“We need to get shots in the arms of every single American”

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  1. Charles Straw says:

    I physically couldn’t watch more than the first 3-seconds of this deeply peculiar video…if we were all living in the year 1968 it would be considered a dreadful bad trip

    I’m in LA County and apparently there’s still an indoor mask mandate going on (who knows?) by driving five miles, I can enter Orange County and go maskless anywhere…funny how the virus knows how to stop at the county border

    Huntington Beach in OC is still the best refuge around…zero masks, defiant shop owners and good waves…locally it’s considered a bizarre Conservative outpost, but it’s more than that and the city pisses a lot of complacent neo-pseudo-Liberals

    I’ve worn the mask exactly once in two months (to the doctor, which is reasonable) — after I got firm and refused to wear a ceremonial mask in a friends lobby and elevator (“Oh, it’s only a three-minute ride up the elevator!…you’ll insult our friend!”) – I finally drew the final line between me and masks…cut the straps, my body my choice

    I let my wife do the grocery shopping and now I just avoid stores completely…I pick up things at our weekend outdoor swap meet and use my debit card at the gas pump…no mask, no problem…not that I was wearing the muzzle that much prior

    Thanks Tony, I’ve finally started reading your Twitter which is a good dose of inspiration

    • arn says:

      Easy to explain.Just like science,politics and MSM
      the virus follows the rule of political correctness and knows exactly when to stop.
      Just as you can not be a racist,bigot,nazi if you are muslim or black,
      (almost 90% of tranny victims in your country are being killed by black guys
      and gays are treated horrible in black communities,

      the politically correct virus only attacks specific people.
      Refugees?-no problem.
      People who burn down cities? immune.
      Barack Obamas recent 60’sbirthday party with a lot of people but no masks?
      No problem.
      What would have been called an irresponsible superspreader maniac event with weaks of MSM coverage if done so by Trump
      and it justifies shutting down the country but it is a harmless thing when done by Obama.
      A little bit like co2 and man made co2.

    • Mark Luhman says:

      “(to the doctor, which is reasonable)” explain to me when the medical community has know since mask don’t work in the surgery since 1972 mask to the Doctor is reasonable? Infection rates in surgery is higher with mask. If they don’t stop bacteria how on God green earth are they able to stop a virus?

  2. Chauncey Chapman says:


  3. UKJohn says:

    There was a time when you would know instantly that this was some kind of insane joke.
    But nowadays …….

  4. arn says:

    This person is so full of fake crap
    and nonsense
    that as a matter of principle he/she/it needs a punch in the face
    until he stops the pseudo female overacting.

    But that aside.
    I guess even he has more to say in the white house than poopin’ pants Biden
    and as a person from a specially priviledged minority said that everyone should be vaccinated
    it has instantly become a mandatory thing to follow i guess
    (at least this is how the elites indoctrination game works)
    and everyone who doesn’t is a transphob,racist,bigot,nazi etc.

  5. D. Boss says:

    That blithering idiot needs a dose of lithium, or a frontal lobotamy…

    But seriously folks, the main reason there is such a strong push to inject 100% of the people with the so called “vaccine” (it is not a vaccine, but an experimental gene modification therapy which does NOT prevent covid, merely purports to lessen symptoms if you get it) – the main reason to push this experimental jab and discount the facts that survival is 98 or 99%; that there are effective treatments; and that natural immunity is superior to any so called “vaccine”….

    Is because it is known there will be massive death and suffering as a result of the toxic components of the “vaccine” which will manifest in 2-3 years after injection. So if there is a big block of people “unvaccinated” and who are essentially a “control” who do not succumb to these horrendous side effects predicted by a host of real experts who are actively suppressed now – then the fraud and criminality of this will be obvious!

    So to try to avoid the villagers going after the powers that be who perpetrated this crime against humanity with pitch forks and nooses, they must get everyone jabbed so there is no control group with which to compare.

    Then they can simply say it is some new “variant” or blame all the deaths and injuries on the virus instead of the real actor, the “vaccine”.

    (Death-Dart/ClotShot mechanism of action: It’s permanent and fatal – right side heart failure within three years)


    And this is really gobsmacking:

    The modern day, French equivalent to the Gestapo asking for your papers!

  6. Disillusioned says:


  7. G W Smith says:

    This is our current White House staff??? And they are OK with it???

    • arn says:

      OK with it?
      It’s part of their a-gender.

      Do you think it’s a coincidence that the rise of Trans PR
      went along with the gender nonsense?
      This moron did not get the job for being qualified,
      (even most gays can not stand such a over the top narcist diva behaviour,
      therefore noone would have given him the job)
      he got the job for the same reason Kamala did,
      for being part of a promoted minority.
      (and of course they could have gotten a more normal and less annoying trans,but they chose a showmaker on purpose)

  8. Ron says:

    Population control coupled with profits. A win-win for psychopaths.

  9. Bob Cherba (@rbcherba) says:

    I’m an 84 yo white guy (Trump supporter) who had two Moderna shots. Fifteen days after second vax, my pulse dropped to 30 bpm and I could barely walk across the room. Off to emergency and a few days later received a pacemaker. Now, I have had full-time A-Fib for at least five years, plus hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, so maybe the Moderna vax had nothing to do with sudden drop in pulse rate. Coincidence? Who knows.

  10. Bob Cherba (@rbcherba) says:

    Dem presidents usually say they want their cabinets, staff and appointments to “look like America.” Biden has done an excellent job of mirroring the extreme left of the dem party. His picks include homosexuals, transexuals, socialists, communists, anti-fascists, eco-terrorists, etc., etc. Somehow, I don’t see anyone who represents me or most of “normal” America to the right of Bernie Sanders or AOC.

  11. Robert L Gipson says:

    You tax dollars at work. After the Clinton administration was booted out, they found that White House staffers had defecated in some of the rooms.

    America, once the shining beacon, has devolved to the laughing stock of the world. And Washington the anus.

  12. rah says:

    One of the Shit heads working to make this country a shit hole.

  13. Don says:

    How fruity.

  14. mwhite says:

    Took me a while, but an interesting read.

    “Recent CDC data from the US found that in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, 74 per cent of those who tested positive for Covid-19 and four out of five people hospitalised with Covid were double-vaccinated.”


    “The findings have been echoed in the UK, where Public Health England announced that ‘levels of virus in those who have become infected with Delta having already been vaccinated may be similar to levels found in unvaccinated people’.

    Even more worryingly, recent figures coming from Israel have shown that the percentage of people getting the virus in each age group is almost identical to the percentage vaccinated in each age group, suggesting the double vaccinated are no better protected from the virus than unvaccinated Israelis.”

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