80% Vaccinated Singapore

Quite a hockey stick.

Singapore COVID: 129,229 Cases and 172 Deaths – Worldometer

“The effectiveness of Singapore’s approach lies in its combination of subtlety and pervasiveness.”

Singapore’s Covid Success Isn’t Easily Replicated – Bloomberg

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9 Responses to 80% Vaccinated Singapore

  1. arn says:

    Considering that people in Singapore are highly educated and usually are ranked at no.1 in terms of IQ among all countries
    intelligence and education are for sure not the deciding factor for wisdom but the (un)willingness to submission and herd mentality.

  2. Dennis Field says:

    Many new studies and data analyses from across the world show that more vaccinated a region is, the more new infections, hospitalizations, and deaths there are.

    • Dave N says:

      If there’s large numbers of deaths (and perhaps ICU cases) amongst the “vaccinated”, either the “vaccines” are ineffective, or it was on purpose. I’m open to other explanations, however those seem pretty cut and dried.

  3. Bob Cherba (@rbcherba) says:

    Is it any wonder that as a “slightly obese” 85yo with several heart-related comorbidities who had a significant heart rate problem 12 days after second Moderna vax, I might not want to avail myself of a “booster” shot? Sounds like Russian roulette to me.

  4. ash says:

    And this is what happens when a country does not inflate the number of COVID19 fatalities, and correctly reports the number of COVID19 “vaccine” fatalities:
    “Taiwan death from COVID-19 vaccination exceeds death from COVID-19” –

    The is no reason to assume that this ratio is much different in other countries, and it is safe to assume that as the number of “vaccinated”, double-“vaccinated”, and people who got the “booster” vaccine increases, so will the number of fatalities from adverse reactions to these useless, toxic products.
    And then, there are also medium term and long term adverse reactions, which are normally revealed during the first years of the development cycle of a new vaccine, but we’re not there yet.

  5. Donald Jassowski says:

    I miss the Search function. Is there any way to get it back?

  6. piracy theo says:

    Official CDC data shows a shockingly large increase of deaths due to ‘abnormal clinical findings not elsewhere classified’ since Covid-19 Vaccinations began:

    Don’t be a conspiracy theorist, and listen to the science!…

  7. Anonymous says:

    6 Months ago I was offered a job in Sg, so I have been watching the situation daily. The media has a leash, so they parrot what the Government says, but if you go through the daily MOH.gov.sg press releases, you can see they wanted the vaccines to work and did everything to make them work (including taking 0-11 year old kids with covid away from their parents for mandatory covid camp – because they were unvaccinated, of course).
    SG made the mistake one day when one of their press releases posted the number of “kids under 11 with covid” and it was within 5 kids of the “kids under 11 hospitalized with covid”. It was a WTF? moment for me.
    Singapore used to number, sex, age, location EVERY person with Covid… until the “DHL cluster” which was the turning point for Contact tracing and Cluster naming/shaming. I can just imagine the blowback from other corporations telling SG not to “DHL” them and Traced clusters went from 90% to 10% (to the current 2%).

  8. Anonomous says:

    The other problem with Singapore is the Government hasn’t been honest with the people. Even if Fully Vaccinated, about 3,000 people are going to die with Covid, best case scenario. They have only 3% natural immunity, and that is mostly in their young, “migrant worker” population. When you let the virus fly, people are going to die. A virus engineered in a lab to destroy human lung cells, is going to do what it does. I haven’t heard the MOH say “grandma is taking one for the team”, yet, but Grandma is going to realize it sooner, rather than later.
    Its 50-50 right now if the MOH has changed the definition of “Fully Vaccinated” = 2 shots AND a booster, because vaccinated deaths could soon be higher than unvaccinated deaths, and 2 shots could be downgraded to “partially vaccinated”.

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