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Do Not Pass Go … Go Directly To Gulag

Climate alarmists originally targeted capitalism via CO2 emissions, but now they have cut the middleman (CO2) out of the equation .. and are directly targeting capitalism.

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Learning From History

Most people don’t learn the lessons of history, and that is dangerous. But even more dangerous are the people who do learn the lessons – and use it as the playbook for a repeat performance.

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Making Energy Prices Skyrocket

Twelve years ago, Obama and Biden promised to make energy prices skyrocket. They effectively shut down the US nuclear energy industry, and Obama is now doing the same to oil and gas. This is leading to high energy prices and … Continue reading

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Fool Me Once ….

Joe Biden is recycling the identical green energy scam he pulled twelve years ago. Only this time he plans to steal much more taxpayer money.

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Fifty-Five Years Of Human Progress

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New Mexico Continues To “Listen To The Scientists”

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The Most Essential Command

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New Video : In Search Of …. Global Warming

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Tulsi Gabbard Minces No Words

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Record Heat Of January 26, 1950

On this date in 1950, twenty-two states were over 70 degrees, fourteen were over 80 degrees, and Texas reached 96 degrees. TimesMachine: Friday January 27, 1950 –

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