Man-Made Sea Level Rise

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  1. G W Smith says:

    If it wasn’t global warming they’d find something else with which to scare us into a totalitarian Marxist utopia.

  2. ledag says:


    Sadly, governments never run out of junk science, or any other excuse to scare (i.e. terrorize) people, in order to make them more obedient, more dependent, and pay more taxes, eventually.
    This isn’t even a leftist conspiracy, as you can see in countries where center-right parties are currently in power, such as the UK, France, Germany and Israel.

  3. Robert L Gipson says:

    There’s a perfectly logical explanation. Man-made CO2 has the uncanny ability to travel backwards in time, to affect past climates. Yeah, that’s it.

  4. Paul Noel says:

    Tony: First I love your work. But you have an error and it is a common error made by people. You believe the data. On sea level change I believed the data too. Until I got asked why one could not tell the difference between the sea level in beach photos of Miami 1970 vs present. I looked up photos clear back to 1020. 1920 was current level +6 inches. 1970 was current level +12 inches (measured by fresh water lens effects on plants. same locations). Then I got to fetching old maps of US Gulf Coast and East Coast. I got accurate maps to 1775! Some to 1630! There has been no rise of the water. The variations I found were LUNAR and orbital in nature. I found what was going on which fools the data is river delta dewatering and mud settling. I am not trying to bore you but there has been no sea level rise in 250 years! I also found the mechanics is wrong, The elevation of any point on earth is quite precisely matched to buoyancy with the sum of rock and water or ice at that location matched to it’s displacement so adding water to the ocean merely depresses the sea bed. If land has sunk like continental shelves it has displaced downward due to rifting process. (Great Rift Valley).
    This displacement process is fairly instantaneous and pretty local. Upshot is no melting ice off continents does not flood the land it merely raises the land locally and depresses the sea floor. This is pretty simple Archimedes Principal stuff. But it totally destroys the sea level rise story. Water in the ocean is floating above the sea floor and the sea floor is floating over the mantle.
    I invite you to discuss with me more 256-929-2775

    • Interesting. Do you have a blog covering this material? It’s far from boring.

    • Mark Amey says:

      I wish there was a like button.

      I keep referring fellow Australians to one of the longest running tidal gauges at Fort Denison in Sydney Harbour. The data goes back over a hundred years and is easily found. Sea level is rising at a constant rate of 65 mm per century. No sudden or dramatic upturn in the graph.

  5. Disillusioned says:

    Government-paid, man-made control science continues unabated.

    The University of Copenhagen and Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research TiPES project says the AMOC is at a tipping point of “collapse” which “would have a disastrous impact on global weather systems.” This prediction comes from… wait for it…
    …model simulations from “so-called fingerprints in sea-surface temperature and salinity patterns of the Atlantic ocean.”

    We only need to wait until The Day After Tomorrow to find out what happens next.

  6. ledag says:


    I arrived to similar conclusions from looking at old maps, aerial photos and geographical data related to the area I live in NE US. I also observed directly beaches, trying to find evidence of sea level rise, such as tree stumps in tidal areas, and I found none.
    Some coastal areas are subject to beach erosion, which is normal, and some areas are subject to beach accretion, due mainly to growth of beach vegetation. This accretion is meticulously documented by the same organizations that typically warn about the rise of sea level, namely universities and government. The hypothesis of sea level rise since the middle of the 20th century predicts beach immersion and beach erosion, but it precludes beach accretion. Note that such accretion can be seen in regular beaches that are not adjacent to estuaries, so the growth in land cannot be attributed to the recent deposition of sediments.

    Melting of sea-ice does not increase sea level, so for sea level to rise significantly, the added water must come from melting of massive land glaciers, mainly the glaciers on the antarctic continent. Do we know that they are significantly smaller now than they were 20, 40 or 80 years ago?

  7. David A Nichols says:

    Years ago, while I was wasting my time and taxpayers’ money in prison for NOT violating the rights of any person, my brother sent me an article showing that the sea level rise since the beginning of the interglacial period, averaged out to the thickness of a nickel per year, with a couple of years (2013-14) having lowered a bit.

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