End Of The Great Barrier Reef

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  1. Graeme No.3 says:

    Not again?
    He was waffling about this in the 1980’s. He does it to extract grant money from gullible politicians.

  2. Ed Price says:

    As an long-term sceptic, I have found it always pays to ask what could be the agenda behind any public announcement. The agenda reveals the degree of truth behind the pronouncement.
    I also follow the dictum “If everybody seems to accept something (like global warming) there is likely something wrong with it and it may be worth looking into more deeply.”


    God invented people in order to have a good laugh.
    He must have tummy ache by now.

  4. Alexander+MCCLINTOCK says:

    I hope most of you know about Peter Ridd’s on-going fight?
    The ‘woke’ university thought that sacking him would end his criticisms, but he has had the guts to fight back.
    Here is an unusually neutral report from our ‘far-left’ Australian Broadcasting Corp

  5. Peter Gavranich says:

    Newspaper article(2011) on the Great Barrier Reef: “..could be gone in 40 years..”
    (Most of us also understand 40 years is likely the lower estimate as a result of the research).

    “…I’m going to have to assume the GBR is coming to an end in less than an hour”
    2011 + 40 = 2021

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