“COVID Conspiracies”

CO2 Coalition’s Newest Member Tony Heller Just Got Kicked Off Twitter for Covid Conspiracies

Twitter kicked me off after I posted this Pfizer document obtained under FOIA. Apparently Daily Kos believes Pfizer is part of a “COVID conspiracy.”


Our next-door neighbor died of a blood clot in his brain after getting vaccinated.  I wonder if Daily Kos thinks he was part of the conspiracy too?

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5 Responses to “COVID Conspiracies”

  1. The most insidious projection is the accusation that sceptics, motivated by genuine science, are driven by personal gain, whilst the perpetrators of this hoax are raking in billions. I don’t recall hearing about Tony jetting around the world in his own private aircraft, like those hypocritical swine.

  2. Anon says:

    Getting kicked off Twitter will one day be seen as a “badge of honor” as there is a long list of very impressive people who have lost their Twitter accounts. I think one day it will be something one might add to a resume?

    In an odd way I am more excited than ever being able to sign up for Rumble, Parler & Gab, etc accounts knowing that I won’t have to worry about the self-censorship required at Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It will be kind of cool to see all of the open minded people there in one place without Big Brother lurking over the discussions and conversations.

  3. Walter L. Wagner says:

    Disability by Alphabet – Moderna Alphabetic Batch Codes and Disability

    Three Children Dead, 120 Hospitalized, from single Pfizer Batch

  4. Ted g. brown says:

    President Trump is starting a new social media platform. If your an investor it is a SPAC called DWAC to go public next year. Truth social media, TMTG if your interested. It will compete with twitter, youtube, etc. Just thought you should know.

  5. Rhadamanthus says:

    Rational people should leave Twitter and go elsewhere. There are other platforms. Let the Left have it. Pretty soon they will be talking to no one but themselves. Someone (Donald Trump?) should set up a prize or award for those who get kicked off Twitter for making fair and rational comments. As a previous contributor says, receiving that treatment really is a badge of honor and distinction of which the wearer should be justly proud.

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