“yes, climate change made it worse”

NBC News says that the heatwave in the Pacific Northwest was one of the most intense ever and climate change made it worse.

Pacific Northwest is in one of the most intense heat waves ever

The heat was actually confined to a small area. New Mexico is experiencing record cold.

During past heatwaves, there have been 100 degree temperatures from coast to coast – like this date in 1934.

The percent of the US which reaches 100F sometime during the year has dropped in half over the past 90 years.

The average maximum temperature has dropped sharply over the past 90 years, as has the number of hot days.

Globally the temperature anomaly relative to 1979-2000 was 0.2C, but NBC News determined that a small area of the Pacific Northwest is indicative of the global climate.

Climate Reanalyzer


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5 Responses to “yes, climate change made it worse”

  1. G W Smith says:

    Sock it to ’em, amigo! The liars are worthless scum just asking to be skinned and flayed under the blazing sun of truth! I’ve had it with their constant lying about reality as if they want to convince us we are living in a different world, one which has no past other than the one they create in their own minds.

  2. arn says:

    Step 1)
    Exploit the always occuring weather extremes and pretend that they are unique
    (but now blame it on co2

    Step 2)
    Ignore cold weather extremes if it is not possible to use them for the AGW scam.

    Step 3)
    Prey on the ignorance of people
    as most do not(and can not) know that there were more
    extreme weather events from 1911- dust bowl than from 1986-2021.
    But there was no money to be made from climate a hundred years ago
    so the weather reports happened to be pretty objective and there were no cherry picked starting points.

    if i remember correctly the 11(22)year solar cycle is known for very hot summer peaks during the period of the lowest sun spot activity.
    Therefore:nothing new under the sun.

  3. Lance says:

    Was Al Gore in New Mexico? Had to be, it was cold!

  4. Anon says:

    Hi Tony,

    Have you seen the recent videos of epic hail storms from France & Germany? Tornados in the Czech Republic? And remember the vineyard killing frosts in the beginning of the year?

    This also all occurred during the Little Ice Age:

    Medieval Witch Hunts Influenced by Climate Change

    “1445, in this year was a very strong hail and wind, as never seen before, and it did great damage, […] and so many women, which it’s said to have made the hail and the wind, were burned according to the law.”

    “Anno 1626 the 27th of May, all the vineyards were totally destroyed by frost […], the same with the precious grain which had already flourished.[…] Everything froze, [something] which had not happened as long as one could remember, causing a big rise in price.[…] As a result, pleading and begging began among the peasants, [who] questioned why the authorities continued to tolerate the witches and sorcerers destruction of the crops. Thus the prince-bishop punished these crimes, and the persecution began in this year…”


    You have to do a little digging for the heat waves and droughts, but they are there too:

    How to survive a Little Ice Age

    In February 1540 rainfall effectively ceased, falling only six times in London between then and September. It was not only exceptionally dry but warm: it is probable that the highest daily temperatures were warmer than 2003 (the warmest year for centuries). Charles Wriothesley’s Chronicle notes,

    “This year was a hot summer and dry, so that no rain fell from June till eight days after Michaelmas [29 September], so that in divers parts of this realm the people carried their cattle six or seven miles to water them, and also much cattle died; and also there reigned strange sickness among the people in this realm, as laskes [dysentery] and hot agues, and also pestilence, whereof many people died…”

    Edward Hall noted that the drought dried up wells and small rivers, while the Thames was so shallow that “saltwater flowed above London Bridge”, polluting the water supply and contributing to the dysentery and cholera, which killed people in their thousands. In Rome, no rain fell in nine months; in Paris, the Seine ran dry. Grapes withered on the vine and fruit rotted on trees. Even the small respite of autumn and winter was followed by a second warm spring and another blisteringly hot summer. Forests began to die until, in late 1541, rain fell and fell. 1542 was a year of widespread flooding.


    Interesting how the symptoms of Global Warming are identical to Global Cooling.

    Anyway, I just thought I would point this all out, as you are into history.

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