Climate Armageddon

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6 Responses to Climate Armageddon

  1. Niklas D says:

    Never give up Tony. There is only a handful people like you. We love you for your courage all over the world.

    Dishonest leaders all over the world today. It has to stop.

  2. Billyjack says:

    Tony, have you noticed on the DMI artic sea ice extent graph that anytime the area starts approaching the 1981-2010 average it always makes a sudden drop to avoid going back to the average. Could their algorithm really do this correctly or are we looking at another scam? Looking at the sudden drop in February, end of April and the current drop in August, when they get to close to the average.

  3. Daniel Smeal says:

    Great video. Great song. I spent a few days camping in western NM (including the Gila) a few weeks back. I don’t recall ever seeing it so green and full of wildflowers. Here in eastern NM, 2021 may be on track to be one of the wettest years on record. Love it. If this is climate change – bring it on.

  4. Torgo says:

    Great classic rock song…but I would have preferred to see an Owl in the video. Bow Down to the Owl!

  5. Ian T says:

    How poetic. Love your site, your insight, and the real climate truth. And Skynyrd. Glad to see people enjoying this great planet and acknowledging the beauty around us. Thanks, Tony, for blessing us with your writings.

  6. Brian G says:

    You do great work bud! Keep up the good fight. Even better vids when it goes along with one of my favorite songs! 😀

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