New Video : “Their Final Most Essential Command”

The purpose of Internet fact checkers seems to be to assist in censoring factual information which authorities don’t want the public to see.

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7 Responses to New Video : “Their Final Most Essential Command”

  1. arn says:

    In the year 2010 the documentary Hjirnevask was released in Norway.
    It completely debunked the gender nonsense.
    As result the government in Norway shut down all the fundings for gender studies .
    (and i am 100% sure that at least 95% of these charlat… Experts who lost their jobs after this evil fraud ended are still feeding off of taxpayer money as they simply switched to some other dogooder job, probably climate related )

    So these Neocommies know 100% for sure that they must control and dominate the narrative otherwise their house of lies will instantly collapse,
    no matter vaccines,covid ,agw or whatever propaganda is essential to their globalist cause (you will be a nazi if you oppose global currency in 2035,) .

    And they know this since they ordered Clinton to push the telecommunication act to monopolize all MSM with a handful of corporations(Viacom ,Warner, Disney )
    – and fact checkers are as much about facts as climate science is about science – just another franchise of the ministry of truth.

  2. Rockwood says:

    History will be rewritten, lies become truth, technology thrives to isolate humanity, GO GO META, blah blah blah – what should we do?

  3. Michael Peinsipp says:

    I read that USA Today article.
    That was a dance of ignorance Supreme!
    Thanks Tony…I needed that laff!
    Oh buy/install a wood stove and use that this Winter. 88 acres and firewood galore on my land.
    I will stay TOASTY!

  4. Sonny Thorgren says:

    Best wishes to all people around the world from Sweden!

    Regardless of the swedish “covidsuccess” or “covidfailure” (Your choice) I would like to focus on facts regarding this.

    I guess I have been lucky when it comes to dictatorial measures due to “covid”. So far. Sweden did not lock down – swedes live as they did two years ago, with minor adjustments. Many although I am sad to say still salute each other by touching each other elbow-to-elbow instead of hugging as they did before the covid alarmist scare. And instead of shaking hands as they did before hugging suddenly became the norm.

    Of course all of you seeking for truth already know the numbers of dead people in Sweden 1968-2020? No?

    Ok – here are the numbers taken from the official source regarding this from SCB (The central bureau of statistics in sweden:ån (The link not working? Contact me! Shortly: Through 1968 to 2020, the death rate of swedes have been higher all years before 2012 than 2020, that dreadful “covidyear”

    As you all(?) can see below: The year of 2020, that dreadful “covidyear” was among the best years for swedes EVER, when it comes to survival rates! If you can not see it – feel free to ask me for a jpeg of this small truth.

    What you see is the total sum of how many swedes that have died from 1968 – 2020 as a percentage of the population. In the year 2020

    What you believe is what you accept as the truth – why not check this out before putting your mask on again?

  5. Sonny Thorgren says:

    I wish I could have published this on Facebook. However I have deleted that shit. My only hope when it comes to spreading truth is Tony Heller and his friends.

  6. GWS says:

    To True Believers facts are enemies.

  7. fhsiv says:

    The existence of professional deceivers is not new.
    The only thing new is their Orwellian name: ‘fact checkers’.
    God help us.

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