Hiding The Decline In Burn Acreage

As I reported yesterday, the Kamala Harris White House erased more than half of the US forest fire record, sometime in the last six weeks.

A reader emailed NIFC about this and got this response.

That response is absurd, as I will now explain. Prior to 1983, the data was kept by the US Forest Service and was quite detailed.

TimesMachine: October 9, 1938 – NYTimes.com

National Report on Sustainable Forests–2010 | US Forest Service Research and Development

There is no reason to believe there are any major errors in the Forest Service data which make the data not usable.  Compare the handling of the fire data vs. Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick – where he spliced together many different types of data, and threw out proxy data which broke his hockey stick.

briffa_recon.gif (420×320)

Climate academics have long accepted the concept that methodologies change, and that hiding or simply making up data is acceptable in their field.


By hiding the pre-1983 data, propagandists can make it appear like there has been a large increase in burn acreage. That is exactly what they did in the last National Climate Assessment.

The graph was taken from page 38 of the Fourth National Climate Assessment document released in November 2018.

Fourth National Climate Assessment, Volume II: Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States

But the reality is that forest fire burn acreage is down 90% since atmospheric CO2 was at pre-industrial levels.

Wayback Machine

The Harris Administration has also deleted the document above.

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5 Responses to Hiding The Decline In Burn Acreage

  1. David M Kitting says:

    Thank you for your dedication to unmasking the truth Mr. Heller.
    If you’ll excuse this gnarly drop in, I’ll lay this [truth bomb] right here in case anyone might be inclined to pick up on what’s already been laid down.

    ‘And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.’ John 8:32

    Regardless of the level and extent of the pretension exhibited by a media driven narrative, the fact remains that the occupants of the top two positions of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government are both legally precluded [Biden/term limits, Harris/naturalization limits] and therefore disqualified from holding their respective offices.

    Understanding that unlawful authority only results in unauthorized actions, can provide a necessary perspective as to the legality of any Federal Executive actions that occur under such unlawful authorization.

    People should understand that the Federal Government is out of options for any more deficit spending [borrowing] now. Congress can pass all the new spending/tax bills they want, there’s absolutely zero legal Executive authority to either endorse or enforce them.

    There’s no power in politics without $$.

    No worries. Understanding that the illegal usurpation of perceived Federal authority has resulted in an administration with absolute zero credibility [as opposed to Full Faith and Credit], an absolute necessity for any continued deficit spending [borrowing], can provide a necessary perspective as to the unlimited economic potential and opportunity now afforded to The People.

    President Trump delivered record revenues into the Federal Government for all to witness. New record revenues can now lawfully return [in a New York minute] and remain with The People and the States.

    President Trump was the last chance the globalists had to recoup their $$ and they were hell bent on unlawfully replacing him.

    Simply stated, the hell bent idiots who sought power at any cost, are now firmly constrained with a $28T millstone of debt around their collective necks and are now legally and financially precluded from any future schemes to defraud The People.

    Trust God. Fear not.

  2. Anon says:

    I find it truly remarkable that the generation that was able to build an atomic bomb and put men on the Moon, were not able to measure burn acreage, glacier retreat and ice extent.

    But there are a lot of things about primitive societies that we don’t yet understand. (lol)

  3. Ron says:

    Those who control the information… I just read something about Bill Gates being asked questions on Reddit? He stated the equator will become too hot for people to live there.
    I figured the equator would be a great grow zone with the solar minimum.

  4. Mike Roddy says:

    Thanks for this. One would think that their bullshit would catch up.

    • Robert Rust says:

      That’s when the new ice age begins, just like the last time, give them 20 to 30 years. The elite of the clan own, run, and control everything, including all Media/communication, humanity is just riding in the trunk, duct taped, literally-taken Hebrew Bible at the wheel.

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