I’m From The Government And I’m Here To Help

Last year, the “World Health Organization” ended a million years of natural herd immunity and replaced it with vaccine herd immunity.

October 30, 2020 Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Serology

November 24, 2020 Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Serology, antibodies and immunity

Governments have done everything they could to prevent natural herd immunity from occurring, but now even Science Magazine admits the obvious.

Having SARS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccine—but no infection parties, please | Science | AAAS

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22 Responses to I’m From The Government And I’m Here To Help

  1. arn says:

    All well established natural protection mechanisms are under attack .
    Be it family,immunity,nationality,borders (latter 2 are ideas and no natural law but still a natural occurance that happen on its own)
    mothers are now “birthing people” which reduces humans(in this case the female) to machines,which they are in the eyes of communism.

    Replace everything with fake artificial nonsense.

  2. parisien says:

    The irony, as well as the tragedy, are that one glance at the CDC COVID19 mortality data last year was enough to make it perfectly clear that only people who belong to a risk group, such as very old people, extremely obese, people with auto-immune diseases, diabetes, etc, were vulnerable to COVID19, and consequently, would have benefited from some immunization.
    From day one, last year, it was perfectly clear that all other people, namely the overwhelming majority of people who do not belong to one (or more) of these risk groups, had nothing to expect from being vaccinated, except health problems from side effects. The real Covid19 health crisis may be just beginning, and it could take decades to unfold.

    • Dave N says:

      “..it could take decades to unfold”

      That’s the part that concerns me the most. At the moment, the media, governments and too much of the population are lobotomized by groupthink. Historically, these kinds of actions are extremely difficult to extricate from

  3. Greg W Smith says:

    My Dr. won’t like to hear this. He’s already mad at me for dodging the jab.

  4. Gary says:

    Fortunately the WHO has no authority over me, my actions, or my thoughts. I view their statements as nothing more than entertainment.

  5. Jasonn says:

    Most dangerous words these days are “President Biden.”

  6. Tad says:

    Lol, awesome post!! Thx a lot!

    • Tad says:

      I was checking and the data was “Updated 31 December 2020” and returned the text to: “‘Herd immunity’, also known as ‘population immunity’, is the indirect protection from an infectious disease that happens when a population is immune either through vaccination or immunity developed through previous infection.”

      • Mac says:

        The fact that the ridiculously dishonest post was even put out publicly that infection with a virus doesn’t confer immunity is an irreversible mistake, in my opinion. I don’t care that they “corrected” it over a month later. The original post from November 13, 2020 shows you where the WHO’s priorities lay, and those priorities have nothing to do with science or medicine. The WHO is no longer a valid and reputable organization.

  7. Steve says:

    To be honest, Bill Gates said everyone on earth will need to be vaccinated for this to work. A pipe dream of course.
    We’ll get to herd immunity at some point but there may not be much left as we know it. A huge mistake.

  8. Lance says:

    Goal posts are a thing of the past

  9. Knutsen says:

    WHO also got money and supported the tobacco industry for decades. Now they are supported by the medical industry. No difference same corruption.

  10. Mikey0 says:

    I remember reading this side by side comparison some time ago. Redefining words, erasing historical records, manufacturing crises out of thin air (the air is getting thin because warmer air is thinner, don’t you know) all point to the truth that lies rule this world. ONE example: America allowed the glory of marriage to be shoved up the ass of the Sodomite and then had the gall to call that act “love” while codifying sexual perversion as honorable. What happens when an entire nation is given over to a reprobate mind? Look around.

  11. Richard says:

    This scamdemic was tried/trialled in 2009 with the Swine flu epidemic. Thankfully a German whistleblower , politician put a stop to that scam. The whole sordid affair was documented in the ARTE documentary “Profiteers of Fear” available on youtube. The time when the term pandemic was changed from deaths to cases- ( now all we have to do is get rid of Carry Mullis inventor of the PCR test !! – death in 2019- feels strange that one. Mullis quote – “Fauci is an idiot” ) Around this time a memo was circulating from the EPA regarding climate change and how the meme was not registering anymore- “What this memo shows is EPA’s recognising it had to move its global warming campaign away from the failed model of discredited Big Green pressure groups and their “mascots” the polar bears and polar ice caps, that “climate” has proved “consistently — an unpersuasive argument to make.” In it we see the birth of the breathtakingly disingenuous “shift from making this about the polar caps [to] about our neighbour with respiratory illness…”
    Was this memo connected to the trial run of the Swine flu pandemic ?
    I would imagine a lot was learned from that failure to make the scam gain traction and used today.
    The vaccine of the time was equally dangerous – Tony Holohan, 2009:
    Holohan said that Pandemrix had “a very good safety profile”.
    “He added that it was very important young people in at risk groups get vaccinated as quickly as possible.”
    Holohan: “We have no hesitation in recommending it.”
    It ended up being withdrawn after it was found to be unsafe.
    Disturbing times!

    • arn says:

      Well the communists learned a lot when they failed with Moses Hess and replaced him with Karl Marx.
      They also learned a lot when they failed with the Russian Revolution in 1905 and thats why they succeeded in 1917.

      As soon as they stabilized their rule in russia around 1910,they started with
      their globalist plans for China and the USA.(which means communism was from the beginning global-as agw and covid19)
      The core of Chinas communist movement was nurtered and tutelaged by
      by russian Bolsheviks from the beginning.
      For the USA they decided to systematically exploit racial division as they knew socialist propaganda wont work in the USA and they analyzed that blacks had the greatest revolutionary potential .
      That’s why Cyrill Bricks was sponsored by the bolshewiks(they even used the USSR international red aid to sponsor protest)and it was very well known to the secret services that
      “behind these nightmares(organized terror attacks)lay the spectre of Bolshevik agitators,Bolshevik ideas and Bolshevik money ”
      That’s why Trotzky became best friends with Claude Mccay- which seems strange as Trotzky never cared to publish black authors when he lived in New York,but in a country with 0% black population he thought that’s a great idea.

      That’s the reason why the commies,while they were so busy killing tens of millions of white and yellow people in the countries they became black mans best friend.Strategical reasons.
      (btw it is a known fact that progressives like marx,engels,robert moses,margaret sanger were very racist people. )

      And nothing has changed.
      Global cooling doesn’t workbut we need a global emergency.Ok lets call it global warming.
      Herd Immunity is an obstacle to vaccinations and lockdowns.
      Declare herd immunity irrelevant.

  12. Gabriel M Cisneros says:

    I love the fact that Science mag has to throw in its dose of snippety moralizing. “Don’t throw a party!” The key benefit from the original herd immunity definition is that it creates a “buffer” to transmission.

  13. azmatt says:

    COVictims are starting to push back: https://www.texasrighttoknow.com/omega

  14. Peng Win says:

    Reported adverse reactions to the COVID19 “vaccines”: https://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/08/28/u-k-gov-release-30th-report-on-adverse-reactions-to-the-covid-19-vaccines/
    There is a known problem of under-reporting of these reactions, due to various reasons, from “vaccinated” failing to associate what they feel with the shot/s they got, to doctors failing to make the connection and/or lacking time to report these issues.

    This is why most experts agree that these numbers, which are staggering, represent about 1/10 of the actual cases of adverse reactions. Some go as far as estimating reported cases of adverse reactions to be around 1/100 of adverse reactions that have actually occurred.
    And this is of course just the beginning, since these reports can show only short and medium term reactions, and the long term reactions (e.g cancer) have yet to occur.

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