play “Thed Mikado” where KO KO, the lord high execeutioner sings “I have a little list” and none of them be missed.

  31. Don Vickers says:

    Should it not be a government that is afraid of it’s people ? with good reason I might add.

  32. Jessica+pohl says:

    But then, how could it be otherwise. YouTube is run by socialists aka radical lefties, and socialism is a crime against humanity, historically as well as in principle. So, you had it coming, Tony, for not conforming to their wokespeak.

  33. Andre Rohde garder says:

    Marxists lie about everything, and especially about their own past. But the fact that Hitler was a socialist, and that Mussolini called himself “The Lenin of Italy” tells the real story.

    Hitler and Mussolini: History’s Dirty Little Secret


  34. I hope some legal firm could provide you with pro-bono services to commence a suit against Youtube. You may make far more money out of that than you ever could working as hard as you do.

    Please keep up the great work Tony. You are most appreciated.

  35. thurman Zhou says:

    Two things:
    One, they stereotype radicalized white privileged males as being Republicans. Does Buffalo Man that walked into the capitol look like a Republican? He’s not dressed in a suit and tie. The press, true or not, characterized him as some ‘ner do well living in his parents basement. That’s not the image they portray as white privileged male.
    Two, constantly for the brain dead communists I’ve engaged in debate, I’ve made clear that communists eat their own. To wit, Bernie Sanders, the epitome of a white privileged male. E tu Hilary? Talk about white privilege, her and her family live a life I can’t imagine. I’m sure her daughter got the job at a brokerage firm on her own merits and not connected in any way to Hilary. Hilarious. That’s sarcasm.
    Do they not realize they are talking about themselves? What color is Al Gore, M. Mann. Joe Biden, or a number of the leading leftists? What a bunch of hypocrites. They point their fingers at the likes of Tony, me, and millions of other people that make this country run as evil while they produce nothing and do nothing except sow discord and chaos. You will surely reap what you sow Bernie. I don’t have to do a thing, the left will do it for me.

  36. richard says:

    It’s like Prohibition but the more you try to censor the more the movement against it will grow. There will be a dual network that will grow alongside. The populist movement is growing across the world . This is just a blip.

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