YouTube Shuts Me Down Again

For the second time this month, YouTube has shut me down over an old video, which they actually deleted six months ago. They have people going through my old videos and looking for any excuse to give me a current strike.

Here is their email from two hours ago.

But they deleted the video on November 22 without a strike.

Here is my response :

This video is seven months old and is based on information from the President’s COVID advisor. Using a seven month old video as an excuse to give me a current strike shows how desperate you are to silence my right to free speech. You are violating my civil rights and thus committing a hate crime.

This is the video they used for their latest excuse.

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28 Responses to YouTube Shuts Me Down Again

  1. MG says:

    In addition to Bitchute and NewTube, hope you put your work up on Rumble too.

  2. Ringandpinion says:

    Keep up the good fight. I know that it is your mission to point out the constant censorship you see, but I find it hard to accept that a lot of people don’t just accept that censorship as a given. It doesn’t make me dislike it any less, but I’ve been of the opinion for over 30 years that the mainstream media, politicians, bureaucrats etc. are all liars to the point of criminality. I know there are exceptions, but it is pretty depressing if you dwell on it. If for no other reason, this is why I liked Trump, he was an outsider, and this more than anything scared the government criminals. What a strange world we live in when the vast majority of the press sides with the government on everything, to the point of setting policy from the newsroom and vice versa. Good luck Tony. Cheers, AB

  3. John Sturges says:

    These folks are sociopaths(narcissists) and gain notoriety by going after others. By being critics of others they believe they elevate themselves. They actually get a dopamine boost when they believe they have bested someone else. Now that Trump is out of office, they are seeking other targets, even reaching back in time to double-down.
    They have begun to go after Cuomo and more recently the FBI released negative information on Pelosi’s father. This is one extreme of human makeup that I used to think closer to a mental illness, but now believe is an element which has been with us for all time. Social media makes these people have a much louder voice than they used to.
    The are ‘morally slippery’. They claim moral positions to advance themselves but abandon them and claim other positions as soon as the new positions prove more useful.
    Arguing with them, gives them the attention they crave. Best defense is to completely ignore them which drives them crazy!

  4. kzvx says:

    Tony, leave youtube behind. Twitter, facebook, Instagram etc are all tools for the left. Post on Parler – similar to twitter, it is growing fast and attracts the kind of people who need to see your videos

  5. Mark Twain
    “Don’t Judge a man by his enemies…but by his friends”
    No just the opposite!
    Proud to be their enemy too my FRIEND!
    AlinskiGruberGoreCCPrs on the face of it can’t even read Twain books only Marx brain fart$ allowed.
    They are in it for Uncle $am’$
    We want Power for All

  6. Andree Hammerschmidt says:

    Just leave it to Killbill…….pretty sure he’ll come up with something……

  7. Cheshire Red says:

    They need suing. Can’t understand how the US doesn’t seem to allow it.

  8. Charles Straw says:

    Yesterday, I wrote a personal email to a friend. I included a rather basic link to some interesting face mask articles (questioning their efficacy, with stats and medical studies)

    Soon I got a perturbed response from my friend, who had fact-checked my link through a fact checking engine…

    “Your link contains pseudo-scientific material and info that could be considered conspiratorial in nature” declared my friend

    I’d never been fact-checked by a friend…

    I ended up fact-checking my friend’s fact-checker (it’s considered amateurish)
    and emailed the results to my friend

    Thanks Tony, as usual

  9. NewsCyrmu says:

    Tony, YouTube is not a battle that can be won but it’s also not a battle that needs to be fought, just use YouTube to link to content on your website/other video sites etc.

  10. KevinPaul says:

    Brilliant work Tony.
    GOOGLES attempts to bury this work testifies to its veracity.
    Their desired population reduction will be achieved through a syringe, and not only will fertility be expunged, but prion-like diseases will stifle any intellectual asseverations and protestations of such.

  11. Steve says:

    I was encouraged by the fact YouTube actually watched one of your videos because I thought they might learn something, but instead they attacked you for speaking the truth. You didn’t make any of it up.

    This is living proof that main stream media is out to silence the truth.

  12. Margaret Smith says:

    They are very afraid of you, and with good reason I think. Truth the the sworn enemy of the lie, according to Goebbels.

  13. arn says:

    It is not hard to guess how evil people are who need to use
    ridiculous terms like “medical misinformation policy”
    and how bogus their agenda,AGW and Covid is.

    Seems this crap is so fundamental to their global social engineering concept and so fragile that everything that questions it has to be silenced.
    And they know very well once they lose their controle over a single one of their lies and narratives the house of cards will crumble

  14. Carl says:

    You should also consider posting at There is a lot of good content there, Alex Jones is there.

  15. Frank Lasee says:

    Keep spreading the truth. And keep finding other platforms.
    Censorship is UnAmerican and wrong.

    Love your work.
    You should take a look at this. NOAA says that January has the smallest departures for for Asia in January since 2012. That northern Asia was below average and parts of southern Asia were above normal temperatures.

    And it is difficult to find the stories of the coldest winter in 60 years in China and other parts of Asia, unless you know all the key words.

  16. hotwire says:

    The YouTube monopoly must end. Platforms and companies that own them don’t reflect the opinions of the people that own them. Just like government these companies have been invaded by the leftist parasites.

    If you think you freezing in the dark now, isn’t only getting started.

    A past left wing prime minister of Australia once referred to his voters as true believers. These people believe in socialism and global warming, no amount of logic or facts will change them.

    • Philo Cartier says:

      Great Job Tony!

      In regards to You Tube- we all might consider how to influence these “influencers”.

      Continuous pulling out contradictions from their history, Ehrlich and friends, changed their story every few years in contradictory ways. A nice little story site or distributed post/spoof of say, “Ehrlich’s Latest Fairy Tale” might be a more effective reply than any rebuttal. The internet has spawned quite a number of effective nit-pickers to steer onto the right path.
      They don’t give any credence to unreliable opinion makers.

  17. Eric Hatfield says:

    Tony, you might want to remind You-tube that truth does not fear the expression of lies. Liars and tyrants historically silence the truth.

    Not to mention the fact they are not qualified to determine truth for you, me nor anyone else. They can only decide for themselves.

    Political truth is in the eye of the beholder and no one else is qualified to determine what the political truth is for someone else. Any issue subject to legislation is a political issue for this consideration.

  18. Stephen says:

    My impression as a viewer of numerous anti-lockdown sites is that YouTube censorship is not systematic or based on principles – rather it is actually very personal. Many YouTube channels publishing anti-lockdown material are untouched. I think that YouTube bans are probably the result of specific complaints against specific sites received from complainants who share the MSM narrative i.e. YouTube is acting on advice from ‘informants’ among the general public. This would help to explain the apparent vendettas implemented by YouTube against certain individuals and channels.

  19. Since when was YouTube the propaganda arm of WHO?

  20. Ian says:

    Another reflection on the insult of Democracy and free speech. Keep telling it as it is Tony, it’s very painful for some to look at the Real Truth because there the ones always looking at and making Lies ,Spin and Deception. Keep up the good work your ray of light can be seen by many …..Ian.

  21. Mark says:

    I’ve deleted YouTube from all of my devices.
    Vote with you feet, or in this case fingers! Leave them.

  22. Barbarossa says:

    I no longer go on YouTube. I come here to see your articles and videos. Our local library allows us to check out WiFi, but that WiFi router blocks ALL history and politics AND ALL of your videos on YouTube. What it doesn’t block is sites like 4-Chan and your own website! This is the good thing about these cultural Marxists stupidity – the tighter they squeeze, the more of us “slip through their fingers”!

  23. David Scott says:

    a science kid name Zohner said this once…
    He explained that dihydrogen monoxide:

    Can cause severe burns while it’s in gas form
    Corrodes and rusts metal
    Kills countless people annually
    Is commonly found in tumors, acid rain, etc.
    Causes excessive urination and bloating if consumed

    Zohner also noted that the chemical is able to kill you if you depend on it and then experience an extended withdrawal.

    He then asked his classmates if they actually wanted to ban dihydrogen monoxide.

    And so 43 out of the 50 children present voted to ban this obviously unsafe chemical.

    However…this chemical isn’t typically considered toxic at all.

    In fact, dihydrogen monoxide is simply an unconventional name for water.

    This what they do…give you partial facts and then delete the facts that set it straight…pure PROPAGANDA…I’m worried where this all will lead. THEY were in favor of free speech when their side wasn’t being heard. Now they are against it as long as the media is on their side.

  24. G W Smith says:

    Kafkaesque, indeed. We are living in another time.

  25. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    Stay strong Tony be aware that many, many rational people the world over very greatly value your work.
    Hopefully the odious big tech totalitarians who would censor our thoughts are soon to see a mass exodus to burgoning new sites that welcome the free exchange of ideas.

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